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“I do know a little bit.” Pixie Qin replied.

“It’s already pretty late, don’t keep me in suspense.” Nangong Lin shot a look at the time and saw that the date had already changed.

“Little Lin is really becoming more and more impatient, not cute at all, elder sister is very sad.”

“Strictly speaking, I was born one day earlier than you, I am the elder sister!” Nangong Lin corrected her.

“But the first person to be called elder sister is the real elder sister.” Pixie Qin laughed as she recalled the cute appearance of childhood Nangong Lin calling her elder sister with a babyish voice.

“Forget it, I won’t chat with you anymore; the more we chat, the farther away we get from the original topic.” Nangong Lin stood up, ready to return to her room.

Pixie Qin quickly pulled on her: “Okay, fine, I’ll tell you right away!”

Nangong Lin sat back down and adopted an attentive appearance.

“To be honest, I really don’t know too much about it.

All I’ve heard are rumors, ones that are hard to tell the truth from falsehoods.” Pixie Qin spoke a short intro before driving straight into the topic, “What I’ve heard is that the game is related to ‘national fate’.”

Nangong Lin’s eyes instantly shrank upon hearing this piece of information.

“National fate”

“That’s right, this game seems to be that magical.”

“Pixie, leaving aside national fate for a moment, do you know where the developer of this game is” Nangong Lin was skeptical about this statement, but she somehow more or less believed it when thinking about what Princess had run into recently.

Pixie Qin shook her head: “I don’t; I suspect that there might not even be a so-called game developer.”

“How is that possible Doesn’t this game have an official website and sales outlets” Nangong Lin said with doubt apparent on her face.

“What doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist.

I even suspect that this game might not even have been developed by Earthing.” Pixie Qin said that these were her doubts, but her tone of voice made it almost an assertion.

“Why do you feel this way” Nangong Lin questioned.

“The reason is very simple: with our current level of science and technology, it’s impossible to develop a game like ‘Saint Demon World’.

Even though the common people believe that it was jointly developed by the Five Great Nations, it is actually impossible for that to be true.

This game is at least one or two hundred years ahead of Earth’s technology……mm, it feels wrong to use the term ‘science and technology’ since I’ve always felt that this game is very unscientific.

Despite having never entered the game, I’ve been able to glean some things from the bulk of intelligence gathered and experiments made.”

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Pixie Qin propped up her chin with one of her hands as she replied listlessly.

“Say it all in one go, don’t keep me in suspense.”

“I believe that this is a magical game where one can project their ‘soul’ into it.”

After a pause, Pixie Qin continued: “The human soul has always been an extremely mysterious ‘thing’ since it can neither be touched nor examined.

But it does indeed exist.

Or at least, I believe that it exists.

You must be wondering why I’m so staunch in my belief in the soul’s existence, right Haha, are you very curious”

“Wait a second, stop hitting my head! I’ll continue explaining! At the same time as when the game’s beta testing began, I also launched my experiments.

Deformed people, disabled people, mentally ill people, vegetative people, near-death people, children, seniors, women……and so on, were all my test subjects.

Let me first say that these people all voluntarily agreed to be a part of my experiment.

I did not seize anyone to conduct my experiment, I paid my subjects!”

“Because the game’s Novice Village is allocated from wherever the machine is in real life, I arranged for a large quantity of personnel to enter Yanjing’s Novice Village.

Sigh, I spent money like it was flowing water back then, now I’m poor as heck, Lil’ Linlin please support me……owie!”

“I’ll stop speaking nonsense, I’ll continue! Through a large number of experiments, I discovered that the vast majority of experimental bodies appeared complete inside the game.

On the other hand, the rest, or the minority, had in-game bodies that were damaged to some extent.

The data shows that these people have a relatively larger degree of innate deformities on their real bodies.”

“Other people clearly possessed complete bodies when entering the game, even those with more severe disabilities, so why would these innately deformed people show such differences After a series of calculations and eliminations, I came to believe that it had something to do with the shape of a person’s soul.”

“Assuming that souls can be either complete or incomplete, then my experimental results are correct.

However, assumptions are unreliable, so let’s return back to the topic of the soul’s existence.

Little Lin, what do you think the soul is”

“I think that the so-called soul is a body of consciousness.

Mankind’s consciousness is the soul’s form.

What made me ascertain this point was this game.

After the experimental subjects entered the game, we conducted a physical examination on them and found that their bodies were normal.”

“No, actually there was an abnormality.

When inside the game, their bodies entered a strange state of dormancy.

Through a period of observation, we discovered that the energy consumption of these experimental bodies was much lower than that of normal sleep.”

“In addition, it was very difficult to wake them up, requiring the use of some stimulus.

Of course, there were also some cases of those comparatively easier to wake up; those experimental subjects were Martial Artists.”

“Strictly speaking, they’re not within the scope of this discussion.

I believe that when a player enters the game, their soul or consciousness is sucked in.

The moment they log out of the game, it returns back into their body.”

“This is exactly why I say that the characters within the game are projections of the player’s soul.

The character creation can prove my argument to some extent.

When creating a game character, you can’t choose the gender and can only fine-tune your character.

In a game with such a high degree of freedom, it’s clearly unreasonable for there to be such restrictions in the character creation, right”

“It indeed is unreasonable.” Nangong Lin said thoughtfully, “But Pixie, why are you doing so much research when you don’t even play the game”

“Uhh…… I’m just curious.”

“Enter the game and take a look if you’re curious, maybe you’ll have an unexpected discovery.” Nangong Lin said.

“I’ll think about it.” Pixie Qin let out a sigh, “Little Lin, the higher-ups have said some words with hidden meanings pertaining to this game.”

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“What words” Nangong Lin asked curiously.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.”


“Hahaha, I’ll stop.

I heard Old Man Jack say ‘it’s hard to distinguish real from fake’.

He said that there are opportunities, as well as crises within the game.”

“Opportunities, crises……what kind of opportunities and crises could there be, I’m quite curious.” Nangong Lin tapped on her lips with her pointer finger.

“God knows.

Little Lin, I won’t hide anything from you; my purpose in coming to Roc City this time is not just to form an alliance, but also to investigate ‘Princess’.

I’m very interested in this famous beauty.”

Hearing this, the corners of Nangong Lin’s eyes twitched as she shouted in her heart: As expected!

With the two knowing all about the other, how could Nangong Lin not know about how this fellow was part of the “first-rate good-looks” club

With such an absolutely beautiful person like Princess existing, she was bound to set her eyes on her!

A competitor, this is a formidable competitor!

“Little Lin, Princess is your companion, so you should know her quite well, right” Pixie Qin asked as she twirled her hair with her fingers.

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything, it’s very late, good night!”

Nangong Lin got up so that she could escape to sleep, but she was pulled back after taking several steps.

“Hehehe, if you don’t tell me all that you know, then I won’t let you sleep tonight~.” Pixie Qin said with an evil smirk.


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