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When he was seven, his parents died in an accident.

Thus, Yaeger became an orphan.

None of his kin wanted to take him in due to his poor health.

In the end, Yaeger was sent to Sunflower Orphanage.

There, he met the first friend of his life.

An equally sickly child.

What her full name was, he had long since forgotten.

He only remembered that this child was called Mylene.

The orphanage admitted many abandoned children that year.

The majority were placed outside the door of the orphanage because the parents didn’t have enough money for medical treatment or because they had physical defects.

Mylene was one of these children.

Yaeger entered the orphanage even earlier than she had and was also born earlier than she was.

Here, healthy children would often bully the sickly children for laughable and pathetic reasons.

Because these sickly children would receive more care and concern from the staff members.

And so, Mylene and Yaeger became targets to bully for some children.

In those days, Yaeger, who was clearly weak to the point of possibly dying, would frequently step forward bravely to protect Mylene.

The reason for doing so, he had long since forgotten.

Perhaps it was because he had nothing left, so he wished to possess something and protect it.

Gradually, Mylene acknowledged him and started treating him like an elder brother.

She liked to call him big brother Yaeger.

She liked to follow him around.

Life in the orphanage wasn’t very interesting, but these two children would always be spending every day in happiness.

However, these times ended in less than a year.

Mylene was taken away.

When they parted, the two hugged each other and cried loudly.

Tired from crying, Yaeger became sleepy and fell asleep.

After waking up, Yaeger found that Mylene was no longer present.

He felt saddened, as if a piece of his body had been cut off and sorrow filled his heart.

But regardless of what sorrow or what pain he felt, life continued on as it should.

Along with the passing of time, these memories gradually collected dust and Yaeger no longer felt disconsolate.

At the same time, he also forgot that he once had such a younger sister.

“Mylene……you are Mylene” Recalling this dust-laden memory, Yaeger’s emotions were stirred up.

It was clearly just a childhood memory, so why was it so vivid when she recalled it

(Perhaps it’s because it is the most beautiful memory in my life)

She couldn’t help but think.

Because it was so beautiful, she chose to forget about it.

“Big brother!” Hearing Yaeger calls her name, Mylene Tian raised her head and rushed over with excitement.

Then, she threw herself into Yaeger’s arms, “Waaah, big brother, I missed you so much!”

Feeling the softness on her body, Yaeger’s mind shook both mentally and physically and she felt as if she returned to that time ten years ago.

“Mylene.” She stroked Mylene Tian’s soft hair and felt a burst of emotion as well as a sense of vacancy.

Who could have thought that Mylene still remembered her after all these years

But were their feelings still the same as ten years ago Yaeger felt a sense of loss for this reason.

After all, they were still children back then.

They didn’t understand anything and their most fundamental system of values hadn’t been established yet; they were children with blank slates.

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Now, the two of them were already fully grown and with their own values, outlook on life, and on the world.

Weren’t they now different from how they were in the past

No, what made Yaeger at a loss wasn’t just this.

In her previous life, she hadn’t even seen Mylene’s shadow! Therefore, this memory had been sealed in her mind.

(This time, I saw Mylene after being reborn.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing)

In the past, Yaeger was one who chose to follow a solitary path and simply didn’t need to think about other things.

Now that a younger sister popped out of nowhere, it made her feel at wits’ end.

“Big brother……” After Mylene Tian finished crying, she suddenly discovered that she was clinging to Yaeger.

Her little face instantly reddened, but she didn’t let go.

“Mylene, have you been well during these past few years” Yaeger softly asked.

She currently had no energy left to think about such distant matters, so she decided to take it a step at a time.

“I, I was taken to Yanjing’s Tian family that day.

I bawled and bawled to return back to the orphanage, I wanted to see my big brother.

After a few days of making noise, I discovered that I, I couldn’t go back……”

Mylene Tian forced herself to use as much of a level tone as she could.

“Did they treat you well” Hearing her voice, Yaeger felt a bit of warmth creeps into her heart as that type of familiarity seemed to truly return.

“Mm, they’ve treated me very well.

After living in the Tian family for a period of time, I was fancied by a senior master and followed her to live a life nearly isolated from the rest of the world within the mountains and forests.

I was only allowed to come out last year.

It’s just that, when I was let out, there were many many tasks arranged for me to complete.

This led me to be unable to come back and visit big brother; big brother, you won’t blame me, will you”

The more Mylene Tian spoke, the lower her voice became.

“Of course not, you’ve been doing well, so I’m very happy for you.” Yaeger sighed in her heart. I haven’t even thought about you during this period of time, how can I be qualified to blame you

“Big brother!” Hearing this, Mylene Tian hugged Yaeger even tighter.

“Oh, that’s right.

Mylene, you’re already working” Yaeger asked curiously.

What sort of work is this little sister of hers doing Moreover, her strength is quite strong.

How did she become so strong Yaeger remained perplexed no matter how much she thought.

Since she wasn’t able to think of any reason, she may as well directly ask.

“En, I am currently working at the Ability Management Department as a Chief Captain, big brother, aren’t I……” Before she finished her words, she found that Yaeger’s face was a little strange.

“Did you just say that you’re currently working for the Ability Management Department” Yaeger’s voice instantly turned cold and a strange aura flowed between them.

“Big brother……” Mylene Tian didn’t know why Yaeger would suddenly become like this and felt an ineffable uneasiness.

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“I am asking you something.” Yaeger indifferently said.

After going through those two events, she no longer had the slightest favorable impression of the Ability Management Department.

“Y, yes.” At this moment, Mylene Tian was like a student who made a mistake and was awaiting punishment.

“How is the salary” Yaeger suddenly smiled and that strange atmosphere faded away as if it was never present.

In fact, she realized that she was merely venting her anger on Mylene Tian after calming down, just because Mylene was a member of the Ability Management Department.

Such an action was too childish, too pathetic.

And too hurtful.

Therefore, Yaeger decided to take a step back.

Mylene Tian stared blankly for a little bit before immediately asking: “It’s decent, big brother, what are you doing now”

“Well, I, your big brother, am doing something world-shaking,” Yaeger replied playfully.

“Mm, whatever big brother does is sure to succeed.” Mylene Tian smiled.

“Hope so.” Yaeger stroked Mylene’s hair, “Mylene, if, and I mean if, we were to become enemies one day, would you attack me”

“Although I don’t know why big brother is saying these words, Mylene will never attack big brother! Let alone become big brother’s enemy!” Mylene Tian said these words with exceptional staunchness.

Simultaneously, she felt a little baffled.

Why did her big brother say these words Moreover, she felt as if her big brother seemed to be familiar with the Ability Management Department, yet how could this be something an ordinary person could get into contact with

How weird, how is big brother… She shook her head within her heart.

At this moment, Mylene Tian simply wanted to make up for the lost ten years with her big brother.

As for other things, they weren’t too important.

“Ah, you really are a charming younger sister.” A few minutes ago, Yaeger was still a little wary of Mylene Tian.

After all, there were too many things that a person could go through in ten years.

But Mylene was still that Mylene.

“Hehehe, big brother, praise me more!”

“Myl……” Yaeger wanted to say something, but suddenly noticed something extremely strange.

Why, why in her past life, did she never see Mylene Tian!

This clearly showed that Mylene Tian had a pretty high status within the Ability Management Department!


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