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Yaeger thought for a while before faintly feeling that she liked boys.

However, Pixie Qin was single throughout the entirety of her previous life and never expressed any especially obvious male-female orientation, so it was quite hard to judge.

“No, that’s not right…she treated me relatively more specially, but that sort of feeling was closer to one of siblings rather than a male-female relationship……” Yaeger mumbled to herself as she stared out of the window.

“Did you say something” Pixie Qin asked.

“No, I was just saying that I’ll be doing something in a bit.” Yaeger changed topics decisively.

“Is that so Then I’ll stop taking up your time.

Oh, by the way, I feel that we’ve hit it off well, why don’t we exchange contact details so that we can get into touch in the future.

Oh, and I’m a bit older than you, you can call me Elder Sister Pixie.”

Pixie Qin smiled sweetly and took out her phone, a Huawei P30.

It wasn’t even officially launched, yet she was already using it.

Deserving of being an honorable young miss from a big family in Yanjing.

“Okay, Elder Sister Pixie.” In any case, she was used to calling Pixie Qin like this due to her previous life, so she didn’t feel the slightest bit wrong calling her this.

But when Pixie Qin heard Yaeger call her ‘Elder Sister Pixie’, her lily-white hand shook and nearly let slip her mobile phone.

Her heartbeat suddenly sped up and a crimson cloud gradually formed on her cheeks.


“It’s nothing, just a slip of the hand!” Pixie Qin said flusteredly.

“Elder Sister Pixie, I really can’t stay for too long.” Yaeger looked at the time and saw that it was getting a bit late.

If she didn’t search for a place to live in, then she may not be able to find somewhere to live tonight.

“Mm, then let’s get started.” Pixie Qin gently nodded.

After the two exchanged contact details, they walked out of the café together.

Pixie Qin went to the left while Yaeger went to the right.

“Haaa……haaaa……haaaah, my heart, you need to quickly turn back to normal!” The instant Pixie Qin turned the corner, she immediately leaned against the wall and covered her chest with her hand, her face flushed, and her heart beating madly.

“Not good, he’s too handsome! The most handsome in the world~! I can’t stand it~” With Yaeger’s peerless handsome appearance and elegant face in her mind, Pixie Qin couldn’t help but to hug herself as she shuddered.

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“Aah~, not only was he handsome, but also unexpectedly cute~ All my bones softened when he called me ‘Elder Sister Pixie’~”

“Lil’ Yaeyae, Elder Sister Pixie will love you properly from now on!”

If Yaeger was here at this very moment and heard these words, her chin would definitely fall off and her eyes would pop out as her entire body went cold.

I treated you as an elder sister, yet you……

“Haah……haah……haah, this is the first time I’ve ever been so excited in my life, I’m dying.” Pixie Qin took a while before finally recovering, but there was still some remaining blush.

Suddenly, she caught a petite figure flashing past from the corner of her eye.

“That seemed to be that little child from the Ability Management Department, why is she also in Roc City”

Pixie Qin straightened up, exhaled a breath, and her mind began working again, “Right, it should have something to do with Princess.

That being said, Lil’ Yaeyae is so handsome while Princess is so beautiful, I really want them both!”

If Yaeger heard these words, she definitely would have rushed down the streets as she yelled: So it turns out that you swing both ways!

“Hehe, I’m being a little too greedy.” As she thought aloud, Pixie Qin suddenly recalled that special aura but immediately shook her head, “Forget it, I’ve already lost the trail in any case, guess I’ll return to the hotel.”

The streets within the inner city at this time were less crowded and appeared somewhat deserted.

Yaeger was walking on her way back, her gaze on residences nearby to seek a suitable place to stay.

This area had many high-end apartments for rent, but the security level wasn’t particularly high.

Many of these buildings didn’t even have an anti-theft network installed, only relying on the district public security patrol to ensure the safety of the tenants.

This was clearly insufficient for Yaeger.

After surveying for a period of time, Yaeger still wasn’t able to find the ideal house, so she was filled with disappointment.

Just as she was about to return home and was prepared to search again tomorrow morning, she suddenly felt a little restless and understood why when she looked forward.

Because there were several gangsters walking towards her in the front.

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Despite not knowing which gang these gangsters were in, it was better to not get involved with them.

Yaeger lowered her head, walked to the side, and tried her best to minimize her existence.


“You’re Yaeger” A green-haired gangster with sharp eyes noticed Yaeger.

Even without him, she still would have been noticed due to how strong of a presence she had.

She was akin to a firefly flying around on the darkest of nights; it would’ve been hard for other people to not have noticed her!

Hearing to call, Yaeger’s heart trembled and felt that the circumstances were a little strange.

She was clearly wearing a cap……she felt her head and discovered that the cap was gone

When did it disappear

No, that’s not important anymore!

“You really are Yaeger! Hahahahaha, we’ve been traveling all over to find you, but you were right at our doorstep! Brothers, let’s get him!”

The green-haired gangster cried out excitedly.

Catching Yaeger and bringing him back had a 300,000 reward, so how could he not be excited

“Son of a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, how am I so unlucky!” Yaeger broke into a run and dashed far away.

But under this tense situation, she didn’t realize that her speed was much quicker than it usually was!

“Don’t run away!” Those gangsters hastily pursued after her, like a pack of hyenas chasing prey, all their faces showing hideous expressions.

“I would be stupid if I didn’t run!” At this moment, Yaeger was running as if she were a gust of wind.

Originally, she could have theoretically already thrown off the gangsters with her speed while running on the right path.

But the thing was, she simply didn’t recognize the area and unluckily ran into a dead end.

A three-meter tall wall blocked her way.

Unless she suddenly sprouted some wings or gained some super-springs underneath her feet, there was no way she was going to escape.

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“Run, will you, come on, why aren’t you running” The green-haired gangster’s mouth curled up into a smirk that had a tint of ridicule laced in it.

He was 190 cm tall with a not-too-sturdy physique, but the exposed muscles made him appear a bit strong.

Behind the green-haired gangster stood 12 other gangsters.

Facing such a lineup.

She wanted to escape, but there was no way they would allow her to escape.

What to do What to do What to do

After three consecutive inquiries within her heart.

Suddenly, two large pink words appeared in Yaeger’s mind: Dream Transformation.

“No! Absolutely not!” She shouted abruptly, giving the group of gangsters a scare.

“Kid, have you been scared stupid” The green-haired gangster pulled up his sleeves, exposing his bronzed skin and rugged muscles, “It seems that you won’t give in without experiencing some physical pain.

Don’t worry, I won’t hit your face since your face is worth 16 million, after all!”

Hearing these words, Yaeger actually became flabbergasted.

“What did you say”

“I said I’m going to beat you up!”

“Not that.

The last sentence.”

The green-haired gangster doubted whether or not Yaeger was scared stupid, but still replied: “I said, your face is now worth 16 million!”

“I’ve risen in value!” Yaeger cried out in surprise.

“Correct, your value has risen, so obediently return with us; many wealthy women are waiting to enjoy you!”

As soon as the green-haired gangster said these words, all of them began roaring with laughter.

What’s the use of being handsome Isn’t it just to be played to death by wealthy women!

“A flock of uglies.” As such laughter was occurring, Yaeger shook her head and used a 100% accuracy, defense-ignoring, map-wide attack that dealt 10,000 points.


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