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Twenty minutes ago, Rosen Hotel.

“Miss, Miss Qin, correct W, we will immediately arrange the best suite for you!” Seeing the youthful young lady hand over an amethyst-gold card, the lobby manager of the hotel immediately felt his legs go weak and he began stuttering.

The amethyst-gold card is Rosen Conglomerate’s supreme VIP card, with sparse numbers of them in circulation.

Except for those directly related to the Luo family, those who possess the card are all true noble guests of the Luo family and are to be honored!

The youthful young lady surnamed Qin was just about to say something, but then her body suddenly shuddered.

Shortly after, she rapidly turned around and gazed at the outside of the hotel, “What an unusual aura, and how powerful……help me look over my luggage, I have to go out and do something!”

Without waiting for the lobby manager to reply, the youthful young lady flew out like a swallow.

“I-is this a person o-or a ghost” In a blink of an eye, a tall beauty disappeared from the lobby manager’s sights, causing him to drop his jaws in shock.

In an area outside Roc City, on a certain deserted street.

“What’s going on There suddenly appears to be a trace of a fantastic aura in that direction!”

A nearly two-meter black-clothed man with a slim body type seemed to induce something and abruptly raised his head to look ahead.

“I’ll go take a look.”

Muttering this sentence to himself, that person rushed towards the sensed direction like a snake.

Within a certain high-rise apartment building.

This place is the Ability Management Department’s high-rank residency apartment.

Mylene Tian logged out of the game and went to the living room with a depressed expression.

At this moment in time, Old Man Tian was right in the middle of making tea to drink.

Two pairs of eyes met each other’s gaze and before the two even began speaking, they sensed the faintest trace of a mysterious aura, causing their pupils to instantly shrink.

“What a strong aura!” Old Man Tian tilted his head over at the window and exclaimed in shock.

“It’s not too far from here, I wonder where this expert comes from……” Mylene Tian’s expression was solemn.

This mysterious aura only appeared for a split second before vanishing as if it were all a dream.

“Grandpa, I’m going out for a trip.” Mylene Tian said.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“No need, it’s already so late, Grandpa should rest earlier.” Mylene Tian shook her head and refused.

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Old Man Tian had a pained expression.

At the time, he went ahead without permission and injured Princess.

Although his granddaughter hadn’t said anything about the event, he knew that she held some resentment in her heart.

Time returns back to the present.

“Ow!” Yaeger bumped into something.

She first felt a subtle softness before being forcefully repelled with an indescribable force.

She stumbled back several steps before finally sitting on the floor.

Her hat touched the handrail, so it fell off her head.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice you there.” At this time, a pleasant voice came from ahead of her.

In the next instant, Yaeger’s line of sight met with a pair of long white legs.

Raising her head to see who she had bumped into, Yaeger saw a young woman with black hair flowing down her head like a waterfall, a perfect stature, a blood-red cheongsam, skin as fair as jade, and a nearly perfect face.

Both pairs of eyes met.

Both people were immediately stunned.

The youthful young lady shivered slightly and she stopped breathing as her mind turned blank.

Yaeger’s pupils contracted sharply, her eyelashes trembled and her heartbeat accelerated.

It wasn’t that she fell in love with this young lady at first sight.

Rather, this youthful young lady was his old acquaintance, her name Pixie Qin.

In her previous life, she treated Yaeger the best apart from Sachiel Luo.

As a good older sister that showed care and concern for her younger brother, she cared for her in every way possible!

Furthermore, Pixie Qin and Nangong Lin were the same; they both tried to prevent her from getting together with Sachiel Luo.

It could be argued that her not getting together with Sachiel Luo in her previous life was caused by these two people.

As for whether or not Yaeger hated them for it, the answer was naturally somewhat.

But after being reborn, she put the past behind her, so that insignificant negative emotion had long since disappeared.

In addition, these two people.

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One is an older sister who is utterly concerned about her wellbeing and cares for her.

The other is a tsundere bossy young lady who, in his hardest times, would occasionally help him out.

Despite her mouth being a little malicious, she wasn’t a bad person on the inside.

In summary, they were good to her overall, especially Pixie Qin.

It wouldn’t be a stretch for her to call their care ‘familial affection’.

Nangong Lin and Pixie Qin’s prevention for her and Sachiel Luo’s getting together was actually for her own good.

Because at the time, Yaeger simply couldn’t provide the slightest protection to Sachiel Lin and their identities were worlds apart.

Forcing them to get together would have only ended in both sides feeling pain.

(Now that I’ve been reborn, I’m assured that I will become the world’s number one person so long as I can grow smoothly.

Identity or whatever won’t matter when that time comes.)

Shaking her head in her heart, Yaeger suddenly thought of something.

(That’s weird, how come Pixie Qin’s in the area Could it be that she’s also come to Roc City for Princess Wait a minute……I recall Pixie Qin and Nangong Lin having an unusual relationship, maybe she came to visit her.)

“Are you alright” Pixie Qin smiled faintly, bent down, and extended out her fair jade hand.

Yaeger came back to her senses and looked at the beautiful, flawless lily-white hand being extended to her.

After a second of hesitation, she grabbed onto it and used it to stand up.

The feel was the same as it was in her previous life, quite supple, soft, and smooth.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something just now and didn’t notice you.” Pixie Qin said apologetically.

“It’s okay, I also didn’t notice someone coming when turning the corner.” Yaeger smiled lightly and tried to withdraw her hand, but found that it was caught in the other party’s firm grasp.

“Perhaps this is the so-called predestined affinity” Pixie Qin softly whispered.


“It’s nothing.

Ah, right, I didn’t injure you, did I” Pixie Qin smiled sheepishly as an unnatural blush crept up onto her face.

Yaeger shook her head: “It’s fine, my body is pretty sturdy.”

“Being fine is great, being fine is great.

In order to express my apologies, I’ll treat you to a late-night snack.” Pixie Qin suggested.

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Yaeger muttered to herself for a tiny bit before nodding in agreement.

“Umm, could you let go of my hand”

It was only then that Pixie Qin realized that she had been holding Yaeger’s hand without letting go.

“Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“It’s fine.” Yaeger smiled stiffly while she massaged her released hand.

“I’m unfamiliar with the area, do you know any good stores” Pixie Qin asked.

“I’m not too familiar with this place either.” Yaeger spread out her hands in helplessness.

The inside of the city couldn’t be said to be too big or too small, but because her time spent here wasn’t too long, she hadn’t gone to many places.

If she counted this time, then she had only come to this place twice, so she could be said to be a stranger in a strange land.

“Then how about we casually find ourselves a store to sit in.” Pixie Qin replied with a giggle.


The two of them found a 24-hour café and got themselves window seats.

Just as Yaeger expected, their conversation topic was more or less the same as her previous life.

The two chatted as they ate, but the process of it all was, well, a little painful for Yaeger.

This was because Pixie Qin’s gaze was on her the entire time with an expression as if she wanted to lick her entire body back and forth.

For some unknown reason, she had the sneaking suspicion that Pixie Qin was very similar to Nangong Lin.

The only difference being, Nangong Lin likes girls while she……

Wait a second, does Pixie Qin like boys…or girls


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