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“Chicken oh chicken, you’re so beautiful, oh~bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk, chicken you……chicken oh chicken, you’re really too beautiful!”

Inside the room, the phone suddenly turned on and blasted some “wonderful” music.

“Woah!” Yaeger woke up with a fierce start and a sharp cry.

“That scared me to death, so it was you making such a ghastly……” Yaeger looked at the phone, turned off the alarm, and gradually calmed down.

In that split second just now, she had an extremely dreadful nightmare.

This nightmare had a very skewed sense of time; sometimes it felt as if just a second passed by while other times, it would feel as if a century had passed.

Yaeger dreamed about a universe-destroying basket on course to destroy her handsome face but didn’t do so since she narrowly avoided it.

Immediately afterward, a tank-driving loli zoomed at her from nowhere.

After barely jumping off the collision course of the tank, dozens of electric eels and carps suddenly appeared.

They surrounded Yaeger and then began twisting their stiff bodies to create a chaotic whirlwind of sound, but it wasn’t too scary.

“My voice……” All of the sudden, Yaeger noticed that her voice had changed, “Have I transformed back”

She lowered her head and discovered that the two lumps were missing.

Then, she took a look at both her hands and saw that they appeared a little wider.

“I’ve really transformed back!” Yaeger immediately exposed a handsome smile, feeling very happy at heart.

“Sure enough, I was right! So long as I nearly use up all my energy in the game, I can change back to being a man in the real world!”

After celebrating for a little bit, she calmed down: “What did I do differently this time’

5% transformation rate made her Adam’s apple become a bit smaller.

Now that she had a 10% transformation rate, which part of her body changed”

Yaeger first inspected both her hands and felt as if there was a little change; it felt as though they were a little whiter and a tad bit more delicate.

“As fair as jade.” Whispering this phrase aloud, the corners of Yaeger’s eyes twitched.

Using her hands to feel her Adam’s apple, she didn’t feel any change and her voice reflected it.

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As for below……

“Thank goodness, nothing wrong has happened here.” Yaeger patted her chest in relief and her tensed nerves suddenly relaxed a lot.

“It shouldn’t just be my skin changing a little, right” She had the feeling that things weren’t so simple.

She stood up and took a few steps.

“Something’s wrong, how come these clothes feel a little loose, these are clothes that I usually wear……” All of the sudden, Yaeger greatly widened her eyes, hastily took off her clothes, rushed into the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror.

This building was equipped with water and electricity, but because Yaeger was worried about being noticed, she didn’t turn the lights on.

The room was currently still as dark as could be, but she was able to see everything around her.

Everything appeared abnormally clear.

But the thing she was most concerned about was the changes in her body, so she had no mental energy to spare on these miscellaneous topics.

“My skeleton seems a little smaller……” With regards to her own body, Yaeger knew it from front to back, head to toe.

So if any changes had occurred, she was sure to know.

“It must be because my eyes are a little blurred, it must be!” Closing her eyes, then opening them again, she saw no difference in the mirror before her.

“Don’t mess with me like this!” At this moment in time, Yaeger’s entire body shuddered.

She felt as if there was a wisp of cold air coming from the bottom of her foot rushing all the way to the top of her head.

Unaware of when she left the bathroom, Yaeger laid back down on the picnic blanket in shock, her entire being seemed to turn into a pile of ashes.

All of the joy that came from successfully turning back into a man had long since fled to the high heavens from the shock caused by her body’s changes.

For a short period of time, she just couldn’t accept this physical change.

It was as if each step taken was one step closer to capital punishment.

“It may as well have directly turned me into a girl……” Yaeger felt the urge to cry, but there were no tears in her tear ducts.

This left her full with a faint sense of grief sitting in her heart.

15 minutes later, she calmed down a lot.

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“No way, I’m not transforming again! Even if I’m beaten to death, I ain’t ever transforming again!” If a 10% transformation is such a terrifying change, then wouldn’t another use of [Dream Transformation] change him into a real pervert!

Thinking of this point, Yaeger felt numbness on her scalp and goosebumps appeared all over her body.

“Fuu!” After taking several deep breaths, she slowly calmed down her frazzled mind and her rusty-machine-like brain began operating again.

“It is currently unsuitable for my female body to appear in public as it is the object of pursuit and potentially murder for all influences.

Using my male body is the best choice.”

The most threatening enemy to this male body——Wenzel——was already dead and all of the hostility was shifted to her female body.

It was highly likely that those gangsters were currently on the lookout for the female ‘her’ and would ignore the male ‘he’.

But she still had to be careful.

Yaeger put on some clothes while pondering.

“After all, my face is worth 8 million.”


Out of nowhere, her stomach let out a cry of hunger.

“Huh, the feeling of hunger.

It’s something that I’m really not accustomed to anymore.” Yaeger touched her stomach and felt that it was really troublesome to be an ordinary person.

There were several cans lying there on the floor, but Yaeger didn’t so much as give a glance to them.

These were food reserves, not something to be eaten up so casually.

“Since I’ve turned back into a man, then I should eat a little better to celebrate.”

Okay, fine, she just didn’t want to eat canned food.

Of course, she wasn’t just going out to look for food.

Her main purpose was to find a relatively safe place to move into.

It would be best to rent a house with better security.

At present time, it was very troublesome to find an agency, and doing so would leave behind some unnecessary trials.

It would be safer to directly ask the neighboring landlord about some safer properties.

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(The sooner I change houses, the safer I’ll be!)

For some unknown reason, she had a bad premonition that some disaster would be striking here soon.

After packing the important items into a bag and putting on a baseball cap, Yaeger opened the door with prudence, only releasing the tightly-held door knob after discovering nobody in the hallway.

But in the instant that she let go, she felt that something was off.

As for what was off, she wasn’t able to say.

Shaking her head, Yaeger walked outside and closed the door behind her.

The room was quiet inside.

Moonlight shone through the transparent tape on the window blinds, allowing some silvery light to brighten the pitch-black room.

If someone was present in the room at this time, they would notice that there were several varying fingerprints on the metal door handle of the entrance door!

When she was still in her female body, Yaeger memorized the layout of the building and the periphery structures, so she easily avoided the patrolling security guards and went outside.

Before searching for a house, she decided to first eat her fill.

“What should I eat” For some reason, Yaeger felt as though she hadn’t eaten anything in a long time.

Even though she had obviously eaten some fine refreshments inside the game not too long ago.

“That pervert Kastina’s food is unexpectedly to my preference.” Thinking back on how delicious the pastries were, Yaeger’s stomach cried out even louder in hunger.

The food inside Roc City is very different from the food outside.

There are very few open vendor stalls and those that do operate are under the banner of large conglomerates.

Such stalls don’t carry the distinctive flavor of regular street stalls.

Rather than eating in such a place, Yaeger much preferred eating in ordinary street stalls.

“I don’t seem to have ever enjoyed life.” All of the sudden, she halted in her steps and recalled the matters that happened throughout the years.

Her eyes twitched upon thinking of how she lived.

No matter her previous life or her present life, she always seemed to be bustling around or in a state of mental stress.

What was ‘enjoying life’ in those times

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Who the heck knows.

“Once I’ve become an invincible existence within the game, perhaps I’ll finally be able to enjoy life” Yaeger muttered before continuing to move.

Just when she turned the corner, she sensed a shadow before her and then immediately ran into something.

(Author: The protagonist possesses the skill [Dream Transformation].

Even if she is now in her male body, she is actually already a girl at heart.

Furthermore, her external body is gradually changing…… Therefore, it wasn’t a slip of writing that the pronoun ‘she’ is being used, so don’t comment on it in the future.)


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