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After enjoying a little bit of leisure time, Yaeger and Yunuen Lin returned to the item shop.

Once she handed over the tuition fee, Yunuen Lin began accepting Layna’s guidance.

It was estimated that she would take around half an hour to learn how to make the Berserk Drug.

Yaeger currently had Fiery Ape’s [Essence Blood] on hand and was missing some relatively rare materials.

She did know the grinding spots for those materials, but they were quite out of the way and would take quite a long time to travel to.

“Let’s take it easy then, I don’t have much need for the Berserk Drug as of now anyway.”

Outside the shop, Yaeger leaned against the wall with nothing to do, so she opened the forums to skim through the latest information.

She soon discovered that there were people unifying level data and created a popular post for everyone to browse.

Furthermore, this post was being constantly updated, so it kept gaining traction.

“Just as I expected, Newbie Village 101 has the most high-level players.” Clicking into the post, Yaeger didn’t feel the slightest surprise at the data.

Everyone thought that Newbie Village 101 was a hell back in the beginning, but now it’s the object of admiration, envy, and jealousy.

The reason for this was naturally due to her and Rakshasa.

If it weren’t for them grinding a ton of green equipment to sell and carrying people as they killed high-level magic beasts, Newbie Village 101 would never have such a lead on other Newbie Villages.

“I hope these players won’t come to seek death again.”

Closing this post, Yaeger opened up another popular post.

[Shocking News! The black-hearted Princess and her subordinates made such an astonishing move under the eyes of countless people!]


After scanning the post, Yaeger’s eyelids twitched.

This post was one with a typical clickbait title and even the title was completely off-topic.

Because the entire post was just a single picture.

“Well, it’s not completely off-topic since Yunuen and I have levels far surpassing everyone, so it indeed is an astonishing topic.”

A while after she closed this post, Yaeger suddenly caught sight of a new post from the corner of her eyes.

[Japanese Witch! Furiously Beheading Three Thousand American Dogs! How Terrifying!]


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“Could it be Honda Yu” Yaeger skimmed through the post with great interest and then her pupils contracted upon finishing the post.

If the post were to be condensed to one paragraph, it would be: Honda Yu has gone insane, she’s killing every foreign player she sees.

She’s already beheaded thousands of foreign players in Okinawa.

Among these several thousand players, the American players account for more than half of the deaths, causing a great deal of panic inside the game.

“What the heck is going on” Yaeger was puzzled by Honda Yu’s actions.

In her impression, the relationship between Honda Yu and the United States was pretty good and one could usually see her interacting with Mira.

Why would she start slaughtering American players out of nowhere

“Hold on……could it be that there’s some special reason behind why she’s succeeded in class changing to Avenger” Yaeger’s brows faintly knit.

She recalled Honda Yu was forcefully taken away by the Americans and had a vague feeling that these two matters were related.

But with her information pool being too small, it was impossible for her to get to the bottom of this at the moment.

“Forget it, it has nothing to do with me, so why should I care.

Wait, no, there’s someone sharing the pressure with me, so I should feel happy.”

With Honda Yu creating trouble, some of the United States’ attention will inevitably be placed onto her body.

Thus, the pressure placed on Yaeger will certainly be reduced by a little.

“Honda Yu, I really need to thank you.

At the same time, I sincerely hope that you will be safe.”

Yaeger sent a heartfelt prayer to this familiar stranger from the bottom of her heart.

Harboring the Artifact on her person had turned her into a target for the public, the pie that everyone wanted a piece of; the pressure she was constantly under was one that was incomprehensible to ordinary people.

“Enemies with all in the world.” Letting loose a light sigh, Yaeger was about to close the forums, but in the next instant, her hand stopped because she saw a post about foreign players appearing in Linhnan.

When she opened it up for a glance-over, Yaeger’s expression changed.

“There are thousands of foreign players……”

Even if one were to use their toes to think, it was obvious that these players were heading her way!

“Reality and games, grasp them in both hands, seize all opportunities”

Since there are so many foreign players within the game, that means that in Linhnan, no, in Roc City, there must be just as many foreigners!

“Oh no, my body is in danger!” Yaeger felt an unprecedented sense of crisis come upon her.

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These days, it wasn’t only the Ability Management Department searching for Princess; there were also countless foreign influences searching for her!

(I encountered Old Man Tian back in the hotel.

After making a strategic retreat, I did leave some traces.

While they’re difficult for ordinary people to pay attention to, it’s hard to say if it would be difficult for those with special abilities!)

Yaeger made a slight grimace.

The situation in reality was much more serious than she imagined; it was simply one with danger lurking everywhere.

She never looked down upon the abilities of the authorities, nor did she underestimate those extraordinary people with strange abilities.

“It seems that I’ll need to find a way to make myself a man.” Closing the forums, Yaeger twirled her smooth and silky hair as she mumbled to herself.

After determining her next course of action, Yaeger returned to the shop.

It was unknown whether or not it was due to receiving the influence of the Bronze Trial, but Layna was no longer disgusted with her and wouldn’t yell at her to get out when entering the shop.

“Princess, I’ve learned how to make the Berserk Drug!” Yunuen Lin immediately exposed a delighted smile upon seeing Yaeger.

“Not bad, not bad, you really are a little genius.” Yaeger was pretty surprised at this outcome, so she immediately acted as if she had picked up a treasure and praised her while happily patting her shoulder.

The prescription that would have normally taken half an hour to learn only took her slightly less than 20 minutes.

This was clear evidence that she had a flair for this, so it indeed was worthy of praise.

“Hehe!” Even when she obtained full marks and obtained her teacher’s and family member’s praise, Yunuen Lin had never felt so happy as she did now, as if there was honey flowing through her veins.

The duo chatted for a little while before Yaeger looked at the time and remarked: “It’s pretty late now and you must be tired from today, so you should go offline and rest early.”

“What about Princess” Yunuen Lin asked in concern.

“I’ll also be going offline.

Remember to properly sleep tonight, tomorrow will be a very busy day.”

“Mm, I’ll do my best!” Yunuen Lin opened the panel to the logout screen and went offline with a smile under the white light.

Yaeger waved her hand, but didn’t go offline.

She still had things to do.

Going outside of the city, Yaeger fiercely killed magic beasts in the desolate area until she nearly used up all of her MP before logging off.

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“I’m exhausted.” Yaeger slowly opened her eyes while feeling as if there were weights on top of her eyelids and a thick sense of sleepiness washed over her.

“My guess was right, I feel the exact same as I did last time!” Despite feeling sleepy, she was still able to forcefully pull herself awake.

“That day, I woke up after a nap and turned back into a man.

As for how long it took specifically, I don’t know, but I can time it this time.” Yaeger set the phone’s alarm to ring out after an hour.

After getting that done, she took off the skirt and underwear, then changed into a set of sportswear.

“Good night.” Once she said good night to herself, Yaeger reclined back onto the picnic cloth and closed her eyes.

Not even 10 seconds passed before she entered the land of dreams.

At this moment, the room became abnormally quiet.

If one didn’t focus on listening for sounds, then one could even miss the slight breathing sound coming from her.

Minute after minute passed by.

An unknown amount of time passed by.

Suddenly, a fantastic change happened to the sleeping Yaeger.

Her body began constantly emitting a red-black radiance and it filled the entire room in a flash.

Roc City, New Country Airport.

“The air here is a little bit better than Yanjing, it’s passable.” A tall, fair-skinned, S-shaped young woman wearing a blood-red cheongsam, high heels, and sunglasses carried a massive suitcase with her down some stairs.

Her black hair cascaded like a waterfall and her cherry lips slightly pursed as her silvery voice commented aloud.

“Pretty girl, need a ride” When she reached the taxi platform, a red taxi pulled up.

“To Rosen Hotel.” The young woman said.

Hearing these words, the taxi driver promptly got off the taxi to help her squeeze her luggage into the trunk.

Afterwards, the young woman got in and the taxi driver set off towards Rosen Hotel.


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