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Yaeger lightly nodded, feeling gratification in her heart.

She didn’t want Yunuen to be like a flower in a greenhouse, someone that needed protecting at all times.

This battle was akin to a trial by fire.

The outcome isn’t too important; what is important is the experience that Yunuen Lin can obtain from this battle.

Of course, Yaeger wouldn’t let Yunuen Lin receive too many injuries from this battle, so she would still take action when necessary.

Lyca crawled up with great difficulty, fear coloring his face.

How could he have ever imagined that this lowly human would be so strong!

If he had known this earlier, he would have done an investigation, then thought up ways to deal with her.

(Too rash!)

Lyca felt immense regret in his heart, but unfortunately, there isn’t any medicine for regret.


Since I’m unable to defeat her, then I should run away!

For a hitman, fleeing due to a miscalculation isn’t something to be ashamed about!

So long as his heart beats, he would act upon his decisions.

Lyca stomped on the ground and flew out back towards where he came from.

Seeing Lyca fleeing, Yunuen Lin instantly became anxious.

If her opponent successfully escaped, Princess would definitely lower her evaluation of her!

She immediately cast 【Holy Spirit Hammer】 onto Lyca.

A mass of holy light condensed into a sledgehammer and slammed onto Lyca from behind.

But Lyca paid no heed to it and sped up his escape while clenching his teeth.

Yunuen Lin’s anxiety levels spiked instantly upon seeing her opponent’s silhouette rapidly becoming smaller.

Her speed couldn’t compare to this hitman, so if she chose to chase him, she definitely wouldn’t be able to catch up.

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What to do What to do What to do

Just as she was panicking like an ant inside a flooded anthill, a silhouette flashed in front of Lyca.

“This is Gellar’s flash! How do you know his flash!” Lyca cried out with extreme shock.

Yaeger didn’t give a reply, just a kick to send him back.

This kick nearly sent him to a meeting with the grim reaper.

Seeing Lyca roll back like a ball, Yunuen Lin immediately let out a sigh of relief before ferociously striking at him with her magic staff.

A roar of pain thus ensued.

Soon, Lyca died with many regrets.

Never did he ever imagine that such a brilliant person like him would end up dying under the hands of a priest.

Nor did he ever think that he would be bashed to death by a staff, what a gargantuan disgrace!

“Ding! You’ve killed a red-named NPC, you have obtained the opponent’s blue equipment 【Strength Gloves】.”

Originally, Yunuen Lin was feeling extremely panic-stricken since it was her first time killing an NPC, but after she heard the system announcement, the corners of her mouth involuntarily twitched as she screamed in her heart:

I’m a priest, why would you give me some 【Strength Gloves】! What the heck!

“Ding! You have obtained 2000 gold coins.” Yaeger was stunned for a moment upon hearing this announcement.

She clearly didn’t expect to receive any rewards since red-named NPCs and magic beasts are completely different.

In most cases, only the one who did the last hit would be rewarded.

She made Yunuen Lin get the last hit for two reasons.

One, to let her experience the feeling of killing human-shaped creatures so as to avoid her not daring to kill when encountering player killers, thus preventing her from landing into even deeper danger.

Two, to allow Yunuen Lin to obtain equipment suitable for herself and strengthen her power.

“These gloves are very suitable for you.” Yaeger patted her shoulder.

Hearing these words, Yunuen Lin was stuck between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry.

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I’m a healer, not a warrior!

After equipping 【Strength Gloves】 with invisible tears coming out of her eyes, Yunuen Lin went over to Lyca’s corpse to receive the rest of the loot.

Obtained the reward of 300,000 gold coins and 3000 points of favorability towards the Jade Empire.

“They knew we were lacking favorability, so they took the initiative to send over a mark; ah, these werewolves are indeed kind.” Yaeger calmly smiled and brought Yunuen Lin over to the business street.

Just as they entered Crystal Avenue, she instantly saw a suspicious person.

The person was holding a fine basket, looking left and right as if she were searching for something.

Suddenly, the two pairs of eyes met and that suspicious figure revealed a brilliant smile before instantly retracting it and beckoning at them.

“Let’s go take a look.” As far as this fellow is concerned, Yaeger held an indifferent attitude towards her.

In any case, it was highly unlikely that she would swindle them with such high favorability.

“Lowly slave! Where the hell have you been I have been searching for you for a long time!” Just as they came face-to-face, that person——Kastina, immediately lashed out with discontent.

“What does where I go have to do with you” Yaeger said in a lukewarm tone.

“Hmph, you are a citizen of the Empire, so if I want to be nosy, then you must accept the nosiness!”

“I don’t feel like bothering with you, I’m leaving if there’s nothing important.” Yaeger waved her hand and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute! I have something for you!” Kastina promptly stopped her.

“If there’s something to say, then say it, I’m in a hurry.”

“You……forget it, I won’t fuss over minor matters with you, this is for you.” As she spoke, Kastina handed over the basket in her hands.

Yaeger took it and gave it a look.

There was a layer of light muslin covering the basket and there were some faintly discernible delicate pastries underneath it.

“For me to eat”

“That’s right.

But these are some leftovers from feeding the dog, not some snacks that I specially made for you, don’t misunderstand!”

With that said, Kastina swiveled around and left with quick steps as an unnatural blush emerged onto her face.

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“Ding! Kastina’s favorability towards you has risen by 1000 points.”

At this moment, the sound of the system made a guest appearance.

“Tsundere” Yaeger held her forehead while thinking about how Kastina’s character was truly eccentric.

Following this, she lifted up the gauze on the basket and was met by the sight of a small pile of fine pastries.

Yunuen Lin, who had been ignored during the entire encounter, glanced at the contents of the basket and remarked: “Princess, are these pastries really for feeding dogs”

“You really think this is for feeding dogs” Yaeger smiled in amusement.

“It’s not Didn’t the princess just now say that these are leftovers from feeding dogs” Yunuen Lin tilted her head slightly with confusion written all over her face.

“She’s just embarrassed, let’s find a place for us to sample these refreshments.”

“I can eat too” Yunuen Lin puckered up her lips in a smile.

Regarding these snacks that came from the imperial palace, it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t curious as to what they tasted like.

“Nonsense, don’t tell me you think that I can finish eating all this by myself Besides, these pastries don’t look like the type that can be preserved.”

Yaeger responded.

“Hehe, then I won’t be polite.”

The duo arrived at Jadeleaf Plaza, found themselves a place to sit, and began tasting the finest desserts in this other-world.

Under the moonlight, everything appeared beautiful.

However, how long can such beauty continue on

Nobody knows.

A breeze blew by, bringing a whiff of the night air along with it.


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