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Now then, send them all flying, no, it’s best if you kill them all.” These monkeys were known as Fiery Monkeys.

They had explosive tempers which made them easily anger, so the arrows that Yaeger shot earlier had completely infuriated them.

“I, I’ll do my best!” Yunuen panicked a bit as she faced several dozen violent monkeys, but then she calmed herself down.

Even if the sky collapsed, Yaeger was here to protect her, so what did she have to be scared of

Yep, there really wasn’t anything to be scared of.

Yunuen charged forward while holding onto her staff.

“That’s right, this is the drive I need.” Yaeger nodded in satisfaction.

It was difficult for a priest to not suffer when facing several dozen Fiery Monkeys by herself.

However, since Yaeger was here, she definitely wouldn’t let Yunuen suffer too much.

Just as Yunuen was about to get in range to attack, Yaeger suddenly sent an explosive attack with arrows raining down everywhere.

Currently, Yaeger was only acting as a support who would occasionally help Yunuen a little.

That was enough.

A fierce melee battle soon unfolded.

Yunuen swung her staff and smashed the head of a Fiery Monkey.

She then immediately exploded with the Holy Spirit Hammer skill as it swept everywhere with pitiful screams from the monkeys.

Whenever Yaeger saw that Yunuen was becoming disadvantaged, she would send out a wave of attacks to turn the situation around.

However, she didn’t help too often, because she didn’t want Yunuen to rely on her too much.

Five minutes later, several dozen Fiery Monkeys were laying on the ground with their heads resembling cracked watermelons.

They were all deader than dead.

“Hah… hah… hah… haha…” Yunuen stood where she was while panting heavily.

Her face was slightly pale, and her hands were trembling to the point where she almost couldn’t hold her staff.

She had obviously used all of her strength.

“Very good.

You pass as a priest now.” Yaeger walked over with her beautiful long legs and gently patted Yunuen on the shoulder to praise the latter.

“Princess, do I have the strength to protect myself now” Yunuen asked in a whisper.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to talk normally.

She was so tired that she didn’t have the energy to speak normally.

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“Barely, I suppose.”

“That’s great.

I don’t want to be a burden.” Yunuen had always been worried that she would become a burden on the Princess Alliance.

Now that she had the strength to protect herself, this weight was finally off her heart.

“You rest for a bit first while I gather some resources.”

“Yeah!” Yunuen didn’t force herself.

She leaned against a tree and slowly sat down while never taking her gaze off of Yaeger.

“Fiery Monkey blood essence is one of the main resources required for the Berserk Potion.

I wonder how many we can gather from this trip” Yaeger muttered to herself as she kept touching the Fiery Monkey corpses.

Yaeger needed many Berserk Potions because her Chaos God Ring would only activate its special effect when she had less than 50% HP.

Regrettably, the resources for making the Berserk Potion were relatively rare.

It wasn’t realistic to be mass-producing the Berserk Potion.

Fiery Monkey’s blood essence was one of the easier primary resources to gather for the Berserk Potion.

Of course, blood essence wasn’t gathered so easily.

This item had a rather RNG aspect to it.

It would be considered quite good to obtain five drops of blood essence from several dozen Fiery Monkey corpses.

“Yep, my luck is pretty good.” Fine, that percentage was only for ordinary people.

Yaeger obtained more than ten drops of blood essence after she touched all the corpses.

The blood essence was enveloped by a mystical membrane that made it easy to store.

When wanting to use it, one simply had to break the membrane.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t obtain the recipe.

We won’t be able to do it in one trip then.” Yaeger felt that it was slightly regrettable since the Fiery Monkeys would drop the recipe for the Berserk Potion.

Once Yunuen was rested, Yaeger brought her deep into the forest.

Not long after, another bloodbath occurred.

“Princess! I obtained the recipe!” Yunuen touched the corpses and finally obtained the Berserk Potion’s recipe.

“Very good!” This was the fourth wave of Fiery Monkeys that they had just finished grinding.

They obtained almost 100 drops of blood essence along with this recipe.

The efficiency wasn’t very quick, but the harvest was quite good.

Yunuen was naturally the one who had the greatest gains, as her power level changed at a fundamental level.

Her fighting seemed more solid than before, and she even reached level 22.

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“Let’s go back now.

You also need to learn this recipe in a bit.” Normally, a recipe in the game required a high-level apothecary to teach it before the player would be able to learn it.

The learning process depended on one’s own learning ability.

Those who were good learners might need only 20-30 minutes, while those who were poor learners might need several days.

It should also be mentioned that teaching a recipe required a tuition fee.

It had to be said that these NPCs really knew how to make money.

As the two of them walked back, Yaeger seemed to be obviously distracted.

As time passed, in about two or three more days, a large number of players would be coming to the main city, but her preparations still weren’t complete.

Not only that, it was likely that a large number of players would surround her and try to kill her, so she was under a lot of pressure.

“I hope that I can increase my power level by another one or two stages before these players arrive,” Yaeger murmured to herself.

She had Divine Equipment, an orange equipment box, purple equipment, blue equipment, and high-level potions.

What Yaeger possessed was far too tempting.

Everyone wanted a piece of her equipment.

“If they really force me to the brink, I’ll open all the chests and begin a true slaughter.”

While she was feeling the pressure, it wasn’t enough to break her.

No matter what, she was someone who had plenty up her sleeve.

She wasn’t opening the orange equipment chest now because of her level limitation, meaning that she wouldn’t be able to obtain a piece of very high-level equipment.

While she could use the orange equipment in Jade City, what about after she left Jade City

Besides, she already knew where she could obtain equipment in Jade City, so she didn’t need to open her own orange equipment box.

The equipment in that box could save her life.

She definitely wouldn’t use it until it was a truly critical moment.

Sometimes in a single battle, defeating the enemy with a counterattack didn’t actually depend on combat sense or some ultimate technique, but rather the difference in equipment.

For instance, Yaeger might fight a similarly powerful player or a large number of high-level players for a really long time without being able to determine a winner.


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