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“People actually worship the stinky feet of such ugly women Chinese people have such a strange sense of beauty.” Mitch had a disgusted expression as he pointed at Princess’ picture.

“The world’s #1 princess She’s making me go blind!”

When the white-haired goon heard this, his mouth twitched violently while he mentally shouted, ‘you foreigner, you’re the one with a really strange sense of beauty here!’

Vincent didn’t have any opinion of this.

He no longer considered himself Chinese, so he didn’t have any intentions of correcting Mitch’s standard of beauty.

“This Rakshasa really suits my taste.” Vincent sipped some tea and put down his cup as he picked up the information with Rakshasa’s picture on it.

He perused it seriously as a flash of lust appeared in his eyes.

Vincent had been living abroad for many years already.

His sense of beauty had already changed significantly.

He was no longer interested in Asian women, while he was highly interested in western women now.

However, he was still willing to try a woman like Rakshasa who was a mixed-blood with both western and Asian blood.

“Have you found their personal information yet” Mitch was a martial artist and a master of internal energy who had reached the peak, so he wasn’t very interested in the things that would go on between men and women.

He cared more about when he could take Princess’ head back with him so that he could complete his mission.

“We found the personal information for two of them…”

Vincent interrupted the white-haired goon before he could finish speaking.

“Why haven’t you gone to capture them yet! Do I need to teach you what to do!”

“Brother Vincent, we can’t capture these two people!” The white-haired goon hurriedly clarified.

“There are people that we of the Small Sword Gang can’t catch in Roc City” Vincent narrowed his eyes as a dangerous light flashed in his eyes for a brief moment.

“Yes, we really can’t afford to capture these two people.” The white-haired goon reached out and pointed at the scattered documents on the table.

“This girl’s name is Nangong Lin.

She is the daughter of the Nangong Family, which is the head of Roc City’s four major families.

As for this girl, she is Sachiel Luo, the daughter of the Luo Family, another one of Roc City’s four major families.

We can’t afford to antagonize either of these two families.

If we really did capture them, Roc City’s Small Sword Gang will definitely be annihilated…”

The white-haired goon’s heart shook in fear as he thought about the terrifying power these two major families possessed in Roc City.

“Since they’re from the local major families, forget about them then, and target the other two instead.” Vincent decisively changed his targets.

An elite like him from abroad wouldn’t possibly be able to handle a major family from Roc City.

A dragon wouldn’t be able to take on the local tyrant.

Vincent naturally understood this logic.

“Yes!” The white-haired goon glanced at Rakshasa and Yunuen Lin’s pictures, nodded vigorously, and immediately left the room.

“I never expected that Princess would know major personalities in Roc City.

How troublesome.” Vincent folded his legs, leaned against the sofa, and placed both hands on top.”

“Who cares who she knows We’ll leave immediately after we kill her.” Mitch didn’t care about this at all.

“I hope that everything is successful.” Vincent poured some more tea into his teacup and then filled Mitch’s teacup as well.

The white-haired goon entered the game and immediately looked at the forum.

Before he logged off last time, he issued five doxxing rewards, so he figured that someone might have tried to contact him already.

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The white-haired goon heard a notification and checked his mailbox.

He really did see a new message.

He opened the message and immediately widened his eyes as someone really had sent him some information.

The white-haired goon offered a very low reward for his doxxing requests.

Doxxing for important information once only had a reward of 1000 yuan.

This was really insignificant compared to others’ rewards which typically started in the tens of thousands.

However, there would still be people who would happily bring information for such a low reward.

The white-haired goon had intentionally set a low reward.

He figured that it would catch Princess and the others’ attention if he set a high reward, which would cause them to be on guard.

He opened the message and immediately saw the contents: “I know Mahou Shoujo Yunuen’s personal information.

Add me on QQ social media to discuss more in detail.

My QQ ID number is: 300867889999999.”

“Haha, it just happens to be someone I’m looking for.

Such great luck!” The white-haired goon was all smiles as he memorized the ID number.

He then swiftly logged out and added this person’s QQ ID.

The other party immediately messaged him.

Scarlet King: “You want to purchase Mahou Shoujo Yunuen’s personal information”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “That’s correct.”

Scarlet King: “Why do you want her information”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “To tell you the truth, I fell in love with her at first sight and want to pursue her.

But, I don’t dare to make my move unless I have an absolute guarantee…”

Scarlet King: “I see.

I indeed have her information, but 1000 yuan really is too little for a payment.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “I apologize, but my family really isn’t well off.

Paying 1000 for one piece of important information is really the limit of what I can afford.

Scarlet King: “…”

Scarlet King remained silent for a while.

Scarlet King: “Fine, I don’t think you appear to be a bad person.

1000 is fine then.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Thank you.”

Scarlet King: “Send me 500 yuan first.”

When the white-haired goon read this message, he felt as if he was being scammed, but when he thought that it was only 500 yuan, he didn’t really care, so he quickly sent Scarlet King the money.

Scarlet King: “I can feel your sincerity.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Can you tell me now”

Scarlet King: “Okay.

Mahou Shoujo Yunuen’s real name is Yunuen Lin.

She was my high school classmate as well as neighbor.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Do you have more detailed information”

Scarlet King: “If you want more detailed information, send me another 1000.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “…”

The white-haired goon’s eyes kept twitching as he really felt like this was a scammer.

However, he still transferred the 1000 yuan over.

Scarlet King: “You really are such a generous person.

Alright then, I’ll tell you with sincerity that Yunuen Lin is a student at Flower City’s Cloud White 37th Middle School.

Her home is in Cloud White Village, but she moved just recently.

As for where she moved to, I’ll only know if I ask my mom.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Hurry and go ask her then.”

Scarlet King: “I need 1000 yuan in order to go outside.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “…”

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If it wasn’t for the fact that this was over the internet, the white-haired goon would have punched the other person already.

The white-haired goon transferred another 1000 yuan.

Scarlet King: “You truly are such a great fellow.

Please wait for a few moments.”

After less than 30 seconds.

Scarlet King: “My mom says that they moved to Roc City overnight.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Did they say where exactly in Roc City they’re moving to”

The white-haired youth’s heart began to beat rapidly when he saw the words “Roc City.” He never expected that one of his targets would be right here in this city!

Of course, the prerequisite was that this person’s information was real, not fake.

Scarlet King: “1000 yuan.”

Nicholas Zhao the Fourth: “Not a problem, but I want to confirm first that you really are Yunuen Lin’s classmate.”

Scarlet King: “You’re such a doubtful person.”

After that message, Scarlet King sent him a picture.

Scarlet King: “This is a class photo taken at our school one month ago.

Do you believe me now”

The white-haired goon saw Yunuen Lin in this class photo.

He immediately believed the Scarlet King by about 90%, so he instantly sent 1000 yuan over.

However, Scarlet King blocked him instantly after he transferred the money.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! Are scams so high level these days!” The white-haired goon faintly felt like he had been scammed.

Yet, the information he received didn’t seem fake.

He mulled it over for a moment and then opened up Baidu to search for Flower City’s Cloud White 37th Middle School’s message forum.

He searched for a bit in the school’s message forum and really did find some information on Yunuen Lin.

“It seems this Scarlet King didn’t scam me.” The white-haired goon heaved a sigh of relief and then entered the game.


Right when he opened the forum, his mailbox indicated that he had another new message.

“Oh, I actually received Rakshasa’s information this time!” The goon was overjoyed.

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Ten minutes later, the white-haired goon brought two documents with organized information back to Vincent and Mitch’s room.


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