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“Haha, why am I thinking such random things Why would a country possibly use such a master against me” Yaeger shook her head and reached out to take a bottle of mineral water, but then she suddenly stopped as she thought of something else instead.

Something miraculous then appeared.

The bottled water on the ground actually began to float by itself as it floated over to Yaeger.

“This tentacle is so convenient.” It turned out that Yaeger had used her own aura in tentacle form to bring the bottled water over.

Yaeger opened the cap, gently took a sip, and then glanced at her pile of canned food.

A normal person would be ravenously starving if they didn’t eat food for an entire day.

However, Yaeger’s female body was quite miraculous.

She wouldn’t feel any hunger even if she didn’t eat for one or two entire days.

Yaeger had purchased all this canned food just in case she accidentally transformed back into her male body but didn’t have any food to eat.

That would be quite a terrible situation.

Her male body was different from her female one.

Her male body would starve to death if it didn’t eat.

“Hmm Why is this room filled with my scent…” Yaeger sniffed and smelled nothing but an incredibly natural and fresh scent.

She picked up some sports clothes and sniffed them to find that the strange smell of new clothing had already vanished to be completely replaced by her body scent.

“What’s going on Could it be that my body now has the ability to automatically clean itself”

Yaeger checked her interface but couldn’t figure anything out.

She surmised that it must have been an effect of her Divine Body.

While Yaeger was busy investigating her own body, Tianyu Finance Limited Company’s people were about to evilly target Yaeger with their pitch-black demonic hands.

“Mitch, how high are your odds of victory if you fight against an ordinary internal energy master”

Vincent suddenly asked this question as he poured himself a cup of tea.

“95% of so,” Mitch opened his eyes and said casually.

“As expected of the boss’ best student!” Vincent exclaimed with some astonishment.

To ordinary people, an internal energy master would be a monstrous existence.

It would be highly difficult to kill an internal energy master without surrounding them with a large number of guns.

“Of course.” Mitch’s lips arched upwards in a smile, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

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He had heard similar words of praise for him before several thousand times per year, so it would be strange if he was moved by hearing such words anymore.

“How much of a guarantee do you have when fighting Princess I’m talking about killing her, not just winning against her,” Vincent asked as he sipped some tea.

“I’m not sure since I’ve never fought her before, but I can tell you for certain that I’m capable of fighting one against three internal energy masters who aren’t at the peak yet.

Additionally, I can even retreat unharmed against them,” Mitch said in a voice that was neither arrogant nor humble.

This was simply the truth.

He wasn’t trying to brag.

Mitch’s power level had already reached the peak of master level.

He was only one step away from grandmaster level.

“It seems that we’ll definitely be able to complete our mission this time then.” Vincent smiled faintly, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes at all.

In fact, a vicious flash of killing intent even appeared in his eyes.

It would be a lie to say that he didn’t have any feelings for his younger brother Wenzel that he viewed as an idiot.

No matter what, they were still blood relatives and brothers who grew up together.

Since Wenzel died so mysteriously like that, as the elder brother, Vincent would be too ashamed to face his ancestors if he didn’t take revenge for Wenzel’s sake.

“I hope so.

China has countless powerful individuals.

Perhaps I can meet an opponent who will excite me,” Mitch declared with an expectant expression.

“Haha, China has countless powerful individuals Are you joking with me This country has long since stopped having any powerful individuals.

The powerful individuals have all gone abroad!” Vincent chuckled.

Mitch gave him a sidelong glance and didn’t say anything, but his heart was filled with disdain.

‘As expected of someone who knows nothing about martial arts.

Nine out of ten powerful individuals who run away abroad are actually failures.’

Of course, he wouldn’t say that out loud to Vincent.

Mitch and Vincent were responsible for different areas of expertise in the Small Sword Gang.

Mitch was responsible for brute force, while Vincent was responsible for generating income.

Thus, Mitch considered it a waste of time to explain anything to a layman like Vincent.

Knock knock knock! Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Vincent sat up straight to speak.

The door opened.

A white-haired youth entered.

It was the same white-haired goon from before.

“Brother Vincent, I found some information about Princess and her friends from the game’s guild ranking and had it printed.

Please take a look.”

The white-haired goon walked over and respectfully handed over some documents which were still warm from the printer over to Vincent, who took the documents and speedily read them over before handing them to Mitch.

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“So ugly! How could there be such an ugly girl!” Mitch first saw Sachiel’s picture, which caused him to constantly frown as he exclaimed in displeasure.

The white-haired goon blinked with a confused expression.

Sachiel was incredibly beautiful and like a pure flower in his eyes.

Mitch was actually calling her ugly What type of beauty standard was this… wait a moment, Mitch was an elite member of the gang, so he definitely would have seen many beautiful girls before.

As the saying went, it would hurt to be compared to.

Compared to the girls that Mitch had seen before, perhaps Sachiel really was ugly in comparison.

The white-haired goon was about to nod with an expression of understanding.

“Tsk tsk tsk, so ugly, this one is so ugly as well! Her ugliness is breaking a new record!”

The white-haired goon glanced over and saw that Mitch was currently looking at Princess’ picture.

‘What A super beauty like Princess who only appears once in ten thousand years is called ugly Did I hear wrong’

He faintly felt that something was off.

Could it be that this Mitch had a problem with his standards of beauty

The goon tilted his head to look at Vincent, who smiled strangely and moved his mouth several times, but no sound came out from Vincent’s lips.

The white-haired goon tilted his head slightly in confusion.

“So ugly, so ugly! Why isn’t there a single pretty girl among them!” Mitch tossed the information aside and forcefully shook his head.

In his mind, Asian beauties looked like this: small and narrow eyes, a large mouth, best with extremely thick lips, yellow skin, a freckled face, a pointy chin, a high forehead, and extremely large ears.

Mitch’s opinion of an ugly Asian woman looked like this: a round face, cherry lips with a small mouth, large and shiny eyes, white skin, and a normal face.

He had twisted beauty standards because Europe and America had been intentionally uglifying Asian women for many years now.

Europe and America intentionally put ugly Asian women who most people wouldn’t consider pretty into movies and onto magazines.

Europe and America kept showing these ugly Asian women and calling them Asian beauties in order to disgust people.

As time went on, ordinary people in Europe and America started having twisted standards of Asian beauty.

Mitch was a victim of such a distorted propaganda campaign to uglify Asia.

Thus, Mitch’s opinion was that all the girls in the Princess Alliance were extremely ugly.

He classified them as follows:

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Princess: one of the ugliest women in the entire universe.

Nangong Lin: one of the ugliest women on Earth.

Sachiel: a super ugly woman.

Mahou Shoujo Yunuen: a regular ugly woman.

Rakshasa: an ugly woman from Venus.


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