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A furious gust of wind scattered some leaves.

Yaeger had already cleaned out all the Magic Beasts here.

Only the remnants of battle remain.

“I’ll just leave it at that for the time being.

I should check on my harvest today now.” Yaeger put away her Berserk Thunder purple bow and looked forward.

She instantly disappeared before she even finished speaking.

In the next instant.

A pretty figure appeared approximately 20 meters away.

This was Yaeger.

“Beginner-level Flash really does feel like instant teleportation.

Regrettably, it’s not capable of teleporting me through obstacles.”

Flash also used a tremendous amount of mana.

However, it had a really short cooldown of only 15 seconds.

Once the cooldown was finished, Yaeger disappeared again and flashed to another nearby place.

“Not bad, not bad.

I can appear at any location that I want that’s within 30 meters.” Yaeger couldn’t help but smile.

Now that she had Beginner-level Flash, her ways of fighting could be even more varied.

What she wanted to do now was completely master Beginner-level Flash.

This required high-intensity training as well as a large amount of mana recovery potions to help her.

These two conditions were no problem at all for Yaeger.

Time passed.

After one hour, Yaeger had completely mastered Beginner-level Flash.

“I feel like my entire mouth is covered with the taste of medicine…” The price of her mastery was that she had to drink a large number of potions.

She felt like even her breathing contained the taste of mana recovery potions, which was so uncomfortable to bear.

She gazed into the distance and saw that the sun was setting.

“I think Yunuen should be about finished now” Yaeger sat down with her back against a tree and rested for a bit.

As she was bored, she opened the game forum to look at the latest news and discovered that many Newbie Villages in Linhnan Server were preparing to start the final quest.

Unlike the previous players that she forced, these players were much stronger.

“I think that many players will be arriving in Jade City tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure.”

Anything that Yaeger wanted to do in Jade City was difficult because of her negative favorability rating here.

Not only that, she had mysteriously gained three mortal enemies for no apparent reason, which would waste quite a bit of her time.

“I’ll have it a bit easier once Yunuen levels her apothecary sub-class to level 7.”

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Yaeger’s primary goal was to become stronger in the game right now.

Her improved strength here could be brought back to real life so that she could defend herself.

If possible, she naturally wanted to take revenge on certain people in real life.

Her second goal was to earn money.

Conspiring with NPCs… ptui, she meant collaborate to earn money!

No matter if it was in the real world or the game world, having money meant you would be the big boss.

“The key to making money is Yunuen.

Absolutely nothing must go wrong here.”

To Yaeger, the soon to arrive players were all dangerous beasts.

Even if those players were no threat at all to her, they were potentially a huge threat to Yunuen.

“It seems that I’ll have to strengthen Yunuen some more soon.”

Considering that she wasn’t capable of constantly staying by Yunuen’s side to protect her, Yaeger decided to spend some more effort to strengthen Yunuen again.

“Before that, I can’t let myself relax either.” Yaeger then stood up as her body emanated an almost invisible aura.

This aura miraculously took a form resembling numerous translucent tentacles.

“The mana consumption is rather huge.

No, the mental consumption is also significant.” Yaeger waved more than ten tentacles which instantly bound a tree behind her.

Yaeger issued a mental command and heard a loud sound.

This big tree, which was larger than one person could embrace, was snapped and then crushed into tiny pieces.

“The power is about the same as in the mental realm.

However, the consumption is greater.

I already feel somewhat tired after just a little bit.”

Yaeger instantly flashed away as shards flew everywhere behind her.

The ten or so tentacles instantly appeared on another tree and transformed into ten translucent hands that all made fists and simultaneously smashed into the tree.

This was a large tree that would be difficult for two people to wrap around and embrace, yet it cracked everywhere as the entire tree was sent flying.

“The speed is about the same as my punch.” Yaeger nodded in satisfaction as she took back her tentacles.

She was immediately hit by a sensation of mental fatigue.

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“If I attack with these tentacles at the same time that I punch, my attack power will definitely be doubled.”

Yaeger rested for a while before she continued waving her tentacles to increase her familiarity with them.

Another hour passed just like that.

Jade City appeared especially beautiful now that it was dusk.

However, Yaeger was in no mood to enjoy the scenery as she hurried back to town.

She soon arrived at the item store and immediately saw a girl collapsed on the ground when she entered.

This girl was twitching all over, her face was pale white, her wide open eyes were empty and numb, her eyelashes were trembling slightly, and her small mouth was shivering.

Of course, this girl was Yunuen.

“You’ve worked hard.” Yaeger walked over, crouched, and patted Yunuen on the head.

“P, Princess, I’ve lived up to your expectations and succeeded…” Yunuen blinked and spoke with barely any energy left.

“Yep, you’ve worked very hard.” Yaeger picked Yunuen up as she said this.

“Whoa…” Yunuen was really astonished by this.

When she realized what was going on, her pretty face immediately went bright red, and it seemed as if white smoke was pouring out from the top of her head.

“Can you stand” Yaeger asked Yunuen.

“Yeah…” Yunuen had already recovered some strength after laying on the floor like a corpse for a while.

Standing was no problem now, but since it was rare that Princess would carry her like this, she really wanted the embrace to last for a while longer.

Of course, this was just her heart’s desire which she knew to be extravagant and she would never say out loud.

Yaeger couldn’t read the atmosphere at all as she put Yunuen down.

Yunuen felt that it was such a pity.

“You should log off and rest first.

After you log on later, we can go shopping and then do quests together, what do you think” Yaeger patted Yunuen’s small head.

“Yeah!” Yunuen was so happy to hear this that she almost jumped up.

It was as if her body was instantly filled with strength again.

“That’s how it will be then.” Yaeger opened her interface and logged out of the game.

Both of them vanished into particles of light as the item store became quiet once more.

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The outside world.

Yaeger opened her eyes.

The room was dark since the sun had already set completely outside.

“My aura became stronger again.” Yaeger immediately sensed that her strength had increased a little when she returned to the real world.

Although it wasn’t by much, her overall combat strength was definitely a bit stronger than when she was previously sent flying by Elder Tian’s attack.

This was because she had improved her skills in addition to her level.

Only having good base stats with weak skills would be meaningless.

Additionally, Yaeger sensed that her thoughts had become a lot more agile.

She had a better understanding of her own abilities.

“It seems that this is an influence from increasing my Talent stat.” Yaeger understood what was going on after she thought about it.

The game’s Talent stat was the equivalent of one’s ability to learn in the real world.

The higher your Talent stat was, the easier it would be for you to learn.

Learning non-system skills in the game would be much faster for people with a high Talent stat.

“My current strength might be enough to easily kill a bull with a single light punch, but there’s still quite a bit of distance between me and a grandmaster.” Yaeger gently clenched her fist as her expression gradually became serious.

Elder Tian had given her a significant amount of pressure.

If she couldn’t possess combat strength sufficient to defeat Elder Tian, it would be impossible for her to protect herself in the real world.

No, she wanted to possess strength far surpassing that of Elder Tian’s.

Otherwise, how would she possibly face those terrifying unusual weapons in the future


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