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The peanut gallery looked at Yaeger with eyes full of admiration and in some of them, traces of pride occasionally flashed in their eyes.

This incomparably beautiful, world-famous fairy was starting in the same Newbie Village as them.

How could they not feel elated

You are all getting proud for nothing! Yaeger couldnt help but to roll her eyes in her heart when she saw those star-struck stares filled with admiration.

These guys had been spectating the entire drama unfolding right from the beginning but they didnt buy anything from her.

They were just ogling her!

As if they had overheard Yaegers thoughts, a 15 or 16 year old young girl walked out sheepishly from the crowd, pointed at the red potion on the ground and asked in a soft voice: “Sister Fairy, how much does this cost”

Who is your Sister Fairy!

Yaegers eyes twitched slightly but she still showed a professional smile: “A bottle of primary HP recovery potion, 100 gold coins.”

Hearing this price, almost everyone present thought the same thing: What a black-hearted woman!

Although they hadnt officially started playing the game, players from other Newbie Villages of Linhnan server had already posted a lot of game strategies and information about various items on the forum, including the prices of some equipment and props.

A bottle of primary HP recovery potion was only sold for one gold coin in the stores but for whatever reason, Yaeger raised the price for the potions she sold by over 100 times!

One must know, a gold coin in the game was equivalent to 1 RMB in reality.

That was to say, this potion costs 100 RMB! She would gain a net profit of 99 RMB!

What a windfall!

Nangong Lin was also browsing the game forum after receiving a cold shoulder from Yaeger.

Naturally, she knew the appropriate prices of items in the game.

Even as a capitalist, she couldnt help but feel that Yaeger was really black-hearted!

Rakshasa didnt react much and cleverly stayed by Yaegers side.

She glanced at Yaeger from time to time with a fascinated look in her eyes.

The girl was merely surprised when she heard the price.

Her family was middle class.

Her monthly allowance was five to six thousand RMB so it was nothing for her to buy a bottle of potion for 100 RMB.

However, her purpose was not to buy potions but to get closer to Yaeger.

“Sister Fairy, if I buy 10 bottles, can I shake your hand” The girl asked with an embarrassed look on her face.

Yaeger blinked her eyes and immediately understood what was going on.

This is a fan! My very own fan!

Rakshasa suddenly raised her head to look at the girl and her eyes flashed with displeasure.

Nangong Lin had a sudden flash of insight and everything was clear as day.

It turned out that this could work too!

Yaeger slightly creased her appealing brows.

She was not like those celebrities who made a living with their smile, and she was completely uninterested in the economic situations of her fans.

Just as Yaeger was about to say something in return, another girl jumped out: “If I get to shake your hand by buying 10 bottles, I want to buy 30 bottles!”

“I want to buy 100 bottles!” A young man in his 20s popped out with his face full of excitement.

Purchasing a piece of equipment for 30,000 RMB which didnt even bring any tangible benefit was not worth it.

It especially applied to those who had bad economic circumstances.

However, if one could get to hold Yaegers hand on buying 10 bottles, that in itself was a great deal!

More and more people on the sidelines who had money began to get restless.

Kitty Rabbit licked her lips, wondering if she spent more money, would she receive more benefits

Yaeger massaged her already hurting forehead.

Previously you lot watched me perform without even spending a penny, now you still want to take advantage of me!

“Get lost!”

She set up a street stall here to do legitimate business, not fan service.

In principle, it was still okay to shake hands with girls, but a bunch of big perverted men also want to shake hands with her, no way!

Seeing Yaeger displeased, everyone immediately became clear-headed and shrunk back into the crowd.

They had seen Yaegers overbearing power and they didnt want to face her wrath.

The girl gave these people a vicious glance.

She almost got to shake hands with Princess but these people destroyed her only opportunity.

How hateful!

The audience in the live broadcasting room began praising with madness.

Princess was really different from other vulgar avatars.

She really deserves to be the worlds finest Princess!

Yaeger didnt even know that she had gained another wave of favorable opinions for no reason.

At this time, another group of players appeared in the Resurrection Square.

Among them, there was a figure Yaeger knew.

It was Wenzel who had completed his imprisonment in the white space.

Wenzel looked around viciously but failed to find the target he was looking for.

After that, he sent a message on the public message channel by spending 100 gold coins: If you see this message, gather at the Resurrection Square at once!

Many people saw this message with a baffling expression.

However, among the onlookers, a dozen of players expressions immediately changed after viewing this message.


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