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Flower City, inside an extravagant office.

Wild Arrogance took out a can of knockoff Sprite from 1982 and opened it with a can opener.

The bubbling sound of soda immediately came from the can.

He poured half a can of soda each into two champagne flutes and then handed one wineglass to S.K.Y.

“Cheers to our friendship.” Wild raised his wineglass and smiled.

He didn’t say anything like “happy to work with you,” as that would seem like he was really distant from S.K.Y.

“Cheers to our friendship,” S.K.Y.

smiled faintly as he clinked his wineglass against Wild’s.

He then started tasting the imitation Sprite from 1982.

The stimulation from the liquid entering the throat was quite comfortable.

The sweet and thick taste was the highest-level type of enjoyment possible.

“As expected of copycat Sprite from 1982,” S.K.Y.

declared in satisfaction with his eyes closed.

“It’s good that you like it,” Wild answered calmly as he sipped on some imitation Sprite.

In China, people had drunk enough cans of imitation Sprite from 1982 to circle the entire Earth.

However, 99.99% of all the imitation Sprite were fake products.

Only a few hundred thousand cans of imitation Sprite from 1982 had been produced, after all.

Wild had spent a significant amount of money on this can of knockoff Sprite at an auction.

He even had a professional appraisal certificate for it.

Bringing out this can of soda to treat S.K.Y.

with, was the best evidence of his sincerity.

“S.K.Y., when do you think the best timing is for us to attack Princess” Wild wasn’t the type who liked to waste time on pleasantries.

He would always get directly to the point at hand.


put down his wineglass, adjusted his gold-rimmed eyeglasses, and slowly said, “Princess is already level 23, and her equipment is excellent.

She also has the protection of a Divine Equipment.

It’s incredibly risky for us to try attacking her with our current power level.

My opinion is that we should wait and patiently develop ourselves for some time and raise our levels and get higher-level equipment before we slowly deal with her.”

“Yes, that’s a really safe plan, but the problem is that while we’re leveling, Princess will be leveling as well.

Besides, who knows if she will slaughter us all like what she did back at Newbie Village 101” Wild was rather worried.

The massacre at Newbie Village 101 was far too famous.

Not only did Chinese players know of it, but even many foreign players had also learned about it.

Princess’ nickname of being the black-hearted princess was even more well known.

Everyone knew now that Princess was a terrifying demon who was wicked down to the bones.


shook his head.

“All the players in the Newbie Villages of Linhnan Server add up to several hundred thousand.

Princess is just one person.

It’s not possible for her to attack us like that, unless she doesn’t want to level or do quests and only focuses on killing us every day.

Even if several hundred thousand pigs stand there without doing anything, it will still take a really long time to kill them, not to mention that we’re living players who know how to move.

Additionally, players can revive.

Do you think that she’ll really camp at the Resurrection Plaza for 24 hours a day just to kill us She’ll die of exhaustion first.”

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Wild nodded.

“What you say makes sense.

Jade City is no Newbie Village.

The NPCs there are much stronger, and they’re as countless as the stars.

She’ll probably be jailed for life if she dares to kill anyone in the city!”


To tell you the truth, my Limitless Guild sent a level 10 player to Jade City this morning to gather information,” S.K.Y.

told him.

“Oh.” Wild’s expression changed slightly when he heard this.

Although there were many more level 10 players now, they were still quite few in comparison to the overall number of players.

Sending a level 10 player out to gather information without even finishing the final quest of Newbie Village would definitely cause some losses to the guild’s overall strength, and it was also highly likely that the final quest’s ranking would be affected.


was so willing to give up all that! Did he not want purple equipment anymore


smiled slightly as he saw through what Wild was thinking.

“Merely sending out a level 10 player won’t affect my guild’s strength too much.

I believe you should know already, but our Newbie Village 101 has more green equipment and high-level players than any other Newbie Village in Linhnan Server, no, than in all of China’s Newbie Villages!”

Wild’s right eyebrow couldn’t help but arch up when he heard this.

He suddenly recalled how Princess had set up shop selling equipment in the Resurrection Plaza.

“Where did she get so much equipment from”

“Nobody knows.

The only thing I know is that the equipment she sold will help us to get stronger quicker, and our strength will kill her sooner or later!” S.K.Y.

declared in a dark tone as an icy expression flashed in his eyes.

“I never expected that Newbie Village 101, which everyone thought was the worst and most hellish Newbie Village of all, would now be the strongest Newbie Village in all of China.” Wild was even somewhat envious.

“My next goal is to headhunt these players and tie them all together into a solid force that will deal with Princess, so that she can feel what it’s like to have shot herself in the foot!”

After S.K.Y.

failed to make an alliance the second time in Newbie Village 101, he made up his mind that he would secretly headhunt all the high-level members in Crystal Heart and Laughing at the Sky’s respective guilds.

“Regrettably, my sponsor isn’t willing to give me the money to headhunt people with,” S.K.Y.

gently sighed.

“If it’s money, I can support you with all my strength.” Wild was a smart person who obviously understood what S.K.Y.


“As expected of Young Master Wild, you’re so generous, unlike my sponsor who’s so hesitant as well as stingy!” S.K.Y.

immediately broke out into a huge smile.

“However, I have a condition.” Wild took another sip of imitation Sprite from 1982.

“I’m willing to discuss any condition you have.”

“I don’t want much, just one orange equipment box.

As for the Divine Equipment, that can go to whoever has their own lucky opportunity.

How about it”

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“Not a problem!” S.K.Y.

immediately agreed.

Such a condition wasn’t asking for too much at all.

Wild was supporting S.K.Y.

with both his money and his guild, so of course S.K.Y.

would have to give him something in return.

Wild nodded in satisfaction and then added, “S.K.Y., to tell you the truth, before you came to see me, Vanessa Yang came to see me as well for the sake of an alliance.

Do you still remember Vanessa”


blinked as he thought of a girl who had long hair dyed in five or six different colors, always wore revealing clothing, and loved to disco dance.

This was Vanessa Yang, the flower of the Death of Love family!

Vanessa was also a rich second generation from an extremely wealthy family.


had such an expression of despair back in the day when he learned of Wild and Vanessa’s family backgrounds.

He felt as if he was a bronze player mixed up with a group of challenger players.

He felt that he was really pitiful.

“You didn’t agree to her alliance proposal”

“I rejected her.

However, I’ve already allied with you now, so I think it will be troublesome if I don’t bring her into our alliance.” Wild smiled wryly.

Back in the day, Wild was the young master of the Death of Love family.

All the members of the Death of Love family were his companions, so of course he would treat them well.

Not to mention, Vanessa’s guild was the Death of Flower guild, which was the strongest guild in Sea Pearl City.

“Does she have some grudge against Princess” S.K.Y.

asked with some confusion.

“No, but Vanessa has her eyes on Princess’ purple bow and wants to steal it for herself.

However, she wanted to ally with me because Princess is far too strong.” Wild spoke slowly as he tapped the table with his fingers.

“I see.

As long as she’s willing to support us with her strength, it’s fine to add her in as well.” S.K.Y.

mulled it over for a bit and soon nodded in agreement.

Although he also really wanted Princess’ [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder], no, he wanted to take everything belonging to Princess for himself, he knew that wouldn’t be possible.

The three major guilds Limitless, Death of Love, and Death of Flower were going to establish an alliance.

They needed to determine who would receive what first, as otherwise, a fight would definitely break out among them afterward.


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