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The white-haired goons heart trembled when he saw Vincent smiling so evilly.

“Does that Princess have any family” Vincent suddenly asked as he stopped smiling.


Its as if she suddenly appeared out of thin air.

We arent able to find any information about her,” the white-haired goon answered as he regained his senses.

The Small Sword Group had a significant following in Roc City.

Although their ability to gather information couldnt compare to the special agents, they wouldnt be much worse at it.

No, in fact, the Small Sword Group would be even stronger than the special agents in various areas.

For instance, it wasnt that hard for the Small Sword Group to install people loyal to them into certain organizations.

“What about Yaeger” Vincent didnt show any surprise as he kept asking.

“He has no relatives at all in Roc City.

I went to the shoe store he previously worked at to ask around, and the store manager said that he was an orphan,” answered the white-haired goon.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, hes such a star of misfortune!” Vincent was no longer able to remain calm.

“Does Yaeger have any friends then”

“He does have one, but Wenzel already sent him to dig mines in Africa.” The white-haired goon suddenly recalled the man who had schemed to harm Yaeger.

Perhaps he was already dead.

“He only has one friend” Vincent arched his eyebrow in displeasure.

“Yes, thats right.” “He doesnt have a girlfriend” “Nope.”

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, hes so handsome yet he actually doesnt have a girlfriend; could he be gay!” Vincent exclaimed in displeasure.

This Yaeger had no relatives, no friends, and not even a girlfriend.

This meant there was no bait to use, so how were they supposed to fish him up!

Vincent suddenly discovered that Yaeger actually had no weaknesses!

“I heard from that shoe store manager that apparently Yaeger grew up in a certain orphanage in Swan Citys Xiaoya Bay.

Perhaps hes returned to that place.

Brother Vincent, should we…” the white-haired goon was interrupted before he could finish speaking.

“Swan City is the Green Dragon Gangs territory.

Feel free to cause trouble there if you want to die.” Vincent sat up straight.

“Besides, do you think that someone with a huge debt would be foolish enough to hide at their own home to escape their debt”

The white-haired goon fell silent.

“As for Yaeger, pay close attention to catching him, because my instinct tells me that he definitely hasnt left Roc City.” Vincent narrowed his eyes.

The most dangerous place would often also be the safest place.

“I suspect that hes already hiding in the inner part of Roc City.”

“Ill arrange to have some extra people come to the inner city then,” said the white-haired goon.

“Vincent, set that mans matter aside for the time being.

Our mission is to take Princess head back to complete our mission,” Mitch suddenly spoke up.

“I know.

But, the problem is that this Princess also has no weaknesses.”Could she be an orphan as well Vincent couldnt help but think to himself.

“No weaknesses Hahaha, naive, naive, Vincent, youre too naive!”

Mitch suddenly stood up and tapped the ground with his left foot before standing with his left foot on top of his right foot.

He was standing straight with his right hand supporting his waist, and all five fingers on his left hand wide open while running through his hair as he looked at Vincent with head raised.

Currently, Mitch seemed like a tall statue in a rather wondrous pose that made the white-haired goons eyes twitch continuously.

“What do you mean” Vincents expression was normal.

It was evident that he was already used to Mitchs behavior.

“She has no friends or relatives in the real world, but that doesnt mean its the same for the game world!” Mitch continued to maintain his strange pose as he spoke.

“Indeed, she has a guild in the game!” Vincents eyes flashed as he recalled some information about Princess.

“Um, Brother Vincent, theyre only friends in the game, so its not possible…” the white-haired goon was interrupted yet again.


Vincent suddenly stood up as he made a pose while shouting loudly.

He tilted his body towards the left and leaned backwards slightly while placing his right hand on the left part of his stomach.

He opened all the fingers on his left hand and placed his thumb and index finger on his forehead while turning his face to look at the white-haired goon with a sidelong glance.

“The times are changing, yet your knowledge is still at the same level as before.

As the rising star of San Francisco, its my responsibility to teach you properly!”

The white-haired goon was really stunned.

Forget about Mitch, why was even Vincent acting in such a mysterious manner Was this how popular culture was abroad

He felt like he really was behind the times now.

“Nowadays, young Chinese people often have contact with the outside world, especially European, American, and Japanese culture.

Its quite easy for their values to be affected, and many peoples ways of thinking are becoming naive.

Do you know what type of strange creature they are”

Vincent continued to speak while maintaining his strange pose.

“I think it means a hypocritical double standard that likes to praise other cultures.” The white-haired goon furrowed his eyebrows, as he had very little interest in this topic and didnt know much about it.

“Thats right.

This type of strange creature can be found in countless numbers on Chinas current internet,” Vincent added.

“Brother Vincent, what do you mean” The white-haired goon was utterly confused as he listened.

“What do you think, whats the success rate of forcing Princess to appear if we capture her companions” Vincent didnt answer the goon and instead changed the topic.

“Probably less than 5%.” The white-haired goon actually gave a number that was higher than what he really thought.

To be honest, he personally felt that the success rate would be less than 1%.

Who would possibly risk their life for the sake of a friend in a game

“Youre wrong.

Its at least 50%.” Vincent smiled.

“Humans are limited in what they can mentally withstand.

As long as we constantly pressure Princess, we can break her sooner or later!”

“Brother Vincent, what do you mean” The white-haired goon felt as if he wasnt smart enough.

Why was Vincent so difficult to understand

“Well kidnap Princess companions and force her to come out.

If she doesnt come out for one minute, then well cut off a finger or slice her companion somewhere on the body, and also transmit some murky images in the game to stimulate her.

Itll be her fault that her friends are tortured to death.

Do you think that Princess will be able to withstand such psychological pressure Even if she can barely manage to withstand it, we simply need to target her online and cause the self-righteous violent netizens to constantly pressure her.

Do you think that Princess will really be able to take it Fine, even in the worst-case scenario, lets pretend that she has the heart of a monster and refuses to show up even in the end.

Do we lose anything Not at all! So, do we even need to think about doing this”

The white-haired goon felt his head going numb and his body becoming chilly after he finished listening to all of this.

He admitted that he was a scumbag already, but he had never viewed a human life, or several human lives, as being so worthless before.

However, Vincent viewed human lives as being even lower than that of ant lives.

Not only that, Vincent and Mitch even dared to commit murder in China!

As expected of elites from abroad and rising stars from San Francisco!

A strange light flashed in the white-haired goons eyes.

His heart was filled with idolization as he suddenly gained a dream.

He wanted to become a rising star just like Vincent!

“Just as Vincent said, it doesnt affect us if we do it, so why not” Mitch continued to maintain his strange pose, which made the white-haired goons eyes twitch even more.

‘Arent the two of you tired at all

“Ill go to the forums and doxx Princess guilds information right now!” The white-haired goon exclaimed.

“Hurry it up.

We arent able to stay in China for very long.”

Vincent also maintained his strange pose as he spoke.

The white-haired goon left the room.

Only then did Vincent and Mitch finally sit back down.

Inside the game.

Yaeger followed vice guild master Chris to the guilds basement.

The basement contained the guilds treasury.

Normal people wouldnt be able to enter.

However, Yaeger had become the guilds #1 ranked bronze adventurer, so she had the right to enter and choose a piece of equipment for herself.


Chris activated a magic array which caused the metal door to slowly open.


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