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Yaeger opened her eyes slightly when she glanced at her interface’s system messages.

There were at least two thousand new messages there.

“I see.

They’re all major personages who have their attention on me.

This [Sara], could she be the archmage Sara from the empire’s magic academy”

Yaeger skimmed through the messages and found that this was all basically because she had become the #1 ranked bronze adventurer.

As for whether all this attention was good or bad, she didn’t know.

“At any rate, I need to be more on guard against Yasa and Zamas in the future.”

Yaeger now had three mortal enemies despite having entered Jade City less than one day ago, which made her rather depressed.

Not only that, two of her mortal enemies hated her for no apparent reason.

She had only met with Zamas for a few minutes, and they exchanged only a few sentences, yet Zamas suddenly became her mortal enemy.

She hadn’t even met the real Yasa yet.

All she did was defeat his mental spirit, and he became her mortal enemy.

“There are so many grudges against me that it’s suffocating.

Well, who cares, I’ll just kill whoever comes for me, no matter how many there are.” Yaeger closed her interface and exited the trial room and the Tower of Trials.

“Congratulations…” Vice guild master Chris started speaking when he saw Yaeger emerge, but she interrupted him.

“Vice Guild Master, I want the reward for the Bronze Trial.”

Chris’ mouth twitched when he heard this.

Were young people these days always so direct


“Not a problem, it’s what you deserve.” Chris recovered from his shock and nodded as he turned and stepped forward with his slender and beautiful legs while walking towards the guild building.

Yaeger followed closely after him.

When both of them disappeared, the spectating adventurers had finished with their shock and watching the show, so they naturally dispersed as well.

Nine adventurers remained as they looked at the armored warrior who was wriggling around like a worm on the ground.

They all smiled wickedly.

Meanwhile, the armored warrior had an expression of despair, as it was time for his delicious meal to begin!

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Newbie Village 20.

“I’m level 10.” Mylene Tian successfully rose to level 10 at an amazing speed through the use of a large amount of human and physical resources.

“Princess, we’ll be able to meet each other soon.” Mylene had zero interest in the Newbie Village’s final quest.

She only had one objective – to get in contact with Princess and obtain her trust so that Princess would be willing to meet her in real life and accept her protection.

“Sigh, it’s so worrying.” Mylene’s shoulders drooped as she recalled the two terrible incidents by the Ability Management Bureau previously.

The first time, Xina had come into contact with Princess when Xina’s subordinate suddenly fired his gun at Princess.

Luckily, Princess had extraordinary strength and easily dealt with the dangerous situation.

However, that incident had already planted the seeds of distrust.

The second incident was when Mylene’s grandfather recklessly came into contact with Princess and injured her after attacking her.

The seeds of distrust were already sprouting then.

If the third attempt to contact Princess failed, the seeds of distrust would definitely bloom or even flower.

“At that time, Princess will probably never trust us again,” Mylene muttered in a low voice as her expression was filled with bitterness.

She patted her face with her small hands and took several deep breaths.

“I need to do my best!”

Mylene then flashed onto the teleportation formation.

She began to teleport in the very next instant as she suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Eh, where am I” Mylene saw a sea of flowers when the light around her dispersed.

She instantly became confused, as this place didn’t even slightly resemble the Jadeleaf Plaza that she had seen in pictures from players who were already in Jade City.

While Mylene was still confused, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her without any warning.

“Welcome to [Green Hill Paradise], my dear cute comrade.”

Someone spoke up in a numbingly alluring voice.

Mylene focused and saw a woman standing before her.

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Just like Mylene, the woman had a pair of fox ears and an incredibly beautiful appearance.

Her eyebrows exuded seductiveness as long black hair cascaded behind her like a waterfall.

She had a tall figure, was wearing extravagant eastern attire, and possessed voluptuous breasts.

Behind her were nine snow-white fox tails.

“A nine-tailed fox…” Mylene exclaimed in astonishment as she blinked.

“From today onwards, you are my family, my cutest younger sister, and the other master of this paradise.”

Before she even finished her words, this mysterious beautiful woman suddenly flashed over and hugged Mylene.

“L, let go, what are you trying to do!” Mylene was ambushed before she could understand what the nine-tailed fox meant, and she was so scared that she began to shout.

“My younger sister is so cute!” The mysterious woman ignored Mylene’s struggle and immediately started carrying her away.

“Save me!”

“My cute younger sister, I will definitely dote on you properly.” The mysterious woman smiled, but her incredibly seductive smile seemed just like a devil’s smile in Mylene’s eyes.

“Wahhh, Master, Brother, come save me!”

“Ding! You have activated the bloodline quest [Master of the Paradise].”

“I don’t want to do this whatever quest; I want to go to Jade City and meet Princess!”

Mylene could only shout while really wanting to cry.

In the outside world, inner Roc City, Tianyu Finance Limited Company.

“You still haven’t found her” Vincent sat on the sofa with one leg on top of the other.

He was rubbing his hands together impatiently.

“Vincent, it’s as if that Princess suddenly vanished completely…” A white-haired goon who wore colorful clothing was stuttering in fear as he spoke.

“I don’t want to hear words that waste my time.” Vincent stared at the goon as his expression gradually became dark and cold.

“Hurry and think of some way to find her!”

“Y, yes!” The white-haired goon trembled slightly as he answered immediately.

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“Where is Yaeger” Vincent leaned back slightly as he placed his hands on the sofa.

“Yaeger, Yaeger, there’s also no…”

“Useless trash! That Princess knows martial arts, so I can understand if you can’t find her, but that Yaeger is just a pretty face who can’t even win against a chicken, yet you guys actually can’t find him!”

Vincent’s expression instantly darkened.

His eyes widened so much that it seemed like the corners of his eyes would crack open.

“B, Brother Vincent, please give us some more time.

Tomorrow, we’ll definitely find him tomorrow!” The white-haired goon broke out into a cold sweat and his face was slightly pale as his body constantly trembled unstoppably.

“Vincent, this is really inefficient.” Suddenly, Mitch spoke up despite previously seeming as if he was invisible.

“Mitch, do you have any ideas” Vincent relaxed his expression.

He could be vicious to his subordinates all he wanted, but he acted really respectfully towards this internal energy grandmaster.

In the underground world, whoever was stronger would always be in the right.

“Have you ever fished before” Mitch asked him.

“Yeah,” Vincent answered honestly, although he had no idea why Mitch would ask him such a thing.

“Fishing requires bait,” Mitch stated.

“…” Vincent’s eyes twitched.

‘Are you joking with me!’

“We don’t need to intentionally search for her.

It’s fine as long as we catch some bait that can lure her out,” Mitch added.

Vincent’s eyes instantly flashed as his mouth arched upwards into a vicious smile.


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