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The mental realm distorted as the scene suddenly changed again.

“A sky battlefield…” Yaeger looked all around her and saw that she was in the clouds.

She was stepping on a clear glass-like ground.

When she looked down, she saw deep blue that resembled the sea.

Step step!

Yaeger forcefully stomped on the floor several times and made clear crunching sounds.

She then moved her feet away to discover that the floor was completely undamaged.

Evidently, this floor wasn’t made from glass.

“It’s quite sturdy.

As expected of the bronze rank #1.

Even the combat arena is so high level.”

Right after she said this, a figure flashed into existence in front of Yaeger.

This person seemed to be about 17-18 years old.

He had a handsome face, short blonde hair, was about 1.8 meters tall, and wasn’t fat at all.

The muscles showing under his pitch-black armor had nice curves.

He held a three-foot-long sword and had a dark and chilly look in his sharp gaze.

“Kahn, it’s you again” Yaeger felt that this person looked really familiar and was about 40-50% similar to Kahn in appearance.

“Oh, sorry, I made a mistake, you’re not Kahn.” She then immediately saw that the name [Yasa] was above the mental spirit’s head.

Still, even if this person wasn’t Kahn, Yaeger figured that Yasa was likely related to Kahn by blood.

Was this Yasa someone from the Sword Clan

Yaeger tilted her head slightly as she muttered, “Or perhaps he’s Kahn’s illegitimate child.”

She then suddenly shook her head.

Kahn wasn’t even 30 years old yet, so how could he possibly have a son who was 17-18 years old Although this alternate world didn’t have an age limit on marriage, it was still too ridiculous to get married that early.

Not only that, a boy who was only 10 years old or so wouldn’t have the ability to have children yet.

“Carefully thinking it over, I think I heard the name Yasa before…” Yaeger furrowed her dainty eyebrows, but could only remember some really hazy things.

The Jade Empire had countless NPCs, and Yaeger didn’t have a photographic memory, so it was naturally impossible for her to remember every NPC.

Still, she had somewhat of an impression of every famous NPC.

“It seems like you’re not anyone famous,” Yaeger stated calmly as she looked at Yasa.

Yasa didn’t react at all.

He didn’t even move, as if he was waiting for something.


A gust of wind blew past.

The wind at this high altitude was rather strong, so it caused Yaeger’s black hair to begin to flow everywhere.

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Yasa’s eyes flashed with a chilly light at this moment.

Yaeger then suddenly noticed that a black shadow had appeared before her.

A sword aimed straight for her head before she could even react!


The next instant, Yaeger was sliced into two and was deader than dead!

Just kidding.

Not far away, an incredibly beautiful girl was standing proudly as she glanced at the several strands of silky black hair in midair with a slightly serious expression.

“Pretty amazing.

He actually managed to cut my hair.” Her’s pupils dilated as she opened her cherry lips slightly to make a sonorous sound with her voice.

Of course, this was Yaeger.

Yasa’s expression didn’t change as he watched the afterimage rapidly disappear after being sliced in two.

He simply put away his sword and turned to look at Yaeger.

Yaeger’s mouth suddenly showed a dark and cold smile when they exchanged glances.

Right after that, the power of wind displayed itself in a violent manner.

With just a shing, Yaeger suddenly disappeared.


A figure suddenly appeared like a phantom in front of Yasa.

The green fist flashed with a golden glow as it struck Yasa in the stomach with the force of a heavy cannon shot.

The tremendous power caused Yasa to contort his body like a cooked shrimp.

His eyes suddenly bulged and his mouth widened to the point where his chin was about to hit the ground.

If this was the real Yasa, he would surely have screamed in incomparable pain at this time.

“A girl’s hair is as important as her life!” Yaeger stated icily.

Before she even finished speaking, Yasa’s figure immediately left the ground as a circular wavelength appeared behind him and started spreading everywhere.

After that…

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Yasa shot forward like an arrow that had just been released.

Yaeger took back her fist and ran at high speed after him, followed by a jump.

Yasa felt his vision darkening.

He looked above him to see a pair of shoes aiming straight at his face.


There was a tremendous sound from the sky arena, which even violently shook several times.

“Is my precious hair something that a piece of trash like you can cut!”

Yaeger stomped hard several times on Yasa, who was now laying on the ground.

Blood flew everywhere, as if it didn’t even cost any money.

It could be seen that she was truly angry.

30 seconds later, Yasa disappeared into particles of light.

“Phew, such an annoying person.” Yaeger gently sighed while she adjusted her silky hair with her pretty hand.

Suddenly, her hand stiffened: “Wait a moment, I’m a boy, so my hair’s importance isn’t that much… Bah, who cares, my body and skin is a gift from my parents.

Harming them is equivalent to harming your parents! And those who harm your parents need to be executed!”

Yaeger seemed a bit unnatural as she clenched her fist.

At this moment…

“Ding! Congratulations to you for passing the [Bronze Trial] with complete perfection.

You have now become the unmistakable #1 rank of bronze.

You have obtained the nickname [Bronze Princess].

Reward: Base stats.

Permanently gain 20 to Mentality, 10 to Wisdom, and 10 to Talent.”

The system’s voice spoke up.

Yaeger had a disgusted look when she heard the name [Bronze Princess].

She thought to herself, ‘Sister System, are you coming up with the names for your titles randomly Can’t you get a better name And what the hell is the Bronze Princess!’

However, Yaeger’s mouth arched upwards greatly and her eyes became crescent moons with how much she was smiling.

“Haha, Sister System, you really do love me after all!

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Yaeger opened the interface to see that the base stats had already changed.

Basic stats:

Strength 137

Endurance: 142

Dexterity: 210

Intelligence: 123

Mentality: 138

Talent: 96

“A mage’s intelligence, a mount’s endurance, and warrior’s strength… Yeah, these stats seem a little ridiculous.”

Yaeger closed the interface, blinked for a while, and muttered to herself.


Suddenly, the entire arena shattered to reveal several major cracks.

The arena seemed like it would collapse completely at any moment.

No wait, this space would also collapse with it.

Yaeger closed her eyes in a seemingly uncaring manner.

When she opened her eyes again, all that she could see was white.

“Phew, that’s a bit tiring.” The magic glowing light from the spell formation dissipated.

Yaeger stretched lazily and immediately felt fatigued.

She had just fought 100 battles consecutively.

Even though the mental realm would restore her mental spirit after each battle, it was still impossible to get rid of the accumulated fatigue.

“Next is…” She stood up and glanced at the Door of Trials.

Right when she was about to say something, the system’s voice spoke up first.”

“Ding! Alicia’s interest in you has increased by 5,000 points.

Her favorability rating towards you has increased by 3,000 points.”

“Ding! Zamas’ favorability rating towards you has decreased by 5,000 points.

“Ding! Chris’ interest in you has increased by 10,000 points.”

“Ding! Kastina’s favorability rating towards you has increased by 10,000 points.

“Ding! Lili’s interest in you has increased by 20,000 points.”

“Ding! Kahn’s favorability rating towards you has increased by 2,000 points.”

“Ding! Sara’s interest in you has increased by 20,000 points.”

“Ding! Yasa’s favorability rating towards you has decreased by 20,000 points.

Your relationship has become mortal enemies.”

“Ding! …”

“So noisy!” Yaeger opened her interface and turned off system notifications, which instantly quietened her world.

“Forget about the first and seventh princesses, what’s with the others Especially that Yasa, did I kill his entire family!”


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