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The opponent had flowing blonde hair, a rough appearance, and grayish-black plate armor that made his already sturdy body appear even sturdier.

He held a greatsword in one hand as he walked over with steady steps.


That’s right, this person was the guard captain who had mysteriously started holding a grudge against Yaeger – Zamas.

Yaeger instantly recognized him since the mental spirit was so similar to him in appearance.

“With your appearance, you look at least 28 years old, you know”

Zamas didn’t reply as he suddenly charged with incredible speed.

Dust was kicked up in his trail.

“You’re just like a wild bull.” Yaeger smiled calmly as she gently waved her right hand, causing the purple bow [Berserk Thunder] to flash into her hand.

It wasn’t that she had a high opinion of Zamas that she was using a bow, but rather she had gotten bored of using her fists, so she wanted to change her method of attack.

Of course, it would have been even better if she had a sword, but unfortunately, she had yet to obtain a purple sword.

“[Whirlwind Slash]!” Zamas instantly came right up to Yaeger and suddenly twirled his body, slicing at her waist with his greatsword.

This slash contained the power of his charge and flashed with a red light.

It was as fast as a tornado, and seemed like it would cut Yaeger in half through the waist!

“Dream on.” Yaeger had already anticipated his movements before Zamas charged over, so she was prepared beforehand as she tapped the ground and flew backwards.


Zamas’ Whirlwind Slash finally showed its true power at this time.

He spun at a high speed and transformed into a human tornado that attacked Yaeger.

Yaeger didn’t slow down at all when she witnessed the flashing red tornado come at her.

She instantly used [Phantom Step] and activated her wings of wind, causing her speed to rapidly increase as she vanished like a phantom from her opponent’s attack range.

Right after that, the entire sky was covered in a storm of arrows.

Whoosh! The arrows could be heard whistling through the air.

Zamas was unable to dodge as he was still twirling his swords, so he was shot through with many arrows like a porcupine.

This wasn’t the end.

Wave after waves of arrows kept coming at him.

Thwack! Thud!

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Suddenly, purple lightning furiously flashed as an electric current flowed.

The attack rapidly expanded like a whirlpool before it finally formed into a gigantic purple windstorm that covered everything.

At this moment, it seemed like even the sky had become purple.

Yaeger didn’t pay attention to the changes on the battlefield.

She simultaneously activated [Rapid Attack] and [Precision Shot] to raise her attack speed and critical rate.

The second wave of attacks explosively came as if there wasn’t any need for money.

Lightning exploded as the entire battlefield instantly transformed into a purple thunder pool where purple lightning and wind furiously devoured everything.

“Phew.” Yaeger took back her purple bow after her explosive attacks.

“This is the consequence of treating me as an enemy for no good reason”

Even though they were only a mental spirit, she still wanted to viciously kill anyone who antagonized her!

The light dissipated, showing that Zamas was deader than dead before as he dissolved into particles of dust.

The scene changed as the mental power Yaeger used was instantly recovered.

Her next opponent was a mage.

This was Yaeger’s favorite type of opponent, as she could get close enough for melee combat and deliver a beating that would end things fast.

There were no weaklings in the top nine bronze ranks.

Beating them was slightly troublesome, but Yaeger still soon arrived at the top three.

The bronze rank #3 person was a little girl of about 11-12 years old.

She had blonde twin-tails and a really cute appearance.

Yaeger recognized this person.

She was [Lili] of the royal knights.

Lili was highly popular with the players, especially the otakus.

Unlike her cute appearance, Lili was really irascible and famous for having a terrible temper.

Seeing her chilly expression and how she wielded dual axes made it obvious that she wasn’t someone you wanted to antagonize.

“In my past life, enough otakus died under her axes to circle all around Jade City.” Yaeger thought of something amusing that caused her mouth to arch upwards as she smiled alluringly.

Unfortunately, mental spirits wouldn’t appreciate her beauty.

Lili tapped the ground with her feet as her slender body shot forward with two giant axes.

Her speed was much faster than Zamas’ speed.

She instantly reached Yaeger’s side.

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However, when she prepared to attack, she found that she was unable to move her body.

Lili focused and finally realized that countless invisible tentacles had bound her without her realizing it.

“I’m not someone who will go easy on girls.” Yaeger smiled and tugged Lili over to her side before suddenly punching with a heavy fist that landed many times in rapid succession like a torrential downpour on Lili’s body.

It seemed as if a machine gun had suddenly been turned on.

Finally, there was a sound resembling a siege weapon hitting a castle gate.

A petite body was shot up all the way into the clouds.

“Besides, who would show mercy to a mental spirit” As she said this, Yaeger took out her purple bow and shot furiously in Lili’s direction.

Soon, Lili vanished into white particles of light.

The scene changed again as the next opponent flashed before her.

“Eh This child looks really similar to Kahn.” The bronze rank #2 was a youth of about 12-13 years old.

He looked really similar to the changed Kahn in Broken Leaf City.

“It really is Kahn.” Yaeger looked at the top of his head, where she saw the word [Kahn].

“The talent that’s rarely seen once in a hundred years in the Sword Clan is only rank #2 in bronze.

Just how ridiculous is the rank #1 person”

Yaeger couldn’t help but become curious.

Going back in time, in Jade City’s inner district, central garden, before the rankings.

Numerous nobles were all stunned as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

That Princess had actually achieved rank #92 already! And, she did it in an incredibly short period of time!

“M, monster…”

“She’s truly a monster!”

“The word genius is referring to people like her, right” A young man was supporting his forehead with a despairing expression.

Compared to a genius like her, he felt as if he was just a piece of trash!

“…” Yasa stared at the Young Hero Ranking with a pale expression and dilated pupils.

His eyelashes kept trembling, he tightly clenched his fists, and there was a bulging vein on his forehead.

A violent killing intent rose up within him.

‘This damned girl!’

When the servant next to Yasa saw his expression, he immediately glanced at the Young Hero Ranking, where Princess was rank 92 and Yasa was rank 91.

The servant then instantly understood.

His master was jealous.

Not only that, Yasa was also worried.

He was worried that this girl from who knows where would suddenly surpass him!

As Yasa was the new talent of the Sword Clan who had recently appeared, as one of the Jade Empire’s new generation talent, how would others view him if he was suddenly surpassed by someone unknown

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‘I’m going to kill you if you dare to surpass me!’ Yasa viciously exclaimed in his mind.

Inside the mental realm.

Yaeger looked at the young Kahn and instantly felt a sharp aura from all over his body.

He seemed just like an excellent sword that had been unsheathed and was showing its blade!

“No wonder people schemed against you.

It’s your own fault for not knowing how to hide your own power.” Yaeger gently shook her head.

Since Kahn was showing off his power already at such a young age, it was only natural that others would become jealous of him.

Kahn didn’t reply.

He simply unsheathed his sword with a movement that was neither fast nor slow, but he gave off a strange sense of pressure.

It was as if he had unsheathed some sword energy capable of piercing through the heavens, rather than unsheathing a mere sword.

“My sword has always been undefeatable.” Kahn pointed his sword in her direction and spoke without any emotion.

The next instant, he saw a black figure flashing towards him.


Yaeger instantly arrived and sent him flying with a punch.

She then immediately dashed and caught his foot, followed by turning around at high speed and smashing him into the ground.

The scene from Broken Leaf City reenacted itself here.

Finally, Yaeger ended the battle with an explosive kick in midair.

“Who gave you the courage to act cool in front of me”

Yaeger played with her silky smooth black long hair and arched her head backward as she watched Kahn dissipate into particles of light.


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