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“This is so terrifying!”

“My gods! She reached 99th rank in just a few minutes!”

“Is there some problem with the Bronze Trial”

“Tsk tsk tsk, her speed can be compared to [Yasa]’s speed; he’s the new genius of the current generation from the Sword Clan!”

“Even though this girl has an appearance that makes me hate her, you can’t underestimate her power level!”

“Who said before that Princess wouldn’t be able to beat the challenge successfully Come out for your beating!”

Everyone fell silent for a moment as several people lowered their reddened faces.

If it was possible, they would have really wanted to secretly leave this place.

“Wahhh!” A strange sound suddenly came from the ground.

Everyone glanced over to see a warrior who was bound all over by rope and had a cloth gag in his mouth.

This was the armored warrior who claimed he would eat three tons of **** if he lost the gamble.

When Princess emerged from the Tower of Trials, it would be time for him to begin his delicious meal.

“Heavens!” Someone suddenly exclaimed in astonishment.

Everyone stopped looking at the armored warrior and focused on the person who shouted.

They soon learned why he had shouted.


Princess’ ranking had increased yet again while they were busy being astonished.

She was now 98th.

It was right in front of everyone’s eyes!


“Is she human!”

“Something must be wrong with my eyes!”


“Even Yasa can’t compare!”

All the adventurers’ chins dropped in incredible astonishment.

Vice guild master Chris watched the Young Hero Ranking as something flashed in his eyes.

“She’s such an inconceivable child.”

Many people in the Jadeleaf Plaza were now watching the rankings there.

Although they didn’t know who Princess was, someone who could increase by three ranks in such a short time definitely wouldn’t be simple and would be worthy of their attention.

Inner city district, central garden.

Many people were also watching the rankings here, but these were nobles, rather than ordinary people.

Of course, nobles were also people, so their looks of astonishment were no different from the common folk’s.

The rankings instantly changed yet again.

Princess was now rank #97.

“Sss! Which family is she the daughter of She’s so amazing!”

“I don’t know, but some major noble must have raised this genius!”

“I believe so as well.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s been a year and a half since I last saw the rankings change so quickly.”

“Are you talking about the genius Yasa from the Sword Clan”

“Who else could I be talking about Back at that time, we waited outside the Tower of Trials to watch the new joke of the Sword Clan, but we received a vicious slap in the face!”

“Ever since that genius Kahn was gotten rid of, the Sword Clan finally has a genius youth again after more than ten years.

It’s not easy for them.”

“Haha, it’s still unknown whether the talent will come to fruition.

It would be funny if the genius dies early halfway along the way,” someone said in a strange tone.

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“Shh! The Sword Clan is coming!” Someone hurriedly patted his companion on the shoulder when he saw people coming over and noticed the sword emblems on their clothing out of the corner of his eye.

The Sword Clan was the clan that protected the royal family as their sword.

They possessed status which surpassed that of ordinary nobles.

However, that was in the past.

When mentioning the Sword Clan now, people no longer had much respect, since the Sword Clan had become the shame of the Jade Empire a little over ten years ago.

“Did something happen with the rankings” A youth wearing extravagant clothing, seemed to be about 18-19 years old, had a handsome appearance, and a tall figure asked what was going on.

There was an icy look in his eyes.

He stood in a casual manner, with an exquisite sword at his waist, while there was the sword emblem of the Sword Clan pinned to his chest.

“Young Master Yasa, please wait a moment.” A youth wearing servant attire ran up to the rankings to see what was going on.

He returned not long after.

“Young Master Yasa, someone is going up the Young Hero Ranking, and that person is increasing in rank at a very rapid rate,” the servant youth explained.

“Oh, let’s go take a look.” Yasa’s expression changed slightly as a flash of curiosity appeared in his eyes.

Hasa Hotel.

“Master, Princess has already reached #96 on the Young Hero Ranking.” The petite maid kneeled on one knee and spoke in a soft voice as she held a communication gem in her hand, which glowed a faint yellow.

“#96 Not bad, as expected of my Child of Destiny.” First Princess Alicia was laying on her side on the soft and large bed as she answered happily.

“No, wait, she’s now #95!” The petite maid was astonished when she received the latest news.

Alicia blinked upon hearing this, and then happily exclaimed, “Hahaha, she’s such a child filled with surprises.”

Currently, in the mental realm.

Yaeger was unstoppable as she viciously and speedily killed all of her opponents.

She didn’t want to waste too much time here.

Gradually, her enemies became stronger and stronger.

However, none of them could survive even a single attack from her!

Time passed quite quickly as she easily won against all her opponents.

Without even realizing it, Yaeger had reached the top ten of bronze rank.

“Useless, useless, useless, useless, you’re all so useless!” Yaeger’s fist exploded with afterimages as she instantly smashed the rank #10 holy knight into a pancake.

Her face was filled with disappointment.

The rank #10 of bronze was still so weak!

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The scene changed.

Yaeger instantly widened her eyes when she saw her rank #9 opponent.

She exclaimed with surprise, “It’s you!”


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