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—Inside the mental realm.

Yaeger kicked the rank #89 female ranger up into midair, turned and jumped, and used a powerful roundhouse kick against her.


A large pit appeared in the solid ground as dust and dirt flew everywhere.

“So weak.

The rank #89 is only at this extent” Yaeger landed gently on the ground with obvious dissatisfaction.

Although she had already mentally prepared herself, she was still rather disappointed.

In fact, she couldn’t even be bothered with using her purple bow anymore.

She simply crushed her opponents while empty-handed.

“We’re both rangers, but why is there such a large difference” Yaeger watched the dust dissipate from the pit as the female ranger vanished into particles of light.

“It’s probably because I’m too strong.

It’s already really hard for me to find an opponent on my level at bronze rank,” Yaeger remarked casually.

Right after she said this, the scene suddenly changed.

Yaeger arrived at an arena, where she was now facing the rank #88 holy knight.

“It’s so slow to fight them one at a time like this.

Can’t I just have them all come at me at once”

Yaeger gently shook her head while muttering to herself.

If the adventurers outside heard her saying this, they would surely be angered to the point of spitting up blood.

“[Holy Light Protection]! [Holy Light Hammer]!” The holy knight didn’t react at all to Yaeger’s words.

He was just a mental spirit who only had a combat mode, and he would immediately respond to a challenger by using his skills.

Yaeger didn’t try to dodge when she saw a giant golden energy hammer flying towards her.

Instead, she looked in front and clenched her fists in preparation for a counterattack.

However, when the golden energy hammer reached her attack range, that special sensation from before appeared again.

At this moment, Yaeger felt that her aura was like a spiderweb, while the golden hammer was like a butterfly that had entered the spiderweb.

She was at the center of the web and instantly understood the complete overall situation.

No, it might be a more apt description to continue describing her aura as being similar to tentacles, because her personal aura was now like an additional sense.

Without even needing to look at the golden hammer with her eyes, she could perfectly capture most of its information, including its approximate power.

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This mystical sensation extended in a radius around her for about five meters.

In this area, she had no blind spots at all.

“This feels a bit like a cultivator’s [Divine Sense].” The golden hammer was approaching and about to hit Yaeger, but she unhurriedly attacked as she talked and slapped away the hammer with the speed of lightning.

Meanwhile, the holy knight was charging furiously in her direction after he tossed out his energy hammer.

The real hammer in his hands was smashing right at her.

“In this area, I can capture every single movement that an opponent makes.

This is far more detailed than what I can see with my eyes, and the speed at which I receive the information is also much quicker.”

Yaeger moved slightly and dodged the holy knight’s vicious attack by the barest amount possible.

She then stepped forward, lowered her body, and punched with an iron fist.


The holy knight shot backward with the speed of a bullet due to the sudden punch.

There was even a whistling sound in midair from the speed at which he flew.

Before the holy knight could crash into the arena’s spectator stands, Yaeger suddenly flashed and instantly caught up to him.

She grabbed his hand and spun at high speed in midair before suddenly releasing his hand.

The holy knight seemed like a metal egg that was being shot in midair.

He crashed into the nearby spectator stands with a huge impact as shards and dust flew everywhere.

“In my domain, I can capture my opponent’s every movement, allowing me to understand everything with great precision and gain the initiative.”

Yaeger spread out her fingers, causing an aura that was difficult to perceive with the naked eye to instantly twirl around her fingers.

The aura then extended and actually did become something resembling multiple tentacles.

“I can give form to my aura, and it seems like it can even attack.”

As she said this, she reached the spectator stands.

At this time, the holy knight hadn’t managed to get up yet when he raised his head to see an almost imperceptible powerful punch land upon him.


A powerful force instantly exploded as the spectator stands collapsed and sent dust everywhere.

Yaeger tapped her feet on the ground and returned to the arena.

“My mental power has weakened significantly.” At this moment, her face was pale white and her body was trembling slightly.

It was evident that her attack just now had consumed much of her energy.

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“However, its power is quite something.

It’s as if I’m smashing down with a bulldozer from high above.” Yaeger nodded with satisfaction as she looked at the half-destroyed spectator stands.

She was currently in her mental spirit form, so she was using her mental power.

But in the outside world, she would be using mana.

It seemed likely that it would take up all of her mana to use this same skill at full force even once.

“It also takes a decent amount of mental power to maintain my domain.

Luckily, as long as I’m uninjured in battle, my mental status will be fully healed before the next battle begins in this place.

Otherwise, it would be incredibly difficult to fight all these opponents in succession.”

Yaeger clenched her fist and refocused.

She soon arrived at a new battlefield.

As Yaeger constantly challenged opponents in the Bronze Trial…

—Flower City, in the outside world.


appeared in a large office that was decorated extremely extravagantly.

He sat against a sofa while adjusting his gold-rimmed eyeglasses.

He had a calm expression, but an anxious look flashed in his eyes.

“Those two cowards make me so angry,” S.K.Y.

suddenly muttered to himself.

The two cowards he referred to were of course the players [Crystal Heart] and [Laughing at the Sky].

Originally, those two were his best choices to ally with as they were all from the same Newbie Village.

However, when those two learned about Yaeger’s latest situation, they instantly retreated due to being afraid, so the matter of allying with them failed just like that.

“Those cowards don’t deserve me spending even an ounce of effort to try and ally with them.”


had come to Flower City this time for only one reason.

He intended to ally with [Death of Love], the strongest guild in Flower City, in order to deal with Princess and steal everything that she possessed!

“I’ve made you wait long, S.K.Y.” The office door opened as a handsome youth of 1.8 meters tall walked in.

He was wearing casual attire and had a nice-looking face.

“Young Master Wild, long time no see.” S.K.Y.

hurriedly stood up when he saw the youth walking over swiftly.

“Sit, sit, sit.

What brings you here today” The handsome youth told him to sit down with a slight smile.

This youth’s name was Wild Arrogance.

Yes, that wild, and that arrogance.

People called him Young Master Wild.

He was the young master of the Arrogance Family, which was a major family in Flower City.

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“Young Master Wild, I came here to find you in order to discuss allying against Princess.”


adjusted his gold-rimmed eyeglasses, looked straight at the other party, and began with a direct approach.


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