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After everyone left the guild’s backyard, they reached a side courtyard where they first saw a five-story tower that was rather old but not dilapidated.

Next to the tower were four signs about two meters tall.

The signs were made of something resembling jade, and there was a faint glow flashing upon them.

When walking up close, it could be seen that there were many lists and names.

These were all ranking lists, from left to right: [Young Hero Ranking], [Hero Ranking], [Legend Ranking], [Myth Ranking].

[Young Hero Ranking] was restricted to those who were younger than 20 years old.

Only those of bronze, platinum, and green jade ranking could qualify for this ranking, and anyone who reached 20 years old would automatically be removed from the ranking.

This ranking list was limited to only the Jade Empire.


The [Hero Ranking] had no age limit, and those of black crystal and diamond ranking could qualify.

This ranking list was similarly limited to only the Jade Empire.

The [Legend Ranking] had no age limit.

Those of legend rank could qualify.

This ranking list was limited to the southern continent.

The [Myth Ranking] had no age limit.

Those of myth rank could qualify.

This ranking list was for the entire world.

These four ranking lists could be checked from the adventurers guild, Jadeleaf Plaza in the outer city district, or the central garden in the inner city district, as a convenient way for people to check or pay attention to the rankings at any time.

This tower was the famous adventurers guild’s [Tower of Trials.]

The tower contained five different trial level rooms: [Bronze Trial], [Platinum Trial], [Green Jade Trial], [Black Crystal Trial], and [Diamond Trial].

“Since you know about the Bronze Trial, I believe that you must already have an understanding of the Tower of Trials” Chris spoke up when he reached the front of the tower.

Yaeger nodded.

The trial’s contents were that she would have to enter a mental realm and fight one hundred bronze level mental spirits.

As long as she could defeat ten mental spirits, she would be ranked 90th in the Bronze Trial and she could pass the trial.

This seemed really simple, but it was actually quite difficult, since only those at the peak of bronze rank were capable of getting past mental spirits behind in the Bronze Trial.

Yaeger’s goal was to obtain purple equipment from the guild, so being ranked 90th was far too insufficient for her.

She needed to achieve at least the top ten in order to receive the reward, so that would obviously be more difficult.

“The Tower of Trials is free to challenge for each respective level on the first time, but if you fail and challenge it again later, there will be a fee according to the level.

Additionally, you can only challenge each level once per year.

If you have no questions, let’s begin,” Chris explained.

“Okay.” Yaeger nodded and immediately walked towards the Young Hero Ranking.

Before the challenge, each challenger would need to register their information, as it would be impossible to record their grade otherwise.

Yaeger registered her information.

Her name then appeared outside the ranking.

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In the tower, Yaeger entered the [Room of Trials], which was completely white inside, just like a blank white room that one might see in a game.

The difference was that this space was limited in space, so the room’s dimensions could easily be seen by the naked eye.

There was a complex runic magic formation on the ground.

Yaeger sat down in the center and closed her eyes.

Right after that, the magic formation glowed faint purple and filled the room.

Yaeger felt her vision going dark.

It seemed as if only a second had passed, but it also seemed as if an entire day and night had passed.

When she opened her eyes again, she was on a battlefield.

Clouds covered the sun as a furious gale blew around her.

She saw nothing but remnants of battles in this area.

Yaeger clenched her fist.

“I feel as if I just entered a game inside a game.”

She was now in the form of a mental spirit in this mental realm.

However, her senses were the same as in reality.


A figure suddenly appeared before her.

Yaeger glanced over and saw a buff young warrior charging at her with a sharp sword in his hand.

This was her first opponent, the warrior who was ranked #100.

“Let me witness just how powerful those at the peak of bronze rank are.”

Yaeger took out her purple bow as the desire to do battle welled up within her.

Meanwhile, outside the tower.

“Do you think that girl named Princess will be able to challenge the trial successfully” Someone suddenly asked from among the spectators.

“I think she’ll pass.”

“It’s hard to say.

You should know that anyone capable of leaving a mental spirit in the tower is someone who already succeeded at the challenge.

Not a single one of them will be weak.”

“Indeed, indeed.

Although Princess is pretty strong, it’s really difficult to win ten times in a row.”

“I agree.

Fighting in the mental realm has a great deal of consumption on your mental spirit whenever you’re injured.

Once your mind’s consumption has reached its limit, your mental spirit will be forcefully ejected from the trial.”

“I see.” A black iron rank adventurer nodded in half understanding.

“I bet ten gold coins that Princess will fail her challenge!” Someone shouted.

“Then I bet twenty gold coins!”

“I bet thirty!”


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Things became rowdy as some adventurers even began to gamble.

Chris ignored the commotion.

He kept watching the rankings while thinking about something unknown.

“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s so boring that you all only gamble gold coins.

How about we do something big If Princess wins her challenge, I’ll eat three tons of s̲h̲i̲t̲, and if Princess fails her challenge, all of you only need to give me three gold coins!”

A warrior who wore gray plate armor, had a sturdy and wild appearance, and seemed to be about 25-26 was shouting loudly.

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot.

“What, are all of you cowards!” The armored warrior shouted disdainfully.

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Most people here were of the opinion that Princess would fail her challenge.

Who would gamble with him with those conditions Did he really think that others were idiots

“You’re all useless.” The armored warrior smiled condescendingly.

Upon hearing this, and seeing how his expression really deserved a beating, several adventurers immediately became enraged.

“Fine, I’ll bet with you!

“I will as well!”


Nine people instantly agreed to gamble with the warrior.

The armored warrior laughed in his mind when he saw this.

He felt that people were such idiots these days, and that they had fallen for his scheme without much work or taunting needed on his part!

“Alright, you better not go back on your word!”

With everyone as witnesses, a rather ridiculous gamble was established.

Also, this gamble ended rather quickly.


A white light flashed on the [Young Hero Ranking].

The next moment, the original rank #100’s name was changed out.

Vice guild master Chris’ eyes instantly flickered as he had constantly been focusing on the rankings.

He muttered to himself, “She defeated ten bronze opponents after less than three minutes inside.

Her potential is far greater than I imagined.

Interesting, interesting.”

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An adventurer with particularly good hearing heard Chris’ words, so his eyebrows immediately jumped as he turned to look at the rankings.

As Chris had said, he saw that the rank #100’s name had already changed.

The current rank #100 was now Princess.

“Sss! That girl has already succeeded in her challenge!”

Everyone was confused when they heard this.

Was this adventurer being an idiot

Princess had entered less than three minutes ago.

Did this adventurer think that she was a divine child to have defeated ten bronze opponents in such a short time Had this adventurer gone crazy

However, someone looked at where the adventurer was looking.

That person’s pupils suddenly dilated as he couldn’t help but shout, “Heavens, it’s for real! She’s already on the ranking!”

“For real…” Another person looked over with doubt, but then his eyes instantly widened as his chin almost hit the ground.

Soon, more and more people’s eyes widened and their chins fell.

They really couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

However, these were the facts.

There was no way to fake the ranking result.

The armored warrior who had shouted about eating three tons of s̲h̲i̲t̲ felt a chill coming from his feet as he looked at the name on the ranking list.

The chill reached all the way to his brain as he felt like he was stuffed in an icy cave and his body trembled all over.

Meanwhile, the nine adventurers who gambled with him were all smiling evilly while looking over at him with wicked intentions.


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