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A green light flashed as twenty miniature beams of light shot out in all directions at the speed of lightning.

Yaeger focused her attention as her expression instantly became more serious.

These beams of light were giving off really weak energy auras, but their speed was ridiculous.

The next instant, the spectators witnessed Yaeger stepping forward with her left foot and trying to dodge.

But at this moment, twenty beams of light had already arrived, making it impossible for her to dodge.


The beams of light pierced through Yaeger’s body and fell to the ground, shattering into particles of light that then disappeared.

However, the ground remained undamaged.

“She didn’t dodge successfully even once.

Isn’t this just a terrible result” Someone chuckled.

“Yeah… wait, that was just an afterimage!” Someone looked in front and saw that the figure who was just pierced by the beams of light was actually disappearing.

Meanwhile, the real Yaeger appeared at the corner of the arena with a calm expression and hands behind her back.

Everyone simultaneously inhaled a cold breath when they witnessed this.

This girl was actually so fast that she could create afterimages!

Coco’s expression changed massively in the meanwhile.

She had made things difficult so that Yaeger would be unprepared, but Yaeger dodged the attacks so easily, which was the equivalent of a furious slap on Coco’s face.

At the same time, Coco saw that Yaeger’s speed was quite ridiculous, so Coco focused fully on controlling the floating balls with all her power.

The floating balls became quicker and quicker due to Coco’s powerful mental support.

They flew at phantom speed in midair while preparing the next wave of attacks.

“This seems rather boring,” Yaeger murmured to herself in a soft voice.

Thanks to the first wave of attacks, she now had a good understanding of the floating balls’ maximum speed.

Even now, the floating balls were only about 10% faster than before.

This attack speed was pitifully slow to Yaeger.

When the floating balls attacked, Yaeger lightly tapped the ground with her feet and flashed away like a wind spirit.

Only then did the floating balls’ attacks slowly arrive and explode against the image that she left behind.

Coco was stunned to see this.

She finally understood that Yaeger’s speed wasn’t just a little ridiculous.

Her speed was incredibly ridiculous! It far surpassed the average level of a ranger’s speed!

The spectators also noticed this as well.

When they saw Yaeger dodge for the second time, they obviously understood that this ranger’s speed was terrifyingly fast!

The trainee adventurers in the distance were all like stunned chickens.

They typically trained here and could occasionally see platinum adventurers training, but they had never seen such terrifying speed before!

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She was so fast that she even had afterimages!

“Damn it!” Coco viciously gnashed her teeth.

She looked at Yaeger with eyes that seemed like they were about to spit fire.

As if the floating balls in midair were responding to her emotions, their movements became more furious as their movements changed.

Even their attack tempo was different from earlier.

Unfortunately, Yaeger still easily dodged the attacks in a carefree manner, as if she was possessed by the Wind Goddess herself.

Everyone was stunned as they watched Yaeger move around like a wind spirit.

They were truly astonished.

This girl was truly alluring!

Due to the influence of Yaeger’s favorability rating, they loathed Yaeger, but at this moment, they were also deeply attracted by Yaeger.

On the stage, one side was dodging casually, while the other side was gritting her teeth while sending out attacks.

Just like this, ten rounds passed.

However, Coco still didn’t stop attacking.

On the arena stage, beams of light kept shooting everywhere as the girl danced.

Soon, Yaeger finished dodging the floating balls’ attacks without injury for twenty times.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

However, everyone had forgotten to count how many attacks she had dodged already.

Everyone was entranced by her exquisite dodging that seemed like dance moves.


The floating balls made some strange sounds as they all began to emit white smoke before they all fell out of midair.

“That’s it” Yaeger stopped with an obviously dissatisfied expression.

Even though she hadn’t been very interested in this speed test at the beginning, as she kept dodging the attacks, she suddenly sensed that she was becoming more and more sensitive to the aura around herself.

It was as if her own aura had transformed into countless tentacles that spread in all directions to gradually form something akin to her personal domain.

It was a truly wondrous sensation.

Unfortunately, the floating balls had all died off before she could understand this power.

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“Does this count as me passing” Yaeger looked down from above at Coco while she spoke with no emotion.

Below her, Coco was feeling a splitting headache, her face was pale white, her eyes were red and bloodshot, and a vein was bulging on her forehead.

This was an aftereffect of using too much mental energy.

After she recovered for a few moments, Coco nodded and answered in a low voice, “You pass.”

“In that case, can we begin the third test” Yaeger asked.

“Ha, sure.” Coco suddenly revealed a vicious smile when she heard this.

“The third test shall be me personally testing your overall power level!”

Right after she said this, she leaped up and landed on the arena with a heavy thud.

She immediately turned to look at Yaeger, and it seemed as if her eyes contained burning flames of destruction.

‘This damned beautiful girl! She’s so beautiful that even the heavens would be jealous! I’m going to tear apart her incredibly beautiful face with my own hands! I’m going to break every bone in that perfect and flawless body of hers! Ahhhhh, all women prettier than I deserve to die!’

Coco was roaring in her mind as her strength flowed from within her.

All her muscles were tightly wound, while veins were bulging like venomous worms inside her.

“She’s finished, this girl is truly finished!”

“Yeah, Coco’s power level is almost at the platinum level.

She absolutely won’t be able to win.

No, she’ll be taught a vicious lesson!”

“Such a pitiful child.”

“What great potential she had.

She’s going to be cut down before she gets a chance to grow!”

The spectators below the stage were sighing and feeling pity.

In their opinion, while Yaeger did have astonishing speed and strength, her overall power level wouldn’t compare to Coco’s, since the latter was at the peak of bronze rank.

Coco was a warrior who possessed many [Martial Skills], and her explosive power could be maintained for a long period of time.

Yaeger was a ranger, who would have strong survival skills.

However, rangers were quite ordinary in single combat, and this arena had a limited area, which was highly disadvantageous for rangers, who would excel at long-range combat.

The adventurers felt like they could guess the victor in a real fight even if they only thought with their toes.

“Bring out your weapon, ranger!” Coco unsheathed the sword at her waist and pointed it at Yaeger.

A vicious look flashed through Coco’s eyes.

“I don’t even need a weapon to deal with you.”

Yaeger rubbed her hands and cracked her knuckles, instantly causing a clear popping sound.

“Have you ever tasted a Swayze punch”


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