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“Is this a mistaken impression I feel like my special ability has become slightly stronger.”

Newbie Village 20, resurrection plaza.

A girl stood where she was as she muttered to herself.

A white light slightly flashed on her body as crackling sounds came from midair.

She had snow-white long hair, a petite body, and cool mage equipment on her body.

She also had a furry white tail on her behind and two fox ears on her head.

This girl appeared to be only 12-13 years old, but her actual age was 18.

This was Mylene Tian.

“Two more levels until I can enter the main city.” She clenched her small fist and stared in front of her with her beautiful eyes.

A strange light flashed through her dim golden pupils.

Mylene had used a large amount of physical and human resources along with a powerful bloodline in order to reach level 8 already.

Normally, even with the [Power of Money], it should have been highly difficult to level to level 8 within just a few hours.

However, Yaegers actions in Newbie Village 101 had given inspiration to many other players, which increased the [Power of Money].

As the saying went, money makes the world go round.

I needed lots of experience to keep leveling Not a problem, Ill pay someone to grind all the monsters to level 10.

High level monsters had high HP and were difficult to kill Not a problem, Ill overwhelm them by paying others to use the power of numbers.

My equipment was bad Not a problem, just buy buy buy!

I had bad luck… This truly couldnt be helped.

Thanks to Yaegers Newbie Village walkthrough, many people saved a significant amount of exploration time and immediately activated the system quests.

They invested their resources and immediately began to quest.

Several Newbie Villages were already almost about to challenge the final quest of beating the Wind Wolf King.

“Princess is truly amazing.” After experiencing the game for herself, Mylene couldnt help but exclaim that this beautiful girl, who didnt even seem human with her beauty, seemed as if she was cheating.

“Little girl, are you by yourself” A voice suddenly spoke up from behind her.

Mylene turned around and tilted her head slightly, causing her snow-white long hair to cascade behind her and reveal her cute and exquisite face.

“Im not by myself,” she responded coldly in a tone that kept others at a great distance.

“Haha, its alright.

Its fine as long as youre by yourself right now.

Are you interested in playing with this uncle I have candy for you!” This person was a fat man with a wretched appearance who seemed to be around 30 years old.

Currently, he was staring at Mylene with a lustful expression in his eyes as he licked his lips with his rough tongue.

This child was really cute! He wanted to take her home!

Mylene instantly had an expression of disgust as she gently raised her right hand.

“I think that you dont know how to spell the word death.”

She used Princess catchphrase and then snapped her fingers.

More than one hundred warriors immediately charged over to the resurrection plaza and delivered a vicious beating to this man, causing his screams to keep echoing.

Mylene put her hands behind her back and stepped out slowly from the resurrection plaza while showing her cute little feet.

Suddenly, she had an expectant and somewhat anxious look.

“I wonder how the orphanage is, and if Brother is still there”

Mylene was lost in thought as she recalled the sickly little boy who still often stood in front of and defended her, not allowing other children to bully her.

Even though ten years had passed by now, she recalled everything as clearly as if it had happened only yesterday.

Ten years ago, Mylene was taken by the Tian Family in Beijing.

At the age of eleven, Mylene caught the eye of Lisa Black, who was only a teenage girl herself at the time.

Lisa took Mylene to the Kunlun Mountains for a life of cultivation that was almost completely cut off from the outside world.

Six years passed before Mylene returned to the outside world again.

Not long after joining the Ability Management Department, Lisa gave Mylene the job of team leader and Mylene became incredibly busy.

Now, she had returned to Linhnan after ten years because of this mission regarding Princess.

The memories deep inside her finally re-emerged after all this time.

For any normal person, memories from ten years ago would become hazy or incomplete as that person grew up.

However, Mylene was no ordinary person.

Her past memories were still incredibly clear.

“Brother was really good-looking when he was little.

I wonder how handsome hes become by now, and he probably already has a girlfriend…”

Mylene couldnt help but worry as she thought of this.

“Team leader, theres a problem in the outside world.” At this moment, a warrior player walked over to her, bowed slightly, and whispered to her.

“What problem” Mylene blinked her watery eyes in confusion.

“Consultant Tian found Princess in real life…”

“Isnt this a good thing Besides, since he found Princess, why didnt he notify me right away” Mylene exclaimed in displeasure.

This was a mission that the higher-ups had directly given to her, and no mistakes could be permitted.

But, with the way that the others worked, sigh, it was difficult to describe in one sentence.

‘It seems that Im still not authoritative enough as team leader, Mylene thought to herself.

“I dont know why either,” answered the warrior player.

“Forget it, Ill log off and go meet Princess.” Mylene opened the game interface and prepared to log off.

“Um, team leader, theres no need to log off, Princess disappeared more than two hours ago!” The warrior player hurriedly stopped her.

“What!” Mylene stopped with a look of confusion.

“Its like this.

I heard that Consultant Tian…”

After hearing the story from the warrior player, Mylenes expression gradually distorted as her eyebrows trembled.

She almost wanted to shout out loud, “Youre making your own granddaughter suffer here!”

Jade City, in the wilderness.

“I, I cant go on.

Grandma, I can see my dead grandma waving at me from across the river…”

Yunuen laid on the grass with a pale expression and listless eyes.

Her body was shaking slightly, and her slightly white lips were uttering some mysterious words.

She had just completed the apothecarys level four quest, which was to collect five hundred samples of the [One-horned Vicious Rabbit]s blood.

This quest was quite simple.

All that she needed to do was kill 500 Magic Beasts and collect their blood.

However, this was quite difficult for a healer.

Yaeger had intentionally held back and barely attacked during the quest so that she could raise Yunuen into a combat healer through this trial.

Actually, healers had plenty of attack skills.

It was just that most healer players preferred to support, so very few of them would choose attacking playstyles.

Yunuen was now level 16.

She was far stronger than before.

Yep, in many different ways.

“Alright, were done resting, so lets go do the level 5 quest.” Yaeger clapped her hands and exclaimed in delight.

“Wah… Princess, let me rest a little more, I cant go on anymore…” Yunuen trembled even more when she heard this.

“Yunuen, you should know that heaven favors the hard-working…”

Yaeger prattled on for a bit and then added, “Im doing this for your own good.

Every bit of hard work you do today will repay you in the future by ten, even a hundred times.

Thats why you shouldnt be afraid of hard work.”

In the [Princess Alliance], no matter if it was game status or real life status, Yunuen was the lowest among them all.

Now that Yaeger was being targeted by many different factions, the members of her guild would naturally attract the various factions attention as well.

Nangong, Sachiel, and Rakshasa had powerful backgrounds, so there wasnt much need to worry a lot about them, but Yunuen was different.

Yaeger had to make Yunuen become stronger as quickly as possible, otherwise…

“Yunuen, I wont always be by your side.

If you dont want to become stronger, then leave our guild.

I dont want to be a burden on you.”

Yaeger spoke in a meaningful tone.

Staying in the guild meant that Yunuen would share both joy and bitterness with her, and bear with the pressure and danger from all sides.

“I, I want to become stronger!” Yunuen felt as if someone had viciously punched her in the heart when she heard this, to the point where her nerves were tearing.

She immediately jumped up off the ground and shouted loudly.

Leaving the guild meant leaving Princess.

She didnt want that at all.

“Very good.

Lets go do the level 5 quest now, then.” Yaeger smiled slightly while dragging Yunuen away by the hand.

“Wait, wait, Princess, rest a little, because Ill die!”


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