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Yaeger immediately received several dozen messages when she logged on.

The messages were all from Sachiel and Nangong.

Each message was more panicked than the next.

Yaeger opened the guild interface and entered the guild chat room.

Princess: “Im back.” Nangong: “Princess! Are you alright!” Sachiel: “Princess, are you okay!” Rakshasa: [Meow meow meow] 1 Yunuen: “What happened” Princess: “Its okay.

Everything is fine, dont worry.”

Nangong: “Princess, its so dangerous outside, so you should come live at my home.” Sachiel: “My home is also quite safe.” Rakshasa: [Princess, Princess, you met with danger!] Yunuen: “What, what Did something big happen while I wasnt around” Princess: “Its nothing.

Thanks for your concern, but its not convenient for me to show myself for the time being.

Rakshasa, has anything strange happened at your home”

Rakshasa: [What strange things Princess, are you really alright] Nangong: “Wah, what a pity.” Sachiel: “Auntie, you…” Yunuen: “I think I understand, fine, I have no idea whats going on!” Princess: “Its good that nothing strange has happened.

You guys should continue doing your quests.

I still have something else to deal with.”

After sending this message, Yaeger left the chat room.

Rakshasa: [Fox… whoops, Nangong, what exactly happened to Princess] Yunuen: “Curious.” Nangong: “I! Whatever, this big sister wont stoop down to your level today.

Not long ago, an old man…”

After Nangongs explanation.

Rakshasa: [Im going to send him flying!] Yunuen: “Agreed!”

The girls united against a common enemy and felt as if they wanted to exit the game and return to reality right now to make a mess at the Ability Management Department.

After Yaeger learned that Rakshasa didnt have any problems, she no longer paid any attention to the chat room.

Instead, she went to a small restaurant and sat down by the window as she browsed the latest messages on the forum.

Although the restaurant owner didnt like Yaeger, he still happily went to prepare food after seeing shiny gold coins.

The commoners here were really practical.

The person paying money would be God.

What was a favorability rating Was that enough to feed you

It wasnt.

Only making money to support oneself was the correct path.

Yaeger soon received her food and drink.

She sipped on some fruit juice as she read a certain topic.

[Will pay 100,000,000 to purchase a Divine Equipment!]

100,000,000 was obviously an eye-catching number.

Plus, there were the words Divine Equipment in the topic, so it would naturally become a hot topic.

More importantly, this person was really willing to spread their money.

Anyone who bumped the topic would receive 50 gold coins, so it naturally reached the very top.

“You want to buy a Divine Equipment with a mere 100,000,000” Yaeger felt disdain.

If this was just an ordinary game, she would be quite tempted, but the problem was that ordinary games Divine Equipment wouldnt be that valuable.

Thus, this hypothetical wouldnt even be considered.

“You wont get what you want.” Yaeger gently chuckled, but then realized that something was off.

“Someone is already willing to pay 100,000,000 for a Divine Equipment despite the server being open for such a short time They must be trying to fish for me”

In Yaegers opinion, only the higher-ups of the five major countries knew some secrets about the game currently.

The other countries would mostly only hear a few things down the grapevine and try to figure things out on their own.

Although Yaeger didnt know what faction this rich person was from, trying to fish her out was nothing more than a big joke.

Yaeger closed the topic and searched for other hot topics.

[Astonishing! American warriors invaded a citizens home and actually did such a humiliating thing to a girl!]

The topics were always made with clickbait.

Yaeger opened the topic and began to frown before she even read two sentences.

“Why does this topic read like it was machine translated”

She then immediately checked the original topics link and instantly understood.

This was a topic that was translated from the Okinawa server.

The price in the game for reading the forum as a guest across servers was 500 gold coins an hour for the same country, and 1000 gold coins an hour for different countries.

To summarize this topic: a group of American soldiers invaded a citizens home and forcibly took a girl away for unknown reasons.

Yaeger couldnt help but think of a certain person after she read this topic.

A closed beta tester from Okinawa server – Honda Yu.

“Could it be that she was captured” Yaeger used her slender white fingers to rub her smooth and flawless chin.

“Yeah, theres at least a 90% chance it was her.

Closed beta testers would be the first target of suspicion, after all.

With the Okinawa American armys style, its not strange at all that they would do such a thing.”

“Go ahead and waste your time.

After you finish checking all the closed beta players, there are still countless open beta players for you to check.” Yaeger commented lazily as she sipped some more fruit juice.

She closed this topic and began to browse hot topics about the Newbie Villages.

Soon, Yaeger noticed that there were far more level 10 players than this morning.

She couldnt help but exclaim that the [Power of Money] was truly strong!

However, the majority of level 10 players had yet to leave the Newbie Villages.

This was because people had already left and then discovered that it was extremely difficult to return.

Besides, the final quest rewarded you with a purple equipment at the minimum.

Nobody was willing to leave until after they killed the Wind Wolf King!

“Haha, a wise decision.

Ill give you guys a small present after you come to Jade City.”

Yaeger smiled as she left the restaurant.

Yunuen left the item store and lazily stretched under the sunlight.

She felt as if all the bones in her body were about to come apart.

The four hours of hard work she put in made her completely exhausted.

Even now, she felt like her back and bones were really sore.

Being an apothecary was actually a physically demanding job Yunuen couldnt help but think this.

“Yunuen.” She suddenly heard a pleasing voice and turned to see that it was indeed Princess who smiled and walked towards her.

Yaegers smile was filled with thick love.

(Rakshasa: Yunuen, hurry and run!)

“Its getting late.

How about I take you to do quests”

Her voice was also so gentle that it sounded alluring.

However, Yunuen currently had a pale expression as she trembled all over.

She really wanted to shout out loud, “Mommy, I want to go home!”


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