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At a certain shoe store.

Employee: “Manager, this is bad, several pairs of shoes are missing!” Manager: “What Did someone steal them” Employee: “No, theres money where the shoes were…” Manager: “Whoa! Such a strange thing”

The manager hurriedly checked the surveillance camera, but all he saw was a black shadow flashing past as the shoes on the shelf suddenly disappeared.

The nearby employee in the video didnt even notice anything.

The manager slowed the video by ten times but was still unable to see clearly what the black shadow was.

He instantly felt his head going numb and chills running down the spine.

Still, when he thought about how that unknown thing which might be a human or ghost had left money behind, his panic gradually started to calm down.

No matter what that thing had been, it was fine as long as it paid money.

Otherwise, the manager would be the one paying for the stores losses at the end of the months accounting!

At a certain clothing store.

Employee: “Manager, several sets of underwear and dresses are missing, but…”

At a certain sports clothing store.

Employee: “Manager, several sets of sports attire are missing, along with two sports bags, but…”

At a certain convenience store.

Employee: “Manager, some cans of food, bottles of water, tape, and other such items have disappeared, but…”

At a certain store…

Employee: “Manager…”

Roc City, on the top level of a certain store that was currently pre-opening.

A certain girl casually placed a bunch of bags large and small on the store floor.

She then played with her silky smooth black hair and exposed her beautiful face.

Of course, this was Yaeger.

“This place wont be opening until next month.

Nobody will be coming here for the time being, so I suppose I can live here for a little while.”

She had found this place by searching on Baidu.

After she finished her shopping spree, she had immediately come here to take over the large set of rooms on the top floor of this building.

Yaeger locked the door and immediately used some clear tape to seal the windows.

This had no defensive use at all.

It was simply to slightly stall for time.

This way, even if someone broke the windows to enter, it would take them some time to get rid of the tape.

That would give Yaeger time to exit the game.

As for the main door, she installed three new locks, which would make it somewhat difficult to break the door down and enter.

After dealing with these minor matters, Yaeger sat down on a brand-new picnic cloth and opened up a bottle of mineral water.

She sipped some water as she glanced at everything that was on the ground.

The items included clothing, shoes, bags, food, and miscellaneous items.

She had taken them from various stores.

Of course, she paid for everything according to the sticker price.

“Only one pair of womens shoes fit me.

The mens shoes are more suitable for me to wear.” After Yaeger tried the shoes, she then turned to look at the womens clothing.

“Although my body is now pure and flawless with a fragrant scent, people will still think that I stink if Im always seen wearing the same one set of clothing.”

‘I didnt purchase these clothes because I wanted a new image, Yaeger thought to herself.

After some organizing, Yaeger gently sighed as she glanced at the game equipment on the picnic cloth.

She had now been offline for more than an hour.

She had been in too much of a hurry to escape, so she hadnt said anything to Nangong and Sachiel.

It was likely that they were really worried.

“Ill log on in a bit and explain things to them.” Yaeger then laid down and looked at the ceiling while planning about the future.

The entire world suspected that she possessed a Divine Equipment now.

Even if the Ability Management Department didnt come for her, foreign agents and ability users would be constantly on her trail, as if they were hunting dogs.

It would be incredibly dangerous to show her female self in public if she wasnt strong enough.

Meanwhile, her male self was actually a much safer identity.

Wenzel was dead now, and everyone hated [Princess], so it was likely that the goons wouldnt care about him.

“My male body is really more suitable for things in the future.

Still, my female body is safer, since I can run away if I cant win a fight.”

Yaeger muttered to herself with a hesitant expression.

Of course she wanted to change back to her male body.

However, she was becoming female even without wanting to, so she would naturally take advantage of her female body.

Besides, she didnt have very many times that she could transform.

Every transformation would get her closer to permanent transformation, so she had to transform sparingly.

“Ill temporarily hide in my female body for the time being.

Once the commotion is over, Ill think of a way to return to my male body.”

Currently, Yaeger still hadnt mastered how to transform back to her male body, so even if she wanted to change back immediately, that would be impossible.

Thus, she might as well properly use the powerful combat strength of her female body in order to ensure her own safety.

“Anyways, I wonder how Rakshasa is doing…” Yaeger only knew that Rakshasa had a deep background, but not how deep.

She could only hope that Rakshasas background was more powerful than the higher-ups of the Ability Management Department.

Otherwise, Rakshasa would have some amount of trouble.

The second Divine Equipment didnt have any data or name publicized, so people could only guess at the owner.

“Forget it, Ill just log on and ask her directly.”


Roc City, Tianyu Finance Company.

Mitch and Vincent were sitting on a sofa.

Mitch had his eyes closed as he rested, while Vincent was listening to his subordinates describe in detail about what happened on that day.

“That damned woman!” Vincents face immediately became distorted after he finished listening.

He made cracking sounds with his hands.

Although Wenzel and him indeed had a poor relationship, no matter what, Wenzel was still one of his few blood relatives and his only younger brother.

The grudge of killing a blood relative exceeded anything else!

Mitch opened his eyes slightly before closing them again, expressing a lack of interest.

He was here to kill Princess.

He had no interest in Vincents private affairs.

“Vincent, theres something that I dont know how to deal with…” A goon with dyed gray hair stopped before finishing his sentence.

“Hurry and say it!” Vincent said with displeasure.

“Y, yes! Vincent, its actually like this.

Last night, Sister Red called us to tell us to hurry and capture someone…”

The gray-haired goon explained about Yaeger and then added: “Sister Red said that shes willing to double the price, but we must bring Yaeger to Hong Kong within one month.”

“Youre saying that little brat is worth 16,000,000!” Vincent was incredibly astonished.

Just how handsome could this Yaeger be to be worth so much money

“Yes, Vincent.

Here is Yaegers picture.”

When Vincent took the picture and looked at it, his eyes immediately started twitching severely as he shouted emotionally, “F̲u̲c̲k̲, hes so ridiculously handsome! This wont do, I absolutely must kill him!”

“Vincent, hes worth 16,000,000 alive!” The gray-haired goon hurriedly spoke up.

Vincent took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

“Ill spare his life for the sake of the money.

Regardless, hell be toyed to death sooner or later since Sister Red has her eyes on him.

Arrange for more people to search for him and capture him as quickly as possible!”

Dorado, America, at a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mira tightly furrowed her eyebrows as she looked over the report in her hands.

“Its not in Leons possession, or in Podophes possession, or in Honda Yus possession.

Could it really be in Russia or China”

Mira then suddenly glanced at the ceiling and commented, “Or perhaps the second Divine Equipments owner is actually [Princess].”

Mira then immediately shook her head and smiled wryly after saying this.

That would be impossible!


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