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20 minutes prior.

Outside world, in Roc City.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Xina hung up the phone with a faint happy expression on her face.

She returned to the reception room from the veranda and glanced at Elder Tian who was sitting on the sofa.

“Elder Tian, we found [Princess]!”

The phone call just now had come from the agents.

Just as Yaeger had expected, the agents obtained a lot of information from the goons she beat up and soon locked on to her location.

If Yaeger had been by herself, it naturally would have been difficult to locate her, but she also had Sachiel with her.

It was quite simple to determine where the two of them had gone by checking the surveillance cameras near the clock towers plaza.

“Very good.

Well go to meet her soon.” Elder Tian smiled slightly as a sharp light flashed through his eyes.

He had a lot of interest in this young master of internal energy ever since he watched the video of [Princess] fighting.

Back in the day, he had been young and brilliant as well.

“Should we call Mylene to come as well” Xina inquired.

“No need.

She carried out too many missions recently, so we might as well let her have some rest and relaxation.” Elder Tian stood up and released a sharp aura that seemed like a sword that had just left its scabbard.

Inside the game.

Yaeger returned to Jade City and saw Yunuen collapsed on the ground while half dead.

Yaeger couldnt help but feel a twinge in her heart at the sight of the pitiful girl.

Yaeger consoled her a little and then had her log off and go eat some food.

According to the original plan, Yaeger was supposed to achieve level 20 while Yunuen raised her subclass to level 4, followed by Yaeger immediately taking Yunen to do class quests followed by grinding monsters for one or two hours.

“Plans can never keep up with change.” Yaeger smiled wryly as she also logged off.

A white light flashed as she disappeared.

Yaeger opened her eyes and gently breathed.

She then immediately sensed her body absorbing a weak amount of energy from around herself.

“The energy absorption speed is faster.” Yaeger recalled how her body became able to absorb energy after she first obtained a Reality Skill.

Now, it faintly seemed like she was absorbing more than before.

“Could it be due to the transformation rate” Her current transformation rate was 5%, and her body had already changed slightly.

It didnt seem strange that [Automatic Energy Absorption] would change together with her body.

Yaeger licked her lips and glanced at the female attire at the bedside.

Her eye twitched as she mentally gave up and took the clothing to the bathroom.

“Im truly so handsome that I dont have any friends.” Yaeger sighed slightly as she looked at her incredibly handsome male body in the mirror.

“Unfortunately, I wont be seeing you for some time again.

Goodbye, handsome me.”

A dark red light flashed in the bathroom right after she said that.

Not long after, an incredibly beautiful girl with a wondrous figure and long hair like a cascading waterfall appeared in front of the mirror.

Of course, this was [Princess].

“The girl me is truly so astonishingly pretty.” Yaeger looked all over and couldnt find a single flaw with her female body.

She took off her pajamas and swiftly put on her panties and dress.

The sense of resistance in her mind seemed to have imperceptibly disappeared.

“Although I dont want to admit it, this body is truly wonderful.

It feels as if I have endless strength inside me!” Yaeger clenched her fist after she changed her clothes.

She then immediately opened her interface to check her basic stats.

Strength: 79 Endurance: 98 Dexterity: 107 Mentality: 79 Intelligence: 79 Talent: 88 Attack Damage: 478 Overall Defense: 233

As for her skills, she now had the addition of [Shadow Skulk].

“As long as I dont meet a grandmaster-level person, it should be no problem for me to protect myself.” Yaeger felt that even if several dozen warriors equipped with guns surrounded and attacked her, she would still be able to escape quite easily and even counterattack.

Yaeger returned to her bed and took out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator, took a sip, and then laid on the bed and muttered to herself while staring at the ceiling.

“I no longer feel any hunger at all.

My body is constantly being refreshed by a miraculous energy at all times.

I feel pure and flawless, with a fragrant scent emanating everywhere… I feel just like an immortal from ancient depictions.”

“Hahaha, could it be that as long as I keep becoming stronger, I can truly become like an immortal and become indestructible”

‘Stop being foolish.

How could indestructibility possibly exist Yaeger gently knocked herself on the head.

She then suddenly thought of something that caused her eyes to immediately widen.

“Out of my enemies in Linhnan, Wenzel is already dead, so that only leaves Sister Red.

The problem is that I have no clue where she is… Forget it, Ill let her live some more for now.”

Yaeger was already feeling such a headache about the Ability Management Department and Divine Equipment that she didnt have any time to care about such minor characters.

“Right, ever since I was reborn, Ive been so busy with the game that I forgot to phone [Granny].

I also havent sent any money to the orphanage for two months already.”

Yaeger was born in Xiaoya Bay in Swan City.

Her parents had both died when she was seven, and she also had a weak body and was often sickly.

Thus, her relatives sent her to [Sunflower Orphanage], where Granny worked as the manager.

Granny was now 67 years old and was a kindly grandmother.

“Nobody is currently available to take your call…”

Yaeger called Grannys phone number three times, but nobody picked up.

Yaeger immediately furrowed her dainty eyebrows and felt that this was rather strange, but she soon put this in the back of her mind.

She had so many annoying things on her plate already that she didnt have the effort to spare to think about anything else.

“Forget it, Ill call her again later.” Yaeger stopped trying to call Granny and simply used her internet banking to transfer 1,000,000 to the orphanages account.

Knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door at this time.

Yaegers expression immediately became serious as she glanced over.

“Princess, its time to eat.”

Yaegers tense nerves immediately loosened quite a bit when she heard that it was Nangongs voice.

“Ill be right there,” Yaeger answered.

She then packed up her game equipment, wallet, cell phone, and other such personal items into a bag and came out of the room with the bag.

“Princess, listen to me!” Right when she emerged, Sachiel came over to her with a teary expression.

“Not only is that pervert clinging on to me at all times, she keeps using a lustful expression to look at me~”

“Princess, listen to me!” Nangong walked over with a depressed expression.

Yaeger reached out with her hand and made a gesture of pushing down before Nangong could even speak.

“I need to leave for a while because of something.

Tell me later when Im online.”

Yaeger then swiftly left the presidential suite.

Nangong and Sachiel were surprised for a moment before they immediately followed after her.

“Princess, where are you going How about I go with you” Nangong hurriedly asked.

“Princess, cant you wait until you eat to leave”

“I cant.

I might be in danger if I dont leave now,” Yaeger said as she walked.

Just as if in response to her words, a beep came from the elevator as the door opened and an old man wearing a white shirt, gray shorts, and military shoes emerged.

“Princess, please wait for a moment.”


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