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Yaegers beautiful eyes widened slightly upon seeing this.

She was slightly astonished as she thought,Did someone else apart from me actually manage to obtain divine equipment

She immediately denied this possibility after less than half a second of surprise.

If someone obtained new divine equipment, then the divine equipment ranking would have appeared automatically.

In that case, had someone discovered a divine equipment and told everyone on a loudspeaker

Yaeger rejected this.

This wasnt it, and that wasnt it…

Could it be that someone had discovered the divine equipment ranking

Yaeger thought of this possibility and instantly furrowed her dainty eyebrows as she hurriedly clicked on the topic.

“Hello everyone, I am [The Little Brother of Carefree Bro], thank you to everyone first for supporting my topic, and I also want to apologize to everyone for using a clickbait title! Wait, everyone, please dont leave! Although Im using clickbait, I also have real news~! Before I reveal the news, please allow me to first talk about my difficult memory.

Yep, Im starting now.

Ever since I saw a certain veteran post the equipment ranking, I wondered to myself, since theres an equipment ranking, does that mean there are also lots of other rankings For instance, level ranking, fashion ranking, divine equipment ranking, and so on.

This is especially so for the divine equipment ranking, as its absolutely necessary for a game! With powerful curiosity, I began to search through the rankings.

I must complain here first that there are way too many of them, to the point where I cant even count them all!

Still, Im a very patient person.

I spent an entire night and finally discovered the legendary divine equipment ranking.

Everyone, guess what I saw next Divine equipment! There were actually two divine equipment on the ranking! Heavens, divine equipment have already appeared on just the second day after the game server started! I wondered if I saw it incorrectly.

Yet, I looked several times again and still saw two divine equipment!

I took a deep breath and shouted, “How terrifying!” It took me a long time to calm down.

Right after that, I looked things over carefully and suddenly discovered that the owners of these two divine equipment have their names hidden! Also, one of these divine equipment doesnt have even one bit of its attributes revealed! It can be seen that this divine equipment owner is unusually careful! However, the other divine equipments stats are publicized.

I looked the stats over carefully for quite a while before I finally managed to discern the words.

All of the densely packed stats were just saying one thing: ridiculous stats! This divine equipments stats are just too ridiculous!

I think that everyone must be getting impatient by now.

I wont say any more then as I directly reveal it to you all!

Ding ding ding!

Divine equipment ranking is here!

Divine equipment ranking.JPG”

Yaegers eyes twitched slightly after she finished reading this topic on the forum.

She felt depressed as she thought,Theres finally a player who has too much free time on their hands!

She originally thought that it would take at least a few more days before the divine equipment ranking was noticed, but this guy found the ranking on the very next day after the equipment ranking.

He really was such a patient person, and worthy of praise!

Yaeger made up her mind that if she met this [The Little Brother of Carefree Bro] person in the future, she would definitely reward him by sending him back to level zero.

“My plans have been sent into chaos.” She gently sighed and glanced up at the sky.

It seems that the Ability Management Department will also be finding me soon.”

[Chaos God Ring] had all of its stats publicized.

Upon seeing its terrifying stats, and combined with Yaegers recent performance, anyone could guess that there was a 99% chance that she possessed this divine equipment.

The Ability Management Department already paid so much attention to her when she only had a purple bow and purple boots.

Now that she was suspected of possessing divine equipment, it was likely that the Ability Management Department would start searching the entire city for her.

It was only a matter of time before they found the Luo family hotel.

“I should increase my power level some more before they find me.”

Only by being strong enough would she have the right to negotiate.

“Level 20 probably wont be good enough.” Yaeger licked her lips.

As a reincarnator, she knew that the real world wasnt that simple.

There were plenty of extraordinary people and martial artists out there.

If it wasnt for all the various departments keeping tight watch over them, society wouldnt be as safe as it was today.

Extraordinary people was just actually another way of calling ability users.

Based on how powerful their abilities were, the international standards for ranking were as follows: SS, S, AA, A, B, C, and D.

D was the weakest, while SS was the strongest.

Meanwhile, martial artists were separated into four stages and two skies.

The body tempering period was the Yellow Stage, the pulse opening period was the Mystic Stage, the Qi cultivation period was the Earth Stage, and the energy transformation period was the Sky Stage.

The Latter Sky Stage was for grandmasters, while the Prior Sky Stage was for martial saints.

Martial artists who were between the body tempering and pulse opening stage were typically referred to as martial acolytes.

Those who were at Qi cultivation or energy transformation stages were addressed as martial artists and masters.

Latter Sky Stage – grandmasters.

Prior Sky Stage – martial saints.

“My current power level is probably slightly stronger than a masters level.”

Although Yaeger knew the power ranking system for martial artists and ability users, she didnt know very much about their actual power levels, so it was difficult for her to compare.

Thus, she could only guess.

As for whether her guess was correct or not That would need to wait for a real fight.

Yaeger figured that it would take at least three to five hours before the Ability Management Departments people found her.

That would be more than enough time to raise her power level by another level.

“The foreign beta test players are probably going to be unlucky.” Her mouth arched upwards slightly as she smiled icily.

It was basically obvious that Yaeger possessed the [Chaos God Ring].

However, it was difficult to say who owned the other divine equipment which had hidden attributes.

Almost nobody would believe that Yaeger possessed two divine equipment, because that would be far too crazy.

Just imagining it would make one think it was really fake.

Outside world.

The entire world went into a hubbub due to the divine equipment rankings appearance.

Countless major personages who were hidden underwater couldnt help but rise up to the surface as they paid attention to this ranking.

Two divine equipment that appeared right at the very start of the game were more than enough for people to go crazy over.

The winds started blowing.

While things appeared calm on the surface, dark undercurrents flowed just below the surface.


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