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“Im sorry, I was too emotional!” Alicia let go and backed away two steps while her face flushed really red.

However, her beautiful eyes kept staring at Yaeger while a light flowed within them.

Yaeger felt that it was somewhat of a pity.

But, when she thought about her own situation… hahaha.

“Alicia, is your body in poor condition” Yaeger changed the topic.

Alicia clenched her hands tightly when she heard this.

She started shaking slightly and sighed gently before saying, “Back when I was 15, I was hit with a really strange curse that caused me to lose more than 90% of my true power level.

My bodys condition is also worsening every year.

I might not be able to live for much longer now, which is why I wanted to receive your help so much!”

She looked directly at Yaeger with an expression filled with gratitude, along with an almost imperceptible trace of something more.

“Could it be due to the [Warlock Association]” Yaeger naturally thought of the new job class [Warlock] which became really popular in the middle stages of the game.

What brought this job class was the [Warlock Association] which suddenly appeared in the land during the middle stages of the game.

Warlocks and mages were originally the same, but as time passed, they developed in different directions.

Warlocks were now basically the same as curse mages, as they mainly focused on crowd control curses.

“You know of the [Warlock Association]!” Alicia was really astonished.

She had spent a lot of effort to finally find the organization which targeted her back in the day, and she never expected that Yaeger would already know this.

“Ive heard a bit about them.” Yaeger nodded slightly.

This organization was incredibly mysterious.

How many members it had, who the leader was, why the organization existed, what purpose they had, were all things that only a player who activated their quests would know.

However, nobody in Yaegers past life had ever mentioned anything about the Warlock Association, and it was unknown if anyone had activated any of their quests.

“I see.” Alicia couldnt help but be disappointed.

She thought that Yaeger would know more, but it seemed that Yaeger had only heard of the Warlock Association, nothing more.

If everything went successfully, Alicia would take revenge on this organization sooner or later.

“Why would they target you” Yaeger was rather curious.

“I suspect that the Sky Empire hired them to target me.

It might be difficult for you to believe when I say this, but Im the highest-level genius that this country has ever seen in history.

I was born with incredible power.”

“I believe you.”

‘The quest description had called her the beautiful and peerless pride of the Jade Empire, so of course I believe you. Yaeger faintly smiled.

Alicias heart instantly started beating faster upon seeing this smile that was too beautiful to describe.

She felt that it was a bit difficult to breathe.

She calmed herself down a little before continuing, “If Im unable to develop and grow stronger, the Sky Empire will benefit more than anyone, which is why theyre the primary suspect.”

“Indeed, thats possible.” The most threatening factions near the Jade Empire were only the [Ironhoof Tribe] and [Sky Empire].

The Ironhoof Tribe was the direct type, so they would rarely do something like this in the shadows.

That was why the Sky Empire was the most suspicious.

Of course, it was also possible that a faction from somewhere else had wanted to eliminate Alicia.

She had been born with such great power, so she attracted far too much attention.

It was likely that she would become a huge threat in the future.

“By the way, Alicia, how old are you now” Yaeger suddenly recalled that she still didnt know Alicias age.

The atmosphere froze over right at this moment.

Several seconds later…

“Hahaha, you cant ask my age, Princess.

Thats a taboo.”

Alicia narrowed her eyes slightly as her lips curled upwards.

She was emanating a dangerous aura.


Alicia appeared to be only 25-26 years old, just like a slightly ripe peach, but her actual age seemed to be higher.

Yaeger faintly thought of something and instantly felt like she was getting a bad deal.

“Alicia, about usurping the throne, do you have a specific plan right now” Yaeger gently shook her head and hurriedly changed the topic.

So what if she was getting a bad deal Alicia was still a major beauty.

Besides, mature women had their own mature charisma.

“I do have a specific plan…”

Alicia began to describe her own plan.

It was mostly similar to the quest description, although some parts were more detailed.

For instance, it turned out that the [Underground Dungeon] was a place of inheritance that Alicias ancestors had created because they were afraid that future generations wouldnt have anything left.

This place was filled with precious treasures that previous emperors had left behind.

You would be able to obtain part of the treasures if you challenged the dungeon successfully.

However, the [Inheritance Jewel] for opening the dungeon was stolen 100 years ago, which caused the [Underground Dungeon] to remain closed for 100 years.

Luckily, Alicias assassination group finally found the jewel just a few days ago.

Now, the preparations were complete, apart from lacking the [Child of Destiny], who was now here.

“Princess, once you become stronger, lets enter the dungeon together and activate the inheritance.” Alicia clasped Yaegers hand with an expression filled with hope.

If the [Child of Destiny] accompanied her, then she would have a much higher chance of obtaining the treasure which could dispel the curse upon her.

Yaeger nodded.

This quest wouldnt activate until she was level 30, so there was still plenty of time.

Her primary objective now was to level up and find equipment to strengthen herself with.

Alicia wanted Yaeger to go to the assassination group [Hidden Kill] to improve her level, but Yaeger rejected her.

Yaeger trusted Alicia because of the latters high favorability rating, but other NPCs would all loathe her, so she would be bringing hardship upon herself if she went.

Besides, Yaeger had a leveling plan that was suitable for herself.

Yaeger finally left the [Hasa Hotel] as Alicia unwillingly let her leave.

The sky was blue, and the sunshine was bright.

The weather was really nice.

Yaeger started reading the message forum as she walked towards the adventurers guild.

Soon, she saw a hot topic boosted to the top.

“Big news! Divine equipment has shown up!”


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