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And also red ironwood.

The origin of the red ironwood was a little far away.

On the other side was Region 0023.

In the middle was Region 0033.

In a straight line, the distance was about 300 kilometers.

If they fought all the way, they would have to cross at least 400 to 500 kilometers.

Li Xiang pinched his chin.

“Although the price of the red ironwood is not as expensive as the inferno iron, it is not cheap either.

However, in order to refine the Purgatory Divine Crossbow as soon as possible, we can buy some first.

This thing is not as rare as the inferno iron.”

“Oh right, we can also place an order in our own trading area.

The price might be cheaper.”

Li Xiang had an idea in his mind and immediately issued the order.

Not only red ironwood but the purchase information for inferno iron was also released.

It was just that the price was relatively low.

If he could receive it, he would receive it.

If he could not receive it, he would wait to attack Region 0032 and collect it himself.

As soon as the information was released, there was an immediate reaction in the Demon Countrys trading area.

Most of the people in the trading area were no longer the agents of the other country lords but the agents of the various lords under the command of Demon Country.

In essence, they could already be considered merchants of the Demon Country.

However, whether it was red ironwood or inferno iron, they were both considered scarce resources in Region 0042, so Li Xiang didnt have much hope.


But what he didnt expect was that not long after, news came that someone had a large amount of red ironwood and a small amount of inferno iron, and the person wanted to talk to the country lord in person.

Li Xiangs eyes flickered.

To be able to bring out such a large amount of resources, and be willing to trade them, was probably not as simple as just wanting to make money.

But he still had to see them.

He could see who the other party was and what their purpose was.

“Bring that person here!”

Not long after, a merchant wearing a hood came into the hall.

But judging from the slim figure, he knew that it was a woman.

After standing still, the woman took off her hood and looked up slightly.

When Li Xiang saw the appearance of the person, he was suddenly stunned.

“You are… Ning Xiaoyue”

A surprised smile appeared on Ning Xiaoyues face, and her voice was full of joy.

“Ah! Li Xiang, you are really the Demon Country Lord!”

Li Xiang came down from his throne and said in surprise, “Why did you come here Is your country nearby”

Ning Xiaoyue was Li Xiangs classmate in university.

She was lively and active and was considered the happiest person in the class.

She was very popular with people.

Unexpectedly, after crossing over to the Myriad World, everyone had already spread out, and they could actually meet again.

This was the first acquaintance that Li Xiang had met.

The relationship between the two could not be considered very good, but Ning Xiaoyue had indeed given him a lot of help, enough to be called a friend.

Ning Xiaoyue said, “My country is in Region 0025.

I heard your name on the world channel, so I brought a caravan all the way here.”

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment and asked suspiciously, “Really”

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Ning Xiaoyue chuckled and said, “Of course its fake! Youre not my friend.

Why should I come all the way here to see you”

Li Xiang blinked and asked, “Do you have red ironwood and inferno iron”

Ning Xiaoyue nodded and said, “My country has a large forest of red ironwood.

Do you think I have it As for inferno iron, I bought it on the way and killed some monsters to get it.”

Li Xiang sighed and said, “Then arent you being a little too ambitious Now is the critical moment of the regional war, and you actually left your country and came all the way here to do business Do you think I believe your words”

Beside him, Succubus Alice also blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked curiously at Ning Xiaoyue with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

When she received the news, she had already inquired about this persons background.

She had originally planned to report it later, but now it seemed that there was no need for that.

“Country Lord, Ive just received news that Region 0025 seems to be under attack by a force called the Wild Wolf Alliance, and many countries have already fallen.

This time, shes probably here to look for assistance!”

Li Xiang turned to look at Ning Xiaoyue, who had an unnatural expression, and asked, “Is this true”

Ning Xiaoyue glanced at Succubus Alice, and she said with some dejection, “Ive brought almost all my assets with me this time.

I thought that if you really are Li Xiang, no matter what, for the sake of being old classmates, you would take me in.”

Li Xiangs expression became a little serious, but his tone was still calm.

He asked, “That so-called Wild Wolf Alliance is very strong Didnt the people of your region join forces to resist”

Ning Xiaoyue said angrily, “Of course, they wanted to join forces to resist, but there were three of them who were the strongest, but they had different opinions.

They discussed all kinds of things and hesitated.

In the end, the entire region fell by one-third before they slowly sent out their troops.

In the end, they were beaten down by the Wild Wolf Alliance and fled in a sorry state.

As soon as I saw that the situation was not good, I quickly took my family assets and prepared to escape.”

Li Xiang laughed, “You really trust me!”

“No matter what, you can kill me and steal my things”

Li Xiang was at a loss whether to laugh or cry at Ning Xiaoyues quick-witted style.

“Alright, then you can stay here for now.

Ill do some research, and maybe I can help you take back your homeland.

Oh, right, Ill take your inferno iron and red ironwood according to the market price.”

“No need, Ill give them all to you.

Since you need them, Ill give them to you whether you help me or not.

Anyway, its not like I cant survive.”

Li Xiang looked at the carefree Ning Xiaoyue and shook his head helplessly.

He didnt refuse and waved to Alice.

“Alright, lets do as she says! Xiaoyue, you can stay here for the time being! By the way, wheres your army”

Ning Xiaoyue gritted her teeth and said, “When we were resisting the Wild Wolf Alliance, I sent most of my army there.

Without the lips, the teeth will feel cold! Who knew that these people would be so disappointing, causing our army to lose more than half of our forces.

However, I found a valley with a large number of purgatory creatures in Region 0032.

There was no one around to eliminate them, so I left them near there.

They were led by a hero unit.

There wont be any problems.”

Li Xiang was truly speechless.

How was this girl so ambitious that she left her own army there To be able to survive until now was definitely a blessing from the system.

“Whats with that expression of yours Didnt I have no other choice Its already not easy to find a place for the army to stay.”

“Okay, okay, okay! You should quickly go and rest!”

“Mhm! Oh right, you have to be careful.

When I came over, I found that many of the country lords in Region 0032 had joined forces.

They said that they wanted to boycott the Demon Country and cut off trade routes.”

“Mhm, I got it!”

After Ning Xiaoyue said that, a smile appeared on her face again.

She turned around and left with Alice.

Not long after, Alice returned.

“Country Lord, Ive arranged for Country Lord Ning to stay in a manor in the VIP area.”

“Okay!” Li Xiang nodded.

“How much do you know about Region 0025”

“Country Lord, I know about the information of Region 0025 from the merchants in the trading area.

After all, its too far away, and theres not much information.

Ive told you everything.”


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