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He decided to return to the Demon Country now, recruit new hero units, establish demon cavalry, and replenish the energy of the Water Curtain Great Array, and all the forces in the country.

“We have already been delayed here for a few days; lets go back now! After the integration, we will begin the attack!”

“Yes, Country Lord!”

Li Xiang brought his army back to his base in Region 0042.

Meanwhile, the entire Myriad World Continent was still in a chaotic battle.

Originally, there were barriers separating the various regions, so everyone could live in peace.

Now that the barriers had disappeared, those with ambitions began to raise their armies and attack everywhere.

The weak would either submit or be destroyed.

The strong would expand at an extremely fast speed and then unite and conquer.

In just a few days, the situation of the entire Myriad World Continent had undergone a qualitative change.

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In Region 0044, Lord Tiancheng returned with thousands of people.

“Country Lord, this battle is my fault for not being able to command properly.

Please punish me!”

In a large hall, Chen Feng was seated on the throne.

“Tiancheng, you dont have to be like this.

If we talk about this matter, the responsibility is actually mine.

Its me who underestimated the Demon Country.

I only let you bring your army over, but I lack the key treasures that can determine victory.”

Chen Feng was able to develop his own country so quickly and so big, so he was naturally not some brainless trash.

He hurriedly spoke out to comfort him.

Although these hero units that were recruited were absolutely loyal, there was no need to shirk his responsibility.

“Lets put this matter aside for now.

The Demon Country is next to us, and Region 0043 was originally a good buffer.

Now that weve met, we must also prepare for the Demon Countrys invasion.”

“Country Lord, leave this matter of guarding against the Demon Country to me.

I definitely wont have any problems.”

“Haha, Tiancheng, its too much of a waste to let you go over for such a small matter.

After all, its within our own border.

We can just send anyone over to guard it.

According to my guess, the probability of the Demon Countrys invasion isnt high.

Its just a precaution.”

Lord Tiancheng said solemnly, “Country Lord, the Demon Country is very powerful.

The quality of its soldiers is no less than that of our undead race.

That is to say that their numbers cant be compared to ours.”

“I know.

I wont underestimate the enemy.

The main reason is that other battlefields need you more.”

“Hmm Country Lord, could it be that you encountered obstacles when you were attacking in other directions”

“Thats right! We cannot underestimate the people of the world.

We are developing fast.

There are billions of people on Earth.

How can there not be other elites It is only normal to have people and forces that are stronger than us.”

“Alright, Country Lord.

Please give your instructions.

I will go over immediately!”

At the same time, Region 0033, Region 0032, Region 0053, and Region 0052 began to consolidate as if they were facing a great enemy.

When Li Xiang returned to Region 0042, he checked the system and found that the entire Region 0042 had unknowingly been occupied by him and had completely become his territory.

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Although there were many territories in this territory, it was still his territory.

After charging the Water Curtain Great Array with the Lake of Tears, he opened the trading system and searched for materials such as inferno iron, red ironwood, and black iron.

Soon, inferno iron appeared in front of him.

But the price made him speechless.

A fist-sized inferno iron cost 3,000 gold coins, and to refine a Purgatory Divine Crossbow, at least three fist-sized inferno iron was needed.

If other materials were included, refining a Purgatory Divine Crossbow would cost at least 10,000 gold coins.

Refining 10,000, that was 100 million gold coins.

As soon as this figure was revealed, Li Xiangs blood pressure began to rise.

“Why does it have to be so expensive This is too ruthless!”

The gold coins that Li Xiang had obtained from conquering a region this time were only about 50,000,000 gold coins.

This was only enough to cover half of his consumption.

Even if he added in his previous reserves, it was still less than 100,000,000 gold coins.

“This wont do.

I have to find another channel to obtain inferno iron.

I have to collect other materials as well.

This is a great killing weapon, and its also my trump card.”

Li Xiang listed another item in the trading area and marked it with a special price.

Not long after, Jian Suyans profile picture lit up again.

“What do you want The information about the undead race can be sold for ten million now.”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

This woman was simply desperate for money.

“Do you know about rare treasures”

“Hmm Do you have one I can buy it at a high price!”

Li Xiang was even more speechless.

Rare treasures were not enough for him!

Unlike a wonder, if one obtained them, they get it.

It was almost impossible to hide them.

But rare treasures could be used as a trump card.

No one would complain about having too many!

“I even wanted to buy them from you! Do you have any channels”

“No, Im not interested.


Li Xiang almost laughed out loud.

“Alright! Then how much is the information about rare treasures worth Forget about the common information.

The details about appraising it, how to discover it, and so on, you should know, right!”

“Im sorry.

The information about rare treasures cannot be sold for the time being.

The main thing is that the information is not very complete, and if it cant be sold at a price, then its better not to sell it!”

“Alright! Then I want information about a few materials, inferno iron, red ironwood.

This shouldnt be difficult for you, right”

Jian Suyan didnt reply immediately.

She must have gone to check the corresponding information.

After a while, Jian Suyan replied, “The information on these two materials is inferno iron for two million and red ironwood for five hundred thousand.

If you feel that two hundred and fifty million doesnt sound good, you can give me an extra hundred thousand, but you cant give me less!”

Li Xiang gritted his teeth and comforted himself in his heart, “Im a man.

I wont lower myself to this womans level.”

“Alright! Do I deposit the money into the previous account”


“Oh right, I have a rare treasure here that can allow face-to-face communication.

Why not…”


Jian Suyans profile picture had already darkened.

But soon after, a letter was sent over.

Li Xiang smacked his lips, shook his head, and muttered to himself, “This woman!”

Opening the letter, he saw that it was information related to inferno iron and red ironwood.

The thing he liked about Jian Suyan was her honesty.

Although the exchange process was unpleasant, he was very satisfied with the result of the transaction.

The letter not only introduced the origin of the two materials but also indicated some special purchasing channels and corresponding prices.

However, the price of the transaction was not much cheaper than the one in the trading system.

It was just a bit more in quantity, but it was still too much for him to bear.

[Inferno Iron]: Produced in the first, second, and third levels of the purgatory.

You can obtain it by killing purgatory creatures.

At the same time, in some special areas, purgatory creatures would appear.

After killing them, there was a certain probability of obtaining inferno iron.

In addition, there were also some special locations that allowed one to go deep into purgatory.

Li Xiang looked at the few places above.

The closest one was Region 0032 in the north.

On the other side of the mountain that separated the two places, there was a purgatory valley.

There were many purgatory creatures there.

However, the level of these purgatory creatures was very high.

None of the country lords of Region 0032 went to clean them up.

Instead, it seemed like the purgatory creatures were flooding there.

“This is a treasure land for me!”


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