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Thus, he took out the [Damaged Dragon Crystal] and the [Dragon Slaying Battle Bow].

After making a few gestures, he did not know what to do.

“It says that it can be used to upgrade equipment, but how do I use it Should I just put it on”

He placed the dragon crystal on the battle bow, and a notification popped up in front of him.

[Do you wish to use the dragon crystal on the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow to upgrade The success rate is 70%, Yes/No]

“F*ck, theres still a success rate”

Li Xiang hesitated for a moment but decided to be ruthless.


A red light completely enveloped the entire [Dragon Slaying Battle Bow].

There was no way to see what was going on inside, so he could only wait patiently.

However, at the same time, dragon roars kept coming out from the red light, and there were faint sounds of hammering.

Ten minutes later, the red light suddenly disappeared, and a golden battle bow appeared.

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At the same time, the system notification sounded again.

[Upgrade Successful]

[Dragon Slaying Divine Bow]

Grade: Mythical

Attack: 3,000

Power: 500

Agility: 200

Characteristics 1: 300% damage to draconic lifeforms, 200% damage to non-humanoid lifeforms.

Characteristics 2: Sight lock, automatic tracking, regardless of distance, weakness attack.

There will be random bursts of different effects after being hit.

Such as poisoning, elemental damage, etc, and arrows will automatically return.

Characteristics 3: Draconic intimidation.

Arrows will emit draconic intimidation, and the target will not be able to move.

The intimidation effect depends on the targets strength.

Equip Level: 15


Li Xiang shouted excitedly.

This battle bow had been upgraded to a divine bow.

Its power had almost doubled, and it now had one more characteristic.

This time, if he encountered the Inferno Bone Dragon again, he could guarantee that he would be able to kill it with one arrow.

He played with the divine bow for a while, then put it away and began to think about the future development of the Demon Country.

The biggest weakness of this war against the undead was the cavalry.

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Although this was a transcendent world, the power of the transcendent cavalry was even greater and indispensable.

There were many suitable types of soldiers among the demon army, but obtaining them also depend on luck.

At the same time, after encountering Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba and forming an alliance with them, he also felt that it was time for him to establish a force.

It was alright to fight alone at the start, but the other country lords had already started to form groups to cooperate with each other.

At that time, he would have to face the combined attacks and suppression of dozens to hundreds of countries or even a few large regions.

Although the Demon Country was strong, it also had its limits.

Therefore, it was imperative to form an alliance to make more friends and fewer enemies.

Moreover, although his talent was strong, it wasnt just the billions of humans that descended on the Myriad World Continent.

There were also countless foreign races from other worlds.

With such a complicated situation, how could he truly sweep the world by himself

However, an opportunity would be needed to form an alliance, so it wasnt urgent for the time being.

In addition, the number of Vine Whisker Demon archers could be reduced and replaced with crossbowmen.

The reason why not all the archers were abolished was also to enrich the military.

Archers and crossbowmen each had their own advantages, so it was more beneficial to keep them.

However, finding for the materials to refine the Purgatory Divine Crossbow was a difficult problem.

First, he could gather information about this problem.

If it wasnt possible, he could buy information from Jian Suyan.

Right now, the melee demon army soldiers were the flame demon, the long-range army was the Vine Whisker Demon, the aerial army was the Black Wing Demon, and there was also the heroic unit, Succubus Alice, the Eye Demon, Demon Hunter, and Isabella who had surrendered.

The rest were either for support or not suitable for battle.

Then there were those who were former country lords who had pledged allegiance and had become the current lords.

These people were actually not weak, but they pledged loyalty because they had no other choice.

If an order that endangered their lives and interests was issued, they might not necessarily go against it.

For the time being, the Demon Country was still expanding rapidly, so it was not appropriate to make a big fuss.

He could just let them farm on their own territory.

Although it seemed that there were a complete set of soldiers, in reality, there were still many shortcomings.

The demons were originally undisciplined, and their discipline was extremely poor.

If there were no corresponding heroic units to suppress them, it would be very difficult to restrain them.

There were five wonders in the territory.

They were: Ancient Well of Darkness, Lake of Tears, The Brass Book of Herab, Flame Burst Spring, and the Low-Rank Magic Tower.

There were also four characteristics of the territory: Fruitful Harvest SS-Rank, Infrastructure Maniac SS-Rank, Military Expansion S-Rank, Superb Craftsmanship S-Rank.

He was currently at level 10, but the EXP he had accumulated was enough for him to level up to level 20.

The Demon Lair was Level 6.

He could recruit two more demon hero units.

The only demon soldiers were Vine Whisker Demons, Black Wing Demons, and Flame Demons.

There were many subsidiary species, such as barbarians, goblins, and water fairy, but they were not very useful on the battlefield.

“Oh right, the Water Curtain Great Array that we used previously has depleted due to the undeads stitch giant monsters attack.

It needs to be replenished.

However, this is simple.

We can directly put it into the Lake of Tears and replenish our own energy.”

Three days later, Region 0043 was completely wiped out by the demon army.

After Li Xiang devoured all the characteristics of the territory that had lost its owner, the characteristics of his own territory had grown to a certain extent.

However, these territory characteristics were too common and did not allow the territorys characteristics to upgrade again for the time being.

In fact, his four territory characteristics had all reached S-Rank and above, and two of them were even SS-Rank, which was already top rank characteristics.

If he wanted to upgrade further, he would need to devour a huge amount of the territory characteristics.

It was impossible for him to casually devour a few of them to upgrade by one rank when he was at a low rank.

However, with the current characteristics of the territory, it was enough.

“My Lord, when I wiped out those country lords, I found a rare treasure!”

Alice rushed over with a face full of joy as if she was presenting a treasure.

She handed over an item made of bronze.

The item was like a miniature version of an arrow tower.

She bit her finger and dripped a drop of blood.

Suddenly, an inexplicable message appeared in his mind.

[Rapid Arrow Tower]

Type: Rare Treasure

Quality: Bronze

Effect: When placed at a checkpoint, it can transform into an arrow tower.

It can control a radius of a thousand feet and has a rapid attack effect.

Three arrows will be shot out per second, and it will automatically replenish the arrows.

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows.

This arrow tower was only bronze quality, which matched the function of the introduction.

What surprised him was that no matter how bad the wonders were, their quality was still S-Rank.

He had never heard of any wonders lower than S-Rank on the world channel.

However, compared to wonders, there might be more rare treasures, and there would even be different types.

It was very likely that some small country lords would also have such treasures.

However, rare treasures were extremely difficult to distinguish, and it was difficult to search for them.

Although the function of the rare treasure in his hand was very simple, it was because of its simplicity that if he could obtain more of it, its function and effect would be stronger than some of the wonders.

After all, all the wonders gave various attribute bonuses to ones territory, but the rare treasure could do more.

“This thing is not bad, but its not of much use for the time being.

Well talk about it after we accumulate more.”

With that, he put the rare treasure into his storage ring.


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