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Li Xiang was very understanding of these two peoples choices but understanding them was one thing.

His own interests could not be harmed.

“If thats the case, then I will take over the territory of the two of you in Region 0043.

However, if you fail outside, you can still return as a lord.”

“Thank you, Country Lord Li Xiang.

I will now transfer the ownership of the Myriad World Conference Hall to you!”

As he said this, Miyamoto Sakuragi raised his hand and grabbed the air.

A strange architectural model fell into his hand, then he handed it to Li Xiang and said, “This is the core of the Myriad World Conference Hall.

It is also the external form.

After you leave, you only need to drop a drop of blood on it to refine it.”

Li Xiang nodded.

He looked at the two of them and said, “Since youve decided, then I wish you all the best.

Since we dont have any deep hatred, and you made a very wise choice, then I wont be stingy in providing you with some convenience.”

Speaking up to this point, he pondered for a moment and said, “How about this! I will not occupy your territory for the time being.

Regardless of whether it is the soldiers, property, resources, and so on, it will still belong to you to support your actions outside.

“What you need to pay is to provide the corresponding information and intelligence.”

Miyamoto Sakuragi and Dubas faces instantly showed ecstasy and gratitude.

Duba said with a sigh, “Country Lord Li Xiang, your breadth of mind makes me admire you immensely.

Now, I really regret my decision back then.

But I can promise that in the future if the Divine Hawk Kingdom is able to establish itself, it will forever be the Demon Countrys most staunch ally.

We can sign a contract and never regret it!”

Miyamoto Sakuragi also did not expect Li Xiang to be so magnanimous, to let the two of them keep their territories.

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Region 0043 had basically been completely occupied by the Demon Country.

Now that only two territories were left unoccupied, it was like two black dots on a piece of white paper.

No matter how one looked at it, it would be uncomfortable.

But Li Xiang had done it.

It could only be said that they could not compare with his breadth of mind and boldness.

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “Dont be happy too early.

“If I take over your territory, then its reasonable for you to go out and seize territory.

The other regions will also be much less wary of you.

But if I let you keep your territory, what do you think the rulers of the other regions will think”

“Thats right.

They will definitely think that we have defected to the Demon Country and will be wary and hostile towards us.” Miyamoto Sakuragi frowned and immediately thought of this flaw.

Duba also fell into deep thought.

“If thats the case, do you still decide to do this”

The two of them looked at each other, and they nodded and said, “Yes! In any case, we have already decided to ally with you, Country Lord.

There will be no worries in our path of retreat.

Just treat us as the vanguard.

It will be best if we can establish a foothold.

If we cannot establish a foothold, it can only be said that our intelligence and strength are not enough.

There is nothing to regret!”


Li Xiang did not expect these two to be so courageous.

Intelligence and strength could be cultivated.

Only courage and boldness were innate.

Since these two were willing to ally with the Demon Country, regardless of whether it was a success or failure, it would be beneficial to the Demon Country.

He naturally did not mind letting the two go out to explore.

If they succeeded, they would be able to attack other regions with half the effort.

Even if they failed, there would not be any losses.

“Since thats the case, I will immediately pass down an order.

You can leave at any time and enter other regions.

You will not be harassed or obstructed, and you will not be attacked by the demon army.”

“Thank you, Country Lord Li Xiang!”

The two of them stood up and cupped their hands in salute.

Their eyes were filled with excitement and gratitude.

Li Xiang said, “Your actions outside to seize other regions will also be beneficial to me.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can tell me directly!”


The two of them didnt stand on ceremony and directly nodded.

Following that, Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba drew up the contract agreement for the System Alliance, and the three of them completed the signing in the Myriad World Conference Hall.

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“Then thats it.

I wish the two of you a great victory!”

After saying that, Li Xiangs figure flashed and disappeared.

Because the ownership of the Myriad World Conference Hall had already been transferred, the two of them were immediately ejected out of the Myriad World Conference Hall and returned to their own countries.

At this moment, Li Xiang had also returned to his own room.

An item that looked like a model of the conference hall had appeared in his hands.

It was a rare treasure, the Myriad World Conference Hall.

“A rare treasure! I didnt expect that there would be such a mystical item other than the wonder.”

“Men, summon Alice to return.

I have something to discuss!”

Not long after, Alice walked into the room.

“Country Lord!”

“Mm, pass down the order.

Let the Cherry Blossom Country and the Divine Hawk Kingdom pass.

No matter where they are going or what they are doing, they dont need to be bothered.”

“Ah Why These two countries harbored malicious intentions towards us back then.”

Li Xiang handed the alliance contract to Alice and said, “Ive seen these two people.

They arent the kind of country lords who harbored malicious intentions towards us.

Its just that they harbored ambitions and were unwilling to be ruled.”

Then, he handed the rare treasure in his hand to Alice and said, “This is the rare treasure that they presented, the Myriad World Conference Hall.

Its very useful, and its not inferior to a wonder.

Moreover, theyre going to other regions to develop.

Its beneficial and not harmful to us, so why stop them”

Alice took the rare treasure and studied it carefully.

A look of amazement appeared on her face, and she nodded and said, “Country Lord, youre wise.

These two country lords seem to be unusually wise.

They know when to advance and when to retreat, and they know their manners.

It is only because they met our Demon Country that they were able to achieve something with their boldness.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “You have also seen this rare treasure.

Did we forget about some treasure before In my opinion, this rare treasure is no less important than a wonder.

But every time we get a wonder, the system will make an announcement, but not for rare treasures.

Its strange.”

Alices expression changed slightly as she said, “Country Lord, perhaps the rare treasure isnt under the systems supervision and control.

After all, its a spawn of the laws of Heaven and earth.

Compared to a wonder, it might be more important.”

Li Xiangs heart moved, and he nodded and said, “Youre right.

We have to pay more attention to rare treasures in the future.

Do you think there will be any missing rare treasures in our treasury”

Alice thought for a moment, and she shook her head and said, “According to what Miyamoto Sakuragi said, rare treasures are born in strange places and are occupied by a large number of monsters.

Moreover, the divine items are self-concealing.

If thats the case, we might really not have any.

Country Lord, other than going out to fight monsters a few times during the initial stage, its always the enemies and monsters that come to fight you.

We havent seen any special terrain or nests.”

Li Xiang had expected this.

With the Succubuss foresight, if there were really rare treasures, she would not have missed them.

“Alright, it seems that we have paid too much attention to the situation of the other country lords and have missed out on the various treasures in the wilderness.

After Region 0043 is cleared, we will let the army conquer the wilderness.

We will train our troops and see if we can obtain a few rare treasures.”


After sending Alice away, Li Xiang suddenly remembered that the materials he had obtained were not used yet.


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