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At this moment, Alice came to Li Xiangs side and said solemnly, “Country Lord, after the undead were defeated, the country lords who were loyal to the undead suddenly went crazy and began to attack the other country lords nearby, causing huge casualties and destruction.

“I think this should be the last resort of the defeated undead, but it also left us with a mess.”

Li Xiangs expression was a little unsightly, and he immediately ordered, “Let the army rest and reorganize.

Immediately begin to clean up all the undead race survivors in Region 0043.

At the same time, send an ultimatum to the country lords who have yet to declare their loyalty.

Those who submit to me will prosper, and those who defy me will perish!”


Following that, Li Xiang decided to use the territory devours characteristics.

After the demon army completely wiped out Region 0043, he would devour the ownerless territories and turn them into the Demon Countrys territory.

However, this wasnt the end.

He planned to place all the territories of the country lords of Region 0042 and 0043 into the Demon Country.

The country lords that were loyal to him would become lords under his command instead of country lords.

Although there was only a single word difference, the rights they enjoyed were different.

Unless these lords had the ability to overturn his rule, they could only obediently be little lords in the future.

This was a huge piece of bad news for those ambitious country lords, but it was also a huge blessing for those country lords who only wanted to live a stable life.

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However, no matter what these country lords thought, Li Xiang had already made up his mind.

As the saying goes, to resist foreign forces, one must first settle down at home.

He needed to consolidate the strength of his own country and gather resources before he could deal with the stronger foreign forces.

Although he had defeated the undead and forced them to retreat, it did not hurt that country lord at all.

Once he had accumulated enough strength, his next attack would be even fiercer.

Before that, he had to prepare for a rainy day and accumulate more strength so that he would be able to cope with the changes without changing.

As for leading the army to Region 0044, this idea made Li Xiang a little impulsive, but in the end, he gave up.

First of all, he didnt know anything about the country lord of Region 0044.

Even the information about how many regions the country lord had occupied was just a guess in his mind.

He didnt know exactly how powerful the other party was.

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win every battle.

He didnt even know the other partys background.

If he rushed over rashly, he would have a higher chance of losing.

Right now, he could be considered to have a strong army in the surrounding areas.

It was a good time to expand his territory and accumulate strength.

There was no need for him to be entangled with the undead and affect his development.

Therefore, after some consideration, he decided not to provoke the undead for the time being.

At this time, the demon army was already cleaning up the battlefield.

Although the last 100,000 of the undead died without leaving remains, their equipment and weapons would not disappear.

These were also important resources for the Demon Country.

Even if they were not suitable for the warriors of the Demon Country, they could still be melted and reforged into new equipment.

Not long after, Alice flew over with a face full of joy.

“Country Lord!”

Li Xiang turned his head and saw Alice holding a few shiny items in her hands.

“These are…”

“Country Lord, these are the spoils of war that you dropped after killing the Inferno Bone Dragon.”

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Li Xiangs expression changed slightly.

After all, the Infernal Bone Dragon was a level 30 monster.

Logically speaking, it should not have appeared on the current battlefield.

Since it had appeared, it would naturally become a Boss-Rank unit.

There were drops from killing it, and it looked like it was a big drop.

“Let me see what they are!”

[Dragon Bone]: An S-Rank material.

Can be used to forge weapons and medicine.

Requires corresponding blueprints and recipes.

[Damaged Dragon Crystal]: SS-Rank material.

Contains a wisp of dragon soul.

Can be used to forge legendary weapons.

Can also be used as repair materials and upgrade materials.

“Eh Upgrade materials”

Li Xiangs heart moved slightly when he saw the final introduction of the second item.

The biggest credit for winning the previous battle was the [Dragon Slaying Battle Bow].

Now that the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow had been exposed, it could no longer be used as a trump card.

However, if he used the dragon crystal to level it up now, there might be unexpected effects.

If his attributes increased after leveling up, and he could even obtain two more skills, that would be even better.

However, now was not the time.

He held himself back and looked at the third item.

The first two items were materials.

It was not bad, but it was not much of a surprise.

The third item was a blueprint [Purgatory Divine Crossbow Blueprint]

[Purgatory Divine Crossbow]

Quality: A-Rank

Attack: 100

Power: 50

Characteristics 1: Hellfire.

The bolts fired by the Purgatory Divine Crossbow will burn the enemy with a wisp of hellfire.

Characteristics 2: Automatic reloading.

After each bolt is fired, the bolt would be automatically reloaded through a special case, one bolt per second.

Equipment Level: 10

The required materials are inferno iron, red ironwood, and black iron.

“Hiss –”

This item was very precious.

With this blueprint, it was equivalent to owning countless Purgatory Divine Crossbows!

Other than the slightly higher level equipment, the required materials were rarer, and there were no other problems.

The archer team that he had formed with the Vine Whisker Demons was only a last resort.

After all, the Vine Whisker Demon could control several battle bows, and one Vine Whisker Demon was equivalent to several archers.

But in comparison, in terms of attack power, the crossbow bolts attack power was stronger and more ruthless.

Only the bolt was very slow to be loaded, which was why he chose the battle bow.

Now, the Purgatory Divine Crossbow could be automatically reloaded, one bolt per second.

There was simply no better equipment than this.

At this moment, he thought that if he could equip the Purgatory Divine Crossbow on 10,000 people, the effect would be even stronger than the current 100,000 Vine Whisker Demon archers.

The main thing was still the attack power.

These crossbow bolts were fired with hellfire!

If 10,000 crossbow bolts fell, it would be a patch of hellfire.

How many soldiers would be able to withstand this kind of attack

“Alice, do we have a reserve of materials like the inferno iron and red ironwood in our treasury”

Alice thought for a moment, then she immediately answered, “Country Lord, inferno iron is a specialty of purgatory.

We do have some in our treasury, but there are very few of them.

We can only use them to refine more than ten Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

We cant refine anything more than that.

“These materials can only be obtained from killing purgatory-type monsters.

Only three pieces were dropped from killing this Inferno Bone Dragon.”

“I see! Looks like we really need to plan this out properly.”

He turned his gaze to the last item.

It was a crimson cape.

On the back of the cape was a roaring fire dragon.

It was ferocious and terrifying, but it also carried a special sense of beauty.

[Flaming Dragon Cape]

Quality: Epic

Vitality: 500

Agility: 200

Defense: 200

Characteristics: Immune to fire-type damage.

Li Xiang looked at this attribute and said with a disappointed expression, “This cape is better than nothing to me.”

However, from its design to its color, the cape looked very nice, and he could equip it.

It just so happened that he did not have a cape yet.


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