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[Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

Your Demon Lair has been successfully upgraded to Rank 2.

You have obtained new soldier types — Black Wing Demon (Against the sky), Vine Whisker Demon (Against the ground)!]

[Do you want to spawn a new demon]

[Yes] [No]


At this moment, Li Xiang hurried back as he was not in a hurry to check out the resource points anymore.

He was more concerned with his military strength than these trivialities.

When he arrived at the Demon Lair, Li Xiang pulled out the panel data, looked at the contents, and became depressed again.

Call —

[Black Wing Demon]: S-Rank soldier, extremely strong attack, medium defense, has very fast movement ability, is good at chasing, consumes 3000 Soul Points to spawn one.

[Vine Whisker Demon]: S-Rank soldier, average attack, extremely high defense, able to use demonized vine whiskers to restrict any ground unit, consumes 3,000 Soul Points to spawn one.

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Current Soul Points: 370

Soul Points were obtained by killing creatures.

Li Xiang had only killed a group of buffalos before.

Based on the average soul strength, one had contributed 10 Soul Points.

If he wanted to recruit an S-Rank soldier, he would have to kill a total of 300.


Li Xiang was helpless.

How could there be so many monsters in the safety zone for him to kill


Fortunately, there was a consolation prize.

A new demon was being spawned.

The first time a succubus appeared, it was a Boss-Rank unit that could crush everything.

What kind of surprise would the second time bring him

Li Xiang was looking forward to it.

Half an hour had become extremely long at this time.

However, he had a good way to pass the time.

Li Xiang wanted to come to the place where the barbarians worked hard.

They were very efficient.

Under the effect of the Great Construction, in just a short while, ten houses had taken shape.

Li Xiang was not here to inspect the work.

He stepped forward and said, “Bart! Sam called you an idiot.

Let me see your reaction as a man!”

“Roar! I want to beat him up!”

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Bart went to settle the score with Sam in a huff.

He came to the logging area and gave the other party a direct punch.

Sam was not a person who would not fight back.

He did not even question why the other party hit him.

He just raised his leg and kicked!


Li Xiang laid down and watched the show.


Carl was speechless.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed.

When Li Xiang heard the news of the successful spawning of the demon, he immediately got up and left.

At the same time, he did not forget to ask Carl to clean up the mess.

He did not want those two idiots to fight endlessly.

Outside the Demon Lair, a black gas also landed in front of Li Xiang and gradually condensed into a form.

The second demon was somewhat special.

It was a floating ball.

Its entire body was scarlet.

There were two cracks on the front, one big and one small.

[Eye of Insight] (Special Unit)


Quality: SS

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 9

Rank: 1

Attack: None



Skills: [Contemplation], [Absolute Defense], [Spell Rebound], [Eye of Six Paths]


SS-Rank Special Unit!

The Demon Lair did not disappoint him.

It was so generous.

However, this thing did not have any attack power.

Its defense and HP were also in a state where they could not be seen.

Li Xiang did not know what its uses were.

The skill was a little complicated, so Li Xiang could only click on the details to see the explanation.

[Contemplation]: Every time you use the skill, you will fall into contemplation until your energy is fully charged.


[Absolute Defense]: Passive skill.

Your entire body is covered in a light film.

It is not easy to receive spiritual damage.

[Spell Rebound]: Uses the main eye in the center to amplify and return the attack.

[Eye of Six Paths]: Splits into multiple sub-bodies, allowing accurate insight into the surrounding information, quickly understanding resources and danger.


Overall, it was a support-type demon.

Although it did not have any combat ability, Li Xiang was already very satisfied.

What did he need to care about the most in this Myriad World Continent

Soldiers strength Resources

None of them.

In this world, what he needed to be wary of the most were the dangers that lurked around him all the time and everywhere!

The Eye of Six Paths skill just happened to give Li Xiang the ability to see ahead, allowing him to stay one step ahead of the disaster.

At this moment, the large crack of the Eye of Insight slowly opened, revealing the pitch-black pupils inside.

“Greetings… Demon… Lord…”

The voice was a little tender and delicate.

Upon closer inspection, it came from a small crack.

He did not expect the Eye of Insight to have such a contrasting side.

As a demon, it had a voice that was not very ferocious.

“Introduce yourself to me,” Li Xiang said calmly.

“Yes… Demon Lord…”

The Eye of Insight began to describe with a lisp.

It turned out that this thing belonged to the eye demon category.

The eye demon had almost the strongest offensive ability among soldiers of the same level.

Not only could it bewitch people with its large eyeball, but it could also release a powerful ray attack.


However, the one before him was a little special.

It preferred to focus and meditate, so it had become the [Eye of Insight].

It called itself a scholar and knew everything.

After figuring out the use of the Eye of Insight, Li Xiang immediately gave the order.

“Go and investigate all the places outside the territory.

If theres any news, inform me.”


“Yes, my Supreme Demon Lord!”

The Eye of Insight was as loyal as the succubus.

It immediately used [Eye of Six Paths].

Immediately, its body began to crumble and split into hundreds of [Small Eye of Insight].

They scattered in all directions and rushed to the edge of the territory at an extremely fast speed.


It looked like it could obtain a lot of information at once.

It could scout out the situation around the territory.

Subsequently, Li Xiang wanted it to pay attention to some resources.

Once there were any findings, it would immediately report them.

In the end, the Eye of Insight did not react at all.

Only then did he realize that the Eye of Insights main body, which had already shrunk a lot, was already in a state of focus under the influence of the first skill, [Contemplation].

If he wanted to wake it up, he had to wait until it was fully charged.

Li Xiang was very troubled.

If that was the case, what could the Eye of Insight do even if it received any news

It wont be able to report at all!



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