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Meanwhile, on the battlefield, with Alice and the other Boss-Rank units taking action, the demon army was unstoppable.

A large number of undead warriors were killed, and the victory was completely sealed.

In a secret underground passage, Lord Tianchengs face was gloomy.

He was followed by two tall figures and advanced quickly without saying a word.

Behind him was the Necromancer, Master Cullen.

“Dont blame me, my Lord.

This is an order left behind by the Lord before he left.

If even the Inferno Bone Dragon is unable to defeat the enemy and doesnt give us a greater advantage, then it means that the enemys strength has already surpassed ours.

Theres no need to fight head-on; well bring you back.”

This team did not have many people, only around five thousand.

Compared to the five hundred thousand undead armies, this small number was really insignificant.

Moreover, with the assistance of spell casters who were proficient in the Earth movement technique, it was really not easy to hide the traces of five thousand people.

“The Inferno Bone Dragon is only a slightly stronger monster in purgatory.

Even if its defeated, it doesnt mean anything.

We still have hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

Its really a pity to give up just like that.”

Master Cullen smiled faintly and said, “Lord, you dont have to be discouraged.

Its extremely easy for us to obtain enough soldiers.

Even I can revive countless soldiers on the battlefield in an instant.

“But in essence, this isnt a battle between ordinary armies.

Our stitch giant monsters and the Inferno Bone Dragon didnt achieve the expected results means that the enemys high-end combat strength has surpassed ours.

“And the key to victory in a great battle is high-end combat power.”

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“But those undead armies…”

“Dont worry.

We wont let them be freeloaders.

Before I left, I already used the soul-burning spell that will burn the last wisp of their soul to inflict the greatest damage on the enemy, and then they will die completely.”

Hearing this, Lord Tiancheng was silent for a moment.

Then, he twisted his body and turned into a cute young boy of eight or nine years old again.

His voice was clear and crisp, and he said calmly, “Since we are going to retreat, then we should do it thoroughly.

The country lords who are loyal to us are useless now.

Let them do their job!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Master Cullen smiled in agreement.

Although the reputation of the undead race would be completely tarnished by this, reputation was dispensable to those who were powerful.

When their army arrived in the future, no matter what reputation they had, they would still have to submit.

“Then let them lead their own army to attack the other country lords! Do their best to cause destruction and chaos in Region 0043 and delay the demon army.”

At this moment, on the battlefield, the demon army had already obtained a huge advantage.

The victory has been decided.

However, at a certain moment, the low morale undead army suddenly changed.

One by one, their bodies began to expand, and their strength and speed skyrocketed, instantly turning the tide of victory.

Countless demon warriors were killed.

Li Xiang immediately noticed this scene, and his heart skipped a beat.

Fortunately, Alice and the others also noticed this.

They immediately controlled the demon army to gather and deal with it in defense mode.

Meanwhile, they directly attacked and killed these undead warriors, who seemed to have used some kind of secret technique to increase their strength.

Previously, Alice and the others wanted to capture a group of undead warriors to replenish the demon armys losses.

Now, it seemed that this goal was impossible to achieve.

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Fortunately, the berserk status of these undead warriors only lasted for a moment.

Then, their bodies went soft, and they fell to the ground, turning into a pool of pus and blood.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiang thought to himself, “How ruthless, what a good method!”

At this moment, he also understood that the purpose of these undead armies was to stall them and buy time for the other undead armies that had retreated.

This was more than a hundred thousand undead armies.

Although they had already lost hundreds of thousands of them, the undead soldiers that were able to survive until now could be considered elites.

Not only did they give up, but they also squeezed out their last bit of value before they left, not only did they cause huge casualties to the demon army, but they also did not leave any soldiers for the Demon Country to use.

Even if Li Xiang thought of this method, he could not use it.

At this moment, he raised the threat of the undead to another level in his heart.

But no matter what, the Demon Country had finally obtained victory in this battle with the undead, and it could be considered a glorious victory.

The combined armies of both sides had exceeded a million.

It had been less than a month since everyone had descended onto the Myriad World Continent.

Such a large-scale battle was definitely unprecedented.

Hence, the impact could be imagined.

On the [World Channel], the moment victory and defeat were decided, there was an uproar.

“I feel sorry for the undead.

They had such a huge advantage, but they were actually defeated by the Demon Country in the end.

Nearly a million troops were completely wiped out.

Its really hard to understand!”

“This is called doing too much evil brings about self-destruction.

Why did the undead race have to be so despicable In the end, they were still killed by the Demon Country on the battlefield in a fair and just manner.

I heard that person called Lord Tiancheng ran away with his subordinates at the same time the Inferno Bone Dragon died.”

“Hehe, doing too much evil brings about self-destruction.

Can you be a little more childish The key to victory was that the country lord of the Demon Country, Li Xiang, was more powerful than he had imagined.

Those five arrows had blown up the Inferno Bone Dragon.

That was a level 30 Inferno Bone Dragon.

If Lord Tiancheng of the undead race didnt retreat in time, would he have come down and let Li Xiang shoot him to death”

“I didnt expect the country lord of the Demon Country, Li Xiang, to be so good at archery.

Looks like I have to be careful in the future.”

“I dont think the amazing one is Li Xiang, but the battle bow in his hand! If I remember correctly, this battle bow seems to be a legendary weapon that the country lord of the Black Dragon Country has collected.

Its called the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow.”

“Although I dont know the specific attributes, as the name implies, I know that this battle bow definitely has a bonus to its lethality against dragon-type creatures.”

“No matter what, now that the undead has retreated, Region 0043 will probably be completely occupied by the Demon Country.

He had already occupied more than half of Region 0042, which was no different from completely occupying it.

Now that he has occupied the territory of two regions, the Demon Countrys strength will definitely surge.”

“Now that the regional war is not over yet, we have to be careful of the region around the Demon Country.

After the Demon Country reorganizes itself, it might immediately attack other regions.”

Li Xiang looked at the discussions on the world channel and shook his head inwardly.

After the war with the undead, he discovered many of his own countrys weaknesses and shortcomings.

Therefore, even if he had to attack other regions again, he would first solve the Demon Countrys own weaknesses.

The regional war would last for three months, so he was not in a hurry.


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