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Actually, most of the country lords were doing this.

It was just that these country lords strength was low, to begin with.

If they did not level up, they would not be able to deal with all sorts of dangers.

Only a country lord that had a powerful nation as Li Xiang had the conditions to use this method.

“Creak –”

The battle bow was drawn, and his gaze locked onto a stitch giant monster.

The golden light in his hand flashed and disappeared.

“Chi –”

The arrow turned into a golden light and flashed, instantly hitting the stitch giant monster.


The stitch giant monster had just grabbed a round boulder when its body suddenly exploded.

When Lord Tiancheng, who was in the undead army, saw this, his body moved and instantly appeared in the air.

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With a wave of his hand, a throne that was completely carved out of crystal appeared in the air.

But on this crystal throne, there were over a hundred skulls embedded.

With a glance, it was obvious that these skulls belonged to humans, but at this moment, they could only glare with their dark eye sockets and silently wail.

Lord Tianchengs small figure suddenly changed.

As he stretched, he turned into a handsome and slender young man.

At this time, he was already sitting on the throne, looking at Li Xiang on the battlefield with an indifferent expression.

“You are the country lord of the Demon Country, Li Xiang”

The voice was thousands of meters away, but it was not affected in the slightest.

It clearly spread across the entire battlefield.

Li Xiang looked at the other party coldly, but the battle bow in his hand did not stop at all.

He shot another arrow.

Lord Tiancheng laughed lightly and said, “How rude!”

As he said, he waved his hand, and a ray of light instantly fell on the body of a stitch giant monster, turning into a set of crystal clear armor.


After the arrow hit, it did not explode this time, but it suddenly exploded into a burst of flame.

This flame was scarlet red.

Although it was not hellfire, it was more than that.

The flame directly burned through the armor of the giant monster and ignited its body.

When Lord Tiancheng saw this, he frowned slightly.

“Li Xiang.

My lord has outstanding talent and strategy.

He has many soldiers and generals under him.

If you want to serve him now, my lord will definitely give you a position that is worthy of you, and he will give you enough autonomy, so you dont need to turn into an undead.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Li Xiang said calmly, “Serve him I have never had the thought of serving someone else.

Why dont you let your master serve me I am also willing to give him a satisfactory condition.”

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Killing intent flashed in Lord Tianchengs eyes.

He said coldly, “You refuse a toast and take a forfeit.

Do you think you can leave alive today”

Li Xiang laughed as he shot another arrow to kill another stitch giant monster.

“Youre not qualified to kill me!”

Lord Tiancheng looked hesitant.

He had a trump card, but once he used it, the outcome would be decided immediately.

However, he was not sure if Li Xiang had any trump cards.

If his judgment was wrong, then the million-strong army sent this time would be completely wiped out, and he would have a high chance of being left behind.

He was not afraid of death, but if he were to make such a desperate gamble, it would be a very heavy blow to his lords great cause.

He was weighing whether or not it was worth fighting to the death.

At this moment, along with the rapid shooting of Li Xiangs Dragon Slaying Battle Bow, the ten stitch giants were all killed.

The morale of the demon army instantly soared.

The country lord personally led the army and wiped out the strongest enemies.

If they were still cowering, even they would look down on themselves.

Without the stitch giant monsters boulder attack, the demon armys attack instantly went into berserk mode.

However, on the demon armys side, Alice, the Eye Demon, and the Demon Hunter did not make a move.

They were all vigilantly looking at Lord Tiancheng, who was sitting on the crystal skeleton throne in the distance.

At this moment, Lord Tiancheng had also made a decision.

The development of the Demon Country was too fast.

It had not even completely occupied a region yet, but its strength was already enough to fight against the undead army.

This kind of foundation and strength was too great a threat to the future development of the undead.

Wasnt the ultimate purpose of coming here this time to restrict the development of the Demon Country

He took a deep breath and took out a black card from his pocket.

On the card, there was a black shadow.

From Lord Tianchengs cautious expression, one could tell that this card wasnt simple.

This was a treasure obtained by Chen Feng, the country lord who controlled the undead race after killing an S-Rank wild monster.

[Inferno Bone Dragon Summoning Card]: Using this card, you can summon a level 30 Inferno Bone Dragon to battle.

However, dragons are arrogant.

If one did not have sufficient strength to control the bone dragon, it would attack indiscriminately or even retaliate.

This was the simple introduction of this card.

In the distance, Li Xiang saw a card suddenly appear in Lord Tianchengs hand.

His heart tightened slightly.

He knew that the real test had come.


Lord Tiancheng threw the card in his hand into the air.

“Roar –”

An earth-shattering dragons roar sounded in his mind.

Then, everyone saw a black light flash in the sky.

Then, a giant dragon made entirely of white bones leaped out from it.

The wings that were only left with bones should have been leaky, so it would be impossible for them to catch the wind and fly up.

But at this time, there was a black light flickering on the wings, and a flap of the wings brought up a storm on the plains.

Lord Tianchengs face was slightly flushed, and he mobilized all his strength, doing his best to control the bone dragons attack to fall on the Demon Countrys army.


After a dragons roar, a black-red flame was spat out from the dragons mouth.


Almost in an instant, a large portion of the demon soldiers was directly turned into ashes.

“Country Lord, this is hellfire, and its level is much higher than mine!”

Succubus Alices expression changed slightly.

Even though this demon had used hellfire before, facing the hellfire spat out by the bone dragon, it still felt a huge threat.

She believed that if she was hit by this flame, she would die without a doubt.

Hell bone dragons did not have much intelligence, and they were considered chaotic creatures.

However, its level was too high, and it was extremely difficult for Lord Tiancheng to control it.

At this moment, under Lord Tianchengs control, the dragons head turned and stared at Li Xiang, who was at the back of the demon army.

The hellfire in its mouth was faintly discernible.

“Country Lord!”

Li Xiang did not waste any time.

He pulled the battle bow in his hand, and a golden arrow appeared.

“This battle bow of mine is a dragon slaying battle bow.

No matter what kind of dragon it is, as long as it carries the worddragon, it will receive double the damage from the second arrow attack.”

“Moreover, facing this bone dragons attack, do you think that we can escape”

Before Li Xiang finished his words, the battle bow had already let out a buzz.


The golden arrow left behind a golden afterimage and arrived in an instant.

Perhaps it was because Li Xiang had chosen a good time, or perhaps it was just a coincidence.

This arrow flashed with golden light and directly entered the slightly opened mouth of the bone dragon.


The bone dragons body suddenly shook violently.

Although it did not fall apart, its body that was flying in the air paused for a moment before it directly fell from the sky.

Alice did not expect that the country lord would shoot the bone dragon down with one arrow.

This was simply inconceivable.

Her heart was filled with love instantly.

She wished that the country lord would take good care of her.


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