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With the speed of the undead armys attacks, they would be able to wipe out all the enemy country lords in Region 0043 in seven days at most.

Right now, both sides were competing over who was the fastest.

Compared to Li Xiang who had won over dozens of country lords through a public announcement, the effect of their public announcement was much worse.

Up until now, only three country lords had applied allegiance to him.

This was a trade-off.

If they could not quickly occupy enough territory, then the Demon Countrys strength in Region 0043 would surpass that of the undead.

At the same time, it also meant that the mission to conquer and occupy Region 0043 would fail.

If that was the case, he would become the first army commander under the country lord to fail the expedition.

He could not afford to lose his reputation.

“Other armies, speed up your attack!”

As the undead army changed, the situation on the battlefield also changed in an instant.

A portion of the undead army split into multiple routes to go on the expedition, while a portion of the army firmly blocked the demon army.

Li Xiang brought the army to the vicinity of Red Leaf Ridge.

Looking at the gloomy air and the ghostly shadows, he sneered, “Does the undead really think that they are invincible under the heavens Do they think that the zombies with high defense can hold us back”

Alice said, “Country Lord, there are 300,000 zombies on Red Leaf Ridge.

This zombie army includes ghouls, zombie warriors, zombie archers, and a small number of zombie mages.

They are very powerful.”

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Li Xiang naturally knew that those who could be sent to stop him were definitely not old, weak, or disabled.

However, having a strong army was not enough to win a war, especially in this extraordinary world.

“Vine Whisker Demon!”

“Your subordinate is here!”

“What are the arrangements on Red Leaf Ridge”

“Country Lord, after discovering that the zombie army is gathering here, we have already prepared 20,000 Vine Whisker Demon here for the ambush!”

The Vine Whisker Demon could burrow into the ground, and they were extremely good at hiding.

As long as they were given a battlefield, the power they could unleash was beyond imagination.

“20,000 is not bad! Today, we will give everyone a Vine Whisker Demon fire to burn the zombies.”

“Send the order for them to take action!”

The commander of the Vine Whisker Demons immediately passed down the order through special means.

Almost at the same time, a huge amount of vines came out from the underground of Red Leaf Ridge.

If the Vine Whisker Demon was to control the bow and arrows, it would only be three to five at most.

However, if it was to control the vines, each Vine Whisker Demon could control tens to hundreds of vines.

At this moment, countless vines crawled out from the ground and immediately bound the nearest zombie.

Although zombies moved slowly, their strength was extremely great.

Common Vine Whisker Demons could not completely control a single zombie with one or two vines.

However, if one did not work, then two vines would work.

If two vines did not work, then ten vines would work.

In a short span of ten breaths, more than half of the 300,000 zombies in Red Leaf Ridge had been controlled.

The remaining zombies had no choice but to flee in all directions.

The zombie commander Hao Meng was glaring with his black eyes while veins covered his bald head.

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They hadnt even started fighting yet, and half of their 300,000 armies had been controlled.

How were they supposed to fight

“Are you all dead Hurry up and help your comrades cut the vines.

Prepare for battle!”

These zombies intelligence was too low.

Otherwise, the zombie army would definitely become the undeads trump card legion.

After the zombies received the order, they finally began to slowly prepare to use their swords to cut off the vines on their comrades.

However, Li Xiang would not give them this opportunity.

The Black Wing Demon had already flown high into the sky.

Alice stood elegantly on top of it.

Her black hair fluttered in the wind, and her exquisite expression was icy.

Seeing that the Vine Whisker Demon army below had already made their move, the long whip in her hand shook, and countless black and red flames fell from the sky.

Red Leaf Ridge was named after a tree with red leaves, and the mountain was extremely beautiful.

If placed on Earth, it would definitely be an excellent tourist attraction.

But at this moment, as the flames fell, the vines that were activated by the Vine Whisker Demons immediately started burning.

What was even more unexpected was that after the red leaf tree on the mountain was tainted with the flames of Hell, not only did its main body not receive any damage but its leaves were covered in scarlet flames.

It was extremely beautiful and dangerous.

The zombies hiding in the woods, under the trees, and among the piles of fallen leaves were directly turned into terrifying fireballs under the burning of the double flames.

They were burned into ashes before they could even cry out in pain.

On a piece of empty land on the mountain peak that was not covered by the red leaf tree, the zombie commanders already bloodless face was filled with despair.

The 300,000 troops had been burned down to less than 3,000, and they were all squeezed into this small area on the top of the mountain.

It was not even worth mentioning when facing the Demon Countrys army.

Most importantly, he could not run even if he wanted to.

He sighed softly and said, “This is not a crime of war! No one would have thought that the Red Leaf Ridge would actually be so compatible with the fire.

Not only is it not affected, but it is also helpful for the growth of the fire.”

Alice rode the Black Wing Demon to the sky.

She said with a cold gaze, “Sir, arent you going to surrender”

The zombie commander laughed, and the despair on his face disappeared.

He roared angrily, “Fight!”


The three thousand zombies that stretched out their hands roared loudly.

Black gas spread out from their bodies, and they suddenly jumped up.

With a leap, they were dozens of feet high.

They were thinking of attacking the Black Wing Demon and Alice, who was flying at a low altitude.

These remaining zombies were the elites of the elite zombie army.

They were of high levels and were very powerful.

The moment they attacked, they were like thunder and lightning.

Although Alice was shocked, she did not panic.

With a swing of the long whip in her hand, hellfire rained down.

“Pa, pa, pa…”

Countless zombies that were charging over were not only lashed down from the sky, but the flames on their bodies were also crawling all over their bodies and burning.

When zombie commander Hao Meng saw this, a set of exquisite black armor suddenly appeared on his body.

At the same time, a large amount of black gas spread out and merged with the black gas on the bodies of his 3,000 subordinates.

Instantly, the intense flames of hell were suppressed.

Alice also took the opportunity to fly high into the sky.

Li Xiang saw the changes on the mountain at the foot of the mountain and was about to lead his army up the mountain.

But at this moment, not far behind him, a massive army of undead suddenly appeared.

Li Xiang was shocked.

He realized that these armies had all crawled out from the depths of the Earth.

It was obvious that they had been lying in ambush here for a long time.

There were no less than 500,000 of them.

What was worrying was that most of the undead army might be here.

In the air, Alice also saw the changes below.

Her expression changed drastically, and she turned around to rush back.

The zombie commander laughed, and a pair of blood-red fleshy wings suddenly grew out from behind him.

With a boom, he flew over.

“Little Beauty, youd better stay here obediently and accompany me!”

The zombie commander Hao Mengs attack was extremely fast, and his power was vigorous.

Alice could only dodge, and for a time, she was unable to help the battlefield at the bottom of the mountain.

Li Xiang took a deep breath.

He didnt expect that the undead race would actually build a path in the open to deal with him.

On the surface, they sent out many armies and other country lords, but in reality, their main forces had all rushed over here and were lying in ambush.


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