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Seeing that the demon army below had regrouped and charged again after a brief moment of chaos, he knew that unless he stayed here to fight to the death, he would not be able to delay this demon army no matter what.

But even if it was a death battle, he reckoned that he would not be able to hold on for long.

He dodged Alices flame whip in a sorry state, his heart hesitating.

It was also because of his hesitation that he was not focused enough.

Alice suddenly seized a flaw in his movement technique and swept the whip in her hand, instantly entangling Victor.

Victor was shocked, and his expression changed drastically.

He knew that if he could not break free, today would be the day of his death.

“Ow –”

Another [Death Howl] resounded across the battlefield.

Alice sneered and said, “This move was useful for the first time.

Even I was slightly dazed for a moment, but if you use it again, it will be useless to the demons.

Since the country lord wants you to die, you cannot live today!”


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The long whip shook, and the flames instantly became blazing.

Victor let out a shrill cry, and his entire body directly turned into a burning human-shaped torch in the air.

However, after a few breaths, he was completely turned into ashes.

The undead army below had already been retreating step by step.

Now that even the commander-in-chief was dead, their morale instantly disappeared.

Other than those who knew that they could not escape and were still fighting desperately, the others had already turned around and fled.

Li Xiang saw the head of an undead knight with a swing of his sword and let out a long sigh.

Seeing the army chasing after them, he immediately issued an order.

“Inform the army that they can only chase for 30 kilometers at most.

After 30 kilometers, they must return.

Those who disobey will be guilty and will not be rewarded!”


The Eye Demon memorized the order and immediately sent a message to his eye demon subordinates.

After that, he ordered the rest of the soldiers to clean up the battlefield while he turned around and returned.

“Country Lord! The undead race is trying to stop us.

Now that our plan has failed, what will they do Will they send more troops over”

The Succubus asked.

Li Xiang thought for a moment and said, “I dont think so.

If I were an undead army, under the right circumstances, even if I knew that we were coming, I would still use the fastest method to take down most territories.

“Only when we have taken over enough territories and the general trend is set will I come back to settle the score with us.

“This is a game to see who is stronger and faster!

“The more territories we take, the stronger the army.

Whoever has the advantage will be able to obtain the final victory.”

“Then should we also attack the other lords in Region 0043”

Li Xiang revealed a faint smile and said, “We definitely have to attack, but we might not have to do it.”

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The Succubus was a little confused.

Li Xiang did not explain further.

Instead, he opened the [Region Channel] and released an announcement.

[I hereby announce that all the country lords of Region 0043 who have pledged their loyalty to me shall receive the protection of the Demon Country.

If you want to be a righteous human, you can apply through the system to pledge your loyalty to me.

If you are attacked by the undead army, I will send an army to support you.

Otherwise, you will become my mortal enemy! Demon Country Lord: Li Xiang]

Actually, the region channel was already in chaos.

All sorts of cries for help, curses, and pleas were continuously sent out.

“F*ck, arent the undead race our allies Why is my country being attacked by the undead Cherry Blossom Country Lord, Divine Hawk Kingdom Lord, and War Bear Country Lord.”

“Who can save me My country is about to fall.

I dont want to become an undead!”

“Whats wrong with being an undead You can live forever.

This is a great opportunity!”

“F*ck you, since this is an opportunity, you can just slit your throat and commit suicide.

The undead wizards will resurrect you as an undead!”

At this moment, Li Xiangs announcement suddenly appeared.

The entire region channel instantly went silent.

Following that, all sorts of applications were quickly sent over.

In just a short dozen seconds, more than ten countries had become Demon Countrys vassal states.

Li Xiang sat on his warhorse, continuously clicking on the agreement, without wasting a single soldier.

After these country lords became Demon Countrys vassals, and after being attacked by the undead, Li Xiang was immediately able to discover their location.

He could directly teleport through the teleportation array.

This was the right of every country lord.

In the demon army, Lord Tiancheng was sitting on the spacious back of an undead giant bear, his face gloomy.

Naturally, he had also received the news of Li Xiangs announcement on the country lords region channel.

He really didnt expect that the other party wouldnt play by the rules and would directly use this move to recruit them.

Originally, it wasnt that he didnt know about this move.

In fact, he had even thought about it.

When the demon army attacks Region 0043s country lord, he would use his identity as the savior to release similar information.

He could practically obtain more support toward the undead races country lord without bloodshed.

At that time, he would lead the army and wipe out the remnants of the resistance.

It would be justified.

However, after Li Xiangs showy actions, he retreated in order to advance, pushing him into a dilemma.

“Interesting, interesting!”

Lord Tiancheng shook his two snow-white short legs, but his eyes were filled with anger.


“Your subordinate is here!”

The bald zombie commander replied loudly.

Lord Tiancheng glanced at him and said indifferently, “You lead the zombie army and focus on attacking the army that is loyal to the Demon Country.

Spare nobody.”


Following that, Lord Tiancheng also released a piece of similar information that Li Xiang had sent.

[Undead Race Announcement: The undead race has obtained the loyalty of thirty-four country lords.

We are respectfully advising the other country lords to give up on pointless resistance and join the undead races large family to sweep across the Myriad World Continent.

The powerful strength of the undead race will allow you to enjoy the joy of victory.

Anyone loyal to the country lord of the Demon Country will not be spared!]

Clamor —

The region channel was once again in an uproar.

“The undead race has just gone up against the Demon Country!”

“Theres a good show to watch.

Im in the middle anyway.

Lets see what the situation is like first!”

“The undead race is pretty good.

I heard that the undead race has already occupied quite a few large regions, and their power is extremely huge.

If they were to really fight, how could a mere region of the Demon Country be a match for the undead race”

“I dont want to be an undead, so Im standing on the Demon Countrys side this time.

The loyalty application has already been approved.”

“Why must we fight and kill! Isnt it good to grow flowers and plants and raise small animals” A female country lord said unhappily.

“Ha, this girl, dont complain.

This is a life-and-death struggle.

Just choose a faction to stand on.

As long as you have good foresight, you can rely on a faction in the future.

When the time comes, you can farm as much as you want and lie flat as you want.

How great would that be!”

“Oh no, the undead army has already reached the border of my territory.

Demon Country Lord, save me!”

At this moment, Li Xiang and the Demon Countrys army had finished their pursuit and returned.

They could mobilize their army at any time and enter the teleportation array to provide support.


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