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Li Xiang did not waste any time and directly activated his equipment.

Under the buff of the Personal Conquerors status, the attributes of the army once again soared.

“Soldiers, follow me and kill!”


The entire demon army was filled with elite units, and their levels were high enough.

Now that they had equipment and title buffs, their aura instantly soared.

Li Xiang rode on his warhorse, brandishing his Commanders Sword.

He took the lead and charged into the Shadow Fog.

“Woo woo woo…”

A large number of vengeful spirits turned into phantoms and wandered in the fog.

At this time, the fog was suddenly stirred, and these vengeful spirits were immediately alarmed and swarmed over.

However, as soon as they got close, they were scattered by the armys baleful aura that was enhanced with Berserk.

All of their attack methods were ineffective.

The gray fog churned violently.

Li Xiang and his army did not lose their way at all.

They charged forward madly and were about to break out of the fogs range.

On the other side, Baron Victors expression changed drastically.

He roared furiously, “Attack!”

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He knew that they must not let the enemy charge over.

Otherwise, their side would not be able to take action.

Although the undead knights were strong, they did not have much of a chance of winning under the assault of hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

Thus, he saw a wasteland separated by a semi-arc-shaped fog.

There were hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses on both sides.

The black mass was like a raging tide as they clashed against each other.


Countless figures collided with each other.

Fresh blood flowed everywhere.

Amidst the furious roars, the light of swords and sabers flickered under the sunlight.

There were even rays of strange magical light rising and falling one after another.

Tens of thousands of undead knights of the undead race wore black armor, and they were practically invincible among the army.

Wherever they passed, the soldiers of the Demon Country were directly sent flying.

Even if they encountered slightly stronger undead knights, they would be successively killed by the undead knights that passed by, and they would not be able to cause any ripples at all.

Fortunately, these soldiers were all strengthened by Li Xiangs two pieces of equipment, and their defense was extremely strong.

Even if they were sent flying and vomited blood, they would be able to recover very quickly.

Apart from a few who were directly killed, the rest could continue to fight.

However, the formation was broken by the undead knights.

It was very difficult to gather the strength of the army.

They could only fight on their own and were at a disadvantage.

As the commander-in-chief of the army, Li Xiang was not a simple-minded boor who only knew how to charge and fight fiercely.

He turned his eyes and saw the threat of the undead knights.

Although the agile vampires were strong, in terms of individual strength, the Demon Country was not inferior at all.

However, the Demon Country did not have a cavalry army like the undead knights.

“Damn it.

After this battle, I have to build such an army.

If I attack the city and conquer the land, wont I be invincible!”

As this thought flashed through his mind, his body moved and directly charged toward the undead knights army.

After all, this was not a secular war where one could rely on military services and training to be invincible on the battlefield.

This was an extraordinary world.

A true top-rank powerhouse would not fear the enemys numbers.

Li Xiang was such an existence.

Not only was his level high, but his equipment was also abnormal.

No matter how strong the undead knights were, they could not cause any waves in front of him.

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With an indomitable aura, Li Xiang directly collided with the leader of the undead knights.

The leader of this group of undead knights was also an S-Rank existence.

Although his level was not as high as Li Xiangs, with the impact of the army, common experts were not his match at all.

But now, this existence who was also riding a warhorse was unharmed.

Instead, he was sent flying by a distance collision.

The weapon that struck the opponents body was also rebounded by the powerful defense.

The sword in his hand almost flew out.

On his stiff and cold face, a glint flashed across his dark eyes that did not have sclera.


The undead knight, who was still in mid-air, let out a strange roar.

In an instant, all the undead knights behind him stopped in their tracks.

At the same time, a javelin made of white bones appeared in their hands.

As the roar fell, they flew out with a bang.

They all flew towards Li Xiang.

This commander of the undead knights had long noticed Li Xiangs existence and had a clear understanding of his identity.

Such an existence that was like a blazing sun on the battlefield must be a top figure of the Demon Country.

If he could kill him, he would be able to win this battle.

Therefore, even if he was sent flying, he could seize the opportunity in an instant and command his subordinates to launch a thunderous attack.

Li Xiang had never expected that the undead knight army would be so sharp.

They would stop as they were told and could even make use of the inertia of the sudden stop to launch such a berserk and ferocious attack.

Looking at the javelins that were even more terrifying than his own arrow rain, even though he was fully equipped with top-grade equipment, his face could not help but turn slightly pale.

Suddenly, there was a crisp sound, followed by a flame whip sweeping over.


The long whip spread out countless whip shadows, instantly knocking away all the javelins that were thrown over.

“Country Lord!”

Succubus Alice arrived in a flash.

Li Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, his eyes staring at the leader of the undead knights who had fallen to the ground in the distance, revealing his killing intent.


He did not waste any time, squeezed the horses belly, and charged forward again.

The succubus flapped her wings and flew up, the long whip in her hand striking down in the air.

All the undead knights that were charging over were instantly hit, and the hellfire on them instantly ignited on the bodies of these undead knights.

“Crackle, crackle…”

In the distant sky, Victor immediately let out a mournful howl when he saw this scene.

“Hum –”

This incomparably terrifying and ear-piercing sound invaded the minds of all the demon soldiers.

Even with the defense status of the two ideal top-grade equipment, it was inevitable that their vision would go black, and they might even be in a trance.

And the enemy took advantage of this opportunity to immediately attack, instantly causing huge casualties to the demon army.

Li Xiang was furious.

He pointed at Victor and said angrily, “Alice, kill him for me!”

Although Alice was worried about Li Xiangs safety, she still flew up without hesitation and rushed toward Victor.

At the same time, the Eye Demon behind Li Xiang flew over and guarded behind Li Xiang.

Hundreds of eye demon clones floated in the air, and rays of magic light shot out, killing all the enemies that approached.

Behind them, the Vine Whisker Demons sent out 10,000 people to control the 30,000 bows and arrows, aiming at this area at all times.

Any threatening existence would become the target of the archers.

In the air, Alices charm almost made Victor lose control, and his expression changed greatly.

He had relied on the treasure he had on him to resist this charm.

However, after dodging the charm attack, the flame whip that followed could not be dodged no matter what.

This whip seemed to have an automatic tracking function, and it could also have countless clones.

No matter how fast he was, there would always be a few whips lashing at him.

And once he was lashed, the flames on his body would burn and could not be extinguished.

He knew some detailed information about the Demon Country and the existence of this succubus called Alice, but he had not expected it to be so powerful.


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