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After returning, the first thing that Li Xiang did was to level up the Demon Lair that had met the requirements.

Then, he ordered the barbarians to cut down the wood.

The materials exchanged were not enough.

A wooden house needed at least 15 units of wood to build, but there were ten people here, so that would be 150 units.

The shortage of materials had to be harvested.

However, the barbarians were uncivilized.

It was equivalent to the primitive tribes in the stone age.

They did not even know how to make a fire and lived a life of eating raw meat and drinking blood.


If they were to use stones to cut wood, even if ten people worked together, even if they were barbarians with innate divine strength, they would not be able to get many units of wood in a day.

The efficiency was too low.

Fortunately, Li Xiang had the [Basic Tool Making Illustration Manual] in his hands.

It contained the principles of how to make a wood-cutting axe.

After teaching them everything, a group of simple-minded barbarians could easily make it.

When they personally experienced the convenience of tools and cut down the first tree, their faces were filled with surprise.

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“Combining stones and wood can have such a powerful effect.

Heavens, how did the lord come up with this idea”


“And that… whetstone, it really can sharpen a stone so much!”


“This kind of wisdom can only be possessed by the Sorcerer God, no wonder the Fire God worships the lord so much.”


“The power of wisdom! If I had even a tiny bit of the lords wisdom, the last time when I competed for the position of the tribal leader, the one who succeeded wouldnt be Carl but me!”


“Forget it, Bart.

With that small body of yours, you are only fit to smell God Carls farts!”


“Hehe, Carl is no longer the leader.

Idiot, you called him a god, then what do you take the new lord for”

“The Lord is the king of all gods; is there a problem”


“Why are you shouting so loudly; do you want to fight!”

“Fight then! Why would I be afraid of you!”


The two barbarians did not get along and started fighting.

Li Xiang, who was watching all this from afar, could not help but become speechless.

He glanced at the even sturdier barbarian beside him and shook his head slightly.

How silly.

Why was this race like a bunch of children, fighting so easily

Carl scratched his head.

Was the lord unhappy

He immediately shouted, “Bart! Sam! You two idiots hurry up and chop down the trees.

If you waste any more time, Ill take care of your butts tonight!”

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Li Xiang was speechless.

Well, hes even worse than these two.

However, after Carls shout, Bart and Sam became obedient.

It was unknown whether they were afraid of Carls night attack, or because Li Xiang, the new lord, was present, so they went to work obediently.

There were a total of eight of them, and they worked in groups of two, which was very efficient.

A tree with a diameter of more than a meter was cut down by them violently, and it only took them a few minutes to cut it down.

On the contrary, the subsequent flaying, pruning, and segmentation took more time.

Jed had originally wanted to come and help.

But seeing that this guy was heavily injured, so Li Xiang let him have a good rest.

There was one good thing about the barbarians physique, which was a quick recovery.

The burns on his body did not cause him any physical harm other than pain.

The fracture of his pinky was not a big deal.

He could recover in a few months.


After the others had harvested a certain amount of wood, Li Xiang asked them to split half of their people to build the camp.

Moreover, he gave the order that apart from building their own houses, they would also prepare accommodations for Li Xiang and the succubus.

The group of barbarians naturally didnt resist and agreed happily.

After that, Li Xiang didnt bother with them anymore and let the succubus go out to hunt wild beasts.

While harvesting experience and souls, he also prepared more food that the barbarian tribe needed to consume.

Judging from their appearance, this group of people definitely ate a lot.

It was impossible not to have a reserve of food.

Meanwhile, he brought Carl to patrol the territory.

Li Xiang wanted to prepare to go to the new territory to determine the location and the approximate number of resource points.

Unexpectedly, after Carl heard Li Xiangs intentions, he revealed a troubled expression.

“My Lord, for your safetys sake, if you want to go there for a walk, it would be best to bring the Fire God… Ah, no, its Lord Succubus.

Im not confident that I can protect you…”


Li Xiang smiled faintly.

“Why, are there really terrifying monsters in the territory”

“Thats not it…”

Carl answered truthfully, “Its just that recently, the surroundings of the territory arent too peaceful.

Theres a group of despicable creatures constantly thinking of invading us.”

“What is it”

“Goblins, an extremely greedy and violent race.”

A look of disgust appeared on Carls face.

“Their own territory has been snatched away by others.

Now, theyre relying on their own tribes large population and fast reproduction speed to invade other peoples territory.

Theyre despicable and shameless!”


Li Xiang chuckled but didnt say anything.

He didnt expect the barbarians to be peace lovers.


This was out of his expectations.

But he wasnt worried that these goblins would invade his territory.

After all, the novice protection period was still in effect.

As long as he didnt do anything stupid, he would be safe.

However, he still took another look at Carl.

He pulled out this guys stats panel.

He wanted to know what level this guy was at to be afraid of a group of goblins who were only fit to be the lowest level monsters in the game.

[Carl] (Elite-Rank Unit)

Quality: A

Race: Human

Growth Rate: 5

Rank: 5

Attack: 100-250 ( 5%)

Defense: 120 ( 2%)

HP: 2,500 ( 2%)


Skills: [Berserk], [Divine Power], [Battle Intent Roar]

Compared to the succubus, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

No wonder Carl was afraid of the goblins.

He was already Rank 5, yet he only had this little bit of attributes.

His skills were also the one-on-one combat type.

If he was surrounded by a bunch of goblins, even if these goblins had the attributes of C-Rank murlocs, Carl probably wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

Group battles were too weak.

However, in terms of individual strength.

Among the A-Rank soldiers, the barbarians offensive abilities could be considered top-notch.

After all, they had three buffs for their skills.

Once all of them were buffed, they would be like mini-bosses!

At this moment, a notification appeared in his mind.

The Demon Lair had successfully leveled up!


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