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Suddenly, someone said, “A bunch of idiots, whats there to be happy about Did you guys defeat the enemy, or did you guys seize the spoils of war Now that the Demon Country has left, the undead race is still here.

This is a force even stronger than the Demon Country.

How are you guys going to send them away”

The region channel instantly fell silent.

Everyone could not help but think of an even more terrifying question.

“This, something is indeed wrong!”

“Something is definitely wrong! The Demon Countrys retreat definitely has no good intentions!”

“Are they trying to see us fight with the undead or something The undead wont be fooled, right”

“Hehe, how naive! If you were in their shoes, would you give up”

Many of the country lords asked themselves and immediately knew that this was a problem that did not need to be considered.

As long as the undead were not sincere in helping them, it would be easy to invite the gods but difficult to send them away!


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“Are you trying to take us, Region 0043, as pushovers Everyone wants to step in! I will never yield!”

“Right! If the undead race wants to stay here and not leave, we will join forces to resist!”


“What are you going to use to resist The Demon Country is not afraid of the undead, but what confidence do we have to say that we are not afraid”

Someone rational and calm spoke in a somewhat disheartened manner.


“No matter what, if the undead race refuses to leave, I will go to the Demon Country.

At the very least, I will become a subordinate of the Demon Country, and I will still be a human.

At most, I will lower my head to one person.

At the end of the day, I will still be a good man.

If Im wiped out by the undead, itll be difficult to become a human.

Unless one of you wants to become an undead!”

“Whats wrong with being an undead Undead can live forever!”

“Thats right! An undead has no pain, no sense, and theres also a huge faction supporting you.

In this chaotic Myriad World Continent, no matter what, you can still be considered to have survived.”

“All of you, wake up! Do you really think that becoming an undead can grant you eternal life Thats the privilege of a high-rank undead, while a low-rank undead is just cannon fodder!”

Discussions broke out on the regions forums, with all sorts of opinions coming out.

As the three strongest country lords of Region 0043, the Cherry Blossom Country Lord, the Divine Hawk Kingdoms country lord, and the War Bear Country Lord had no choice but to gather together once more.

However, this time, they did not inform the undead races representative.

“Lets talk about it! How should we deal with the current situation!”

Duba frowned and said with a pained expression.

He really did not expect that previously they wanted the Demon Country and the undead race to fight to the death.

Even if they had to pay a price in the process, it was not unacceptable.

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However, all the country lords of Region 0043 immediately felt awkward after the Demon Country retreated.

To ask the undead race to leave at this time

Back then, they were the ones who had begged for help.

Now that they had nothing to gain, to ask the undead race to leave like this if he were in their shoes, he would probably be angry from embarrassment, right

But he could not let the undead race stay either.

Who knew what this undead race was up to Without the threat of the Demon Country, it seemed like a good thing, but now, it made the country lords of Region 0043 feel even more insecure.

This time, Miyamoto Sakuragis face was no longer as calm as before.

There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth, and he sat weakly in the high-back chair, and he said slowly.

“Im sure that the Demon Country Lord has seen the current situation clearly, which is why he has a plan to withdraw.”

“With the strength of the Demon Country, he might not be a match for us two regions working together, but its impossible for us to take down Region 0042 if we work together.

Just crossing the border is an impossible task.”

“This move is really too ruthless.

Hes using retreat to advance, directly putting us on the fire and putting us in a dilemma!”

The country lord of the War Bear Country, Rev, shouted in a rough voice, “What are you afraid of Even if were occupied by the undead, were still the country lord.

As long as were loyal, its fine.

It shouldnt be any different from surrendering to the Demon Country Lord.”

Miyamoto Sakuragi, who was sprawled out on the chair, had a slight glint in his eyes.

A smile appeared on his face as he asked curiously, “I heard that its all thanks to you, Rev, that we were able to contact the undead this time”

Rev laughed and said, “No, I just accidentally destroyed the lair of an undead race monster.

Who would have thought that the leader of the monsters in this lair would have a treasure that could contact the undead race.”

Miyamoto Sakuragis face revealed a look of realization.

He nodded and said, “If thats the case, then you should know the attitude of the undead race very well, right I wonder what the undead race is thinking right now Will they leave or stay”

“Cough! This just happened not long ago.

How could I possibly know what the undead race is thinking”

Duba turned his head and gave Rev a deep look.

He said, “If thats the case, then the undead races position should be taken into consideration by Country Lord Rev.

Its very important to get a response as soon as possible!”

“Dont worry! This is related to my own interests.

I will definitely be concerned!”

Rev knew that Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba were very likely to suspect him.

But even so, he was not afraid at all.

“Since thats the case, if theres nothing else, Ill take my leave first!”

Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba did not try to stop him.

After Rev disappeared, Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba looked at each other.

For a moment, they did not know what to say.

“Does this count as inviting a wolf into the house” Miyamoto Sakuragi said with some discomfort.

Duba said indifferently, “If it werent for the undead races participation, we would probably have become the Demon Countrys captives by now.

There are gains and losses.

It couldnt be helped that we are lacking in strength.”

Miyamoto Sakuragi said disdainfully, “At that time, we thought that the Demon Country could be easily captured.

Now it seems that we have overestimated ourselves.

What are your plans”

Duba asked back, “I want to hear your thoughts first!”

“Hmph! Me To be honest, I dont know what to do now! Im sure that once the undead leaves, the Demon Country will enter again.

These two forces are not good!”

“Yeah, theres a wolf in front and a tiger behind.

Its a dilemma! I plan to contact the Demon Country.

What do you say”

“Do you really think so” Miyamoto Sakuragi was a little doubtful.

Duba said calmly, “Theres no other choice.

The undead was overbearing.

If we surrendered, we could only turn into undead.

After turning into undead, we would lose all feeling.

Drinking wine would be tasteless.

Whats the point of living any longer”

“Alright! If theres no other choice, Ill choose Demon Country too.

But now is not the time to make a final decision.

We still have to see the undeads reaction first!”


The two of them also left the meeting hall and returned to their own countries.

Under Region 0043, there was a huge underground karst cave space.

At this moment, this huge karst cave space was filled with a lot of undead.

Low-rank soldiers like skeletons and zombies were extremely quiet.

The truly powerful ones were the undead knights, vampires, ghouls, undead spiders, and other terrifying soldiers.

The entire underground cavern space had obviously been renovated.

Other than a few large cavern spaces used for garrisoning troops, there were also a few small caves that had been decorated.

In one of the caves, Lord Tiancheng, Victor, and a few other extraordinary figures were gathered here.


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