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Actually, Li Xiang did not feel any sense of belonging to the demon race.

However, the demon races combat strength was indeed powerful, and they were his only talent.

He could not give up on them.

From the other non-demon subordinates he had subdued, it could be seen that whether it was Isabella or the various elves, he yearned for beauty in his heart.

As for demons, other than the succubus, what else could be considered beautiful

It was already good enough that they were not ugly.

“Does the country lord mean that the undead race of Region 0044 has an even greater force behind them”

Li Xiang shook his head slightly and said, “It should be that they have occupied more territory than just Region 0044.

Although I dont know how they did it, it is obvious that their power is stronger and bigger.”

Alice took a deep breath and said, “If thats the case, it will be even more difficult for us to occupy Region 0043.

We might even be swallowed by the undead.”

“Yes! Thats why Im very concerned about the information about the undead.

But obviously, they have also made a move to keep their information confidential.” A strange look flashed across Li Xiangs eyes.

“But its precisely for this that such enemies are interesting.”

Li Xiang had never taken those enemies he had met before to heart.

Even if their foundations were deep, so what if they had many soldiers

For the sake of some insignificant benefits, they were arrogant enough to provoke and make enemies everywhere.

Such people were born to be cannon fodder.

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Although this was a tough nut to crack, it was interesting to gnaw on it.

Li Xiangs eyes flashed with wisdom as he slowly said, “Withdraw the armies of the other lords and let them return to their own territories.”


Alice was a little confused, but she still replied immediately, “Yes!”

She gave a few orders but did not leave immediately.

“Withdraw our own armies too!”


They had finally occupied such a bridgehead, and now Li Xiang was planning to give up

Li Xiang said softly, “Do you think that the undead race is taking action to help the country lords of Region 0043 resist our attack”

Alice shook her head but still said, “Perhaps, these country lords have brought out enough resources or treasures to tempt the undead race”

“With the power and heritage of the undead, so what if they have good treasures Wouldnt they snatch what they cant get Were in the middle of a regional war now, so its reasonable to attack each other.

We dont need a reason.

As long as were strong enough, we can snatch whatever we want.”

Alice blinked her beautiful big eyes and nodded.

She had to admit this.

“So, do you still think that the undead wants to help the country lords of Region 0043 defend against our attack”

“I dont think so! When they want to annex Region 0043, they wanted to annex Region 0042 as well.

Arent they too ambitious”

“If they have the power, they naturally have to match the corresponding ambition.”

“Then, Country Lord, are you withdrawing your army to allow Region 0043 to be annexed”

“Of course not! Think about it.

Without our threat, the country lords of Region 0043 wouldnt need the undeads support.

Do you think the undeads army would obediently withdraw”

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“Hiss! Country Lord, youre retreating to advance.

Do you want them to fight each other”

Li Xiang sighed softly and said, “Although we are very strong, our chances of winning are not high against two regions and an unknown undead race.

Since thats the case, well let them fight first and see how strong the undead race is.

“I dont think the country lords of Region 0043 are willing to become part of the undead race, right Its also possible that the undead has very long lifespans or even immortality in disguise.

Its very likely that some perverted people will agree.

“But no matter what, if the undead race wants to take down Region 0043, they must show off their methods and strength.”

Alice nodded with a smile.

But then she said with some doubt, “Even so, we dont have to give up on the three pieces of territory! If we keep it, once the undead fight with the people of Region 0043, well be able to get more information.

Isnt it better to just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight”

“Of course not! If it were you, when you see that the original enemy isnt attacking and the undead isnt leaving, its easy to think of a plan.

“We have to put on a show.

We should just give up these three territories and return to Region 0042 so that they can take over this place again.

Only in this way can they be at ease and become wary and suspicious of the undead.

“Only when there are no worries will they be at ease to fight the undead!”

“What if the undead also give up Region 0043”

Li Xiang smiled and said, “Thats good too! Well just go to another region first.

Theres not only Region 0043 next to us.

Theres Region 0033 to the north, Region 0023 to the south, and Region 0041 to the west.

We can fight any way we want.

“But even so, I still want to take down Region 0043.

Even the undeads territory.”

Alice smiled and complimented, “The country lord is wise!”

Li Xiang was a little speechless and shook his head.

“Hurry up and make the arrangements!”

After Alice left, Li Xiang pondered for a while and called the Eye Demon.

“Country Lord!”

“Mhm! Ill arrange a mission for you.

Leave some of your clones to hide in Region 0043, and mainly pay attention to the movements of the country lords and the undead.

Hide well, and dont be discovered by others.”

The Eye Demon didnt ask why.

After leaving, he immediately began to carry out his orders.

After that, he summoned the leader of the Vine Whisker Demon and asked him to leave a portion of the Vine Whisker Demons behind.

He asked them to dig a secret chamber dozens of meters underground and set up a communication circle inside, and he also prepared several backup exits.

When it came to digging pits, it was easy for the Vine Whisker Demon to do it.

In less than a day, five secret tunnels of different lengths were dug, enough for the Eye Demon to pass through.

Due to the special rules, the two regions were unable to communicate instantly, even if it was the Eye Demons clone.

That was why he had made such arrangements.

After everything was set up, Li Xiang directly led the Demon Countrys army to retreat through the teleportation array.

Not long after, the country lords of Region 0043 received the news that the demon army had retreated.

Instantly, the region channel of Region 0043 was in an uproar.

“Hahaha, the Demon Country Lord has retreated.

Hes scared!”

“Ive already arrived at the border.

There arent any soldiers from the Demon Country here.

Theyve really retreated.”

“Why The Demon Country Lord clearly has the advantage.

Even if we have the help of the undead race, theres no need for them to retreat!”

“Perhaps the Demon Country Lord feels that hes unable to contend against the alliance of our two regions Since they were unable to win in the end, they might as well retreat as soon as possible to prevent losses.

Its not like they can only attack this area.

The other three directions are also fine!”

“Thats right! The Demon Country Lords decision is wise and correct.

As expected, every single person who can gain a firm foothold in the Myriad World Continent isnt a simple character.”

The group of country lords almost raised their cups to celebrate.

They excitedly discussed and expressed their joy.


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