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The young man, Lord Tiancheng, was very dissatisfied with the threes reactions.

A stern look flashed across his eyes.

Even so, after this dissatisfied expression was reflected, it made him even more adorable.

It even made people unable to resist wanting to hug him and show him some affection.

“Cough! Lets get down to business!”

The vampire Victor felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

Although Lord Tiancheng looked young, there was a special reason.

In reality, he was older than the vampires.

He definitely could not let these ignorant humans offend Lord Tiancheng.

Otherwise, the consequences would be hard to predict.

He remembered that the powerful country lord who had offended Lord Tiancheng previously had now become a corpse.

He was suppressed under Lord Tianchengs throne, and his head was even made into a handrail.

Miyamoto Sakuragis eyes flickered slightly, and he hurriedly said, “Lord Tiancheng, please forgive us.

These two fellows havent seen much of the world.

Please dont mind!”

Lord Tiancheng lightly hummed in acknowledgment.

Suddenly, he felt that this effeminate male was much more pleasing to the eye.

“The Demon Country has now occupied three territories in Region 0043.

It has become the bridgehead for the invasion of this area.

How are you going to defend against the follow-up attack”

Miyamoto Sakuragi asked in surprise, “Lord, by asking this, do you not intend to continue providing support to us”

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Lord Tiancheng said calmly, “There will be support, but it will take time to mobilize manpower.

Moreover, it wont be done just by randomly sending an army over.

Do you think that a country war is just a game People will die in war.”

Hearing this, Miyamoto Sakuragi could not help but curse in his heart.

“Can undead be considered human Wont they be able to resurrect even if they die Do we still need to talk about strategies”

Even though he cursed in his heart, what came out of his mouth was, “My Lords, so what are your plans”

“We will send another batch of troops over, but the timing of the attack will depend on your performance.

If you are useless, then the undead race will not let their own troops become cannon fodder.

If you guys can obtain a certain advantage or battle results, we will naturally not be stingy with our assistance.”

Duba let out two dry laughs.

He had clearly understood the meaning of Lord Tiancheng.

It meant that if there was any benefit, everyone would get it.

If there were difficulties, everyone would bear it themselves!

“How can this be called assistance”

Rev stood up with a loud sound and asked with a furious expression.

However, Lord Tianchengs expression didnt change.

He just looked at the three of them indifferently.

Victor, the vampire, smiled elegantly and said, “Dont be anxious, the three of you.

Since we have already interfered, how can we just stand aside and do nothing However, your previous performance should at least give us some confidence, right Trust is mutual.

We made a move earlier to express our sincerity, but your battle results didnt reflect your strength.

This is very difficult to handle!”

Victors words were like needles hidden in cotton.

He spoke calmly, but in the ears of the three people, the meaning was still the same.

There was no change.

At most, it was a little tactful.

Duba stretched out his hand and pulled Rev to sit down.

Only then did he turn his head and say, “In that case, well wait and see.

Well look forward to the arrival of the undead army.”

Tiancheng nodded slightly and got up to leave first.

Victor, who was behind him, even bowed.

He was being respectful.


Rev smashed his fist onto the table, and he said angrily, “They actually have the nerve to say that were not strong enough F*ck, if it wasnt for the two of them asking us to cooperate with them, would we have lost Now theyre blaming us.

This is ridiculous!”

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Duba frowned and said, “Then what can you do Were sandwiched between the undead race and the Demon Country.

Neither of them is easy to deal with.

We can either submit to the Demon Country and become its subordinate, or we can submit to the undead race and become the undead.

We have no other choice.”

“These undead races dont have good intentions!”

Miyamoto Sakuragi said calmly.

Duba and Rev turned their heads to look.

“Did you notice something”

“Dont you guys find it strange If the undead race really joined forces with us, even if we cant defeat the Demon Country, we can still protect ourselves.

But they didnt do it.

Instead, they made us take action.

They hid behind us and waited for an opportunity to take action.”

“Isnt it obvious They want us and the Demon Country to suffer heavy losses.

In the end, they will reap the benefits.

If you cant even see that, then why are you still the country lord Go back and set up a stall to sell power pills!”

Duba sneered and said, “So what if we can see through it”

Miyamoto Sakuragi stood up and said in a casual tone, “Naturally, well have to rely on our own methods.

I want to go back and think about it carefully.

Suit yourselves!”

After saying that, his body swayed as he left.

“This damn sissy!” Rev cursed in dissatisfaction.

Duba also stood up and said, “Lets go too! The appearance of the undead race would definitely make the Demon Country suspicious, and it should not launch another attack in the near future.

We can make use of this time to make better preparations.”

In fact, Duba was not confident about this at all, and his heart was even filled with pessimistic thoughts.

But it was impossible to make him kneel down like that.

“No matter what, I have to struggle for a while.

If I really cant do it, Ill just surrender! As for turning into an undead, Im not interested at all.”

Although the undead race was very powerful, Duba had his own unique understanding of living.

Rev watched as Duba left, and his gaze gradually became deep.

At the border between Region 0043 and Region 0042.

Li Xiang was listening to Succubus Alices report in a slightly shabby hall.


“We lost 33,000 troops in this battle, most of which were the troops of other suzerains.

After all, the quality of their troops isnt high.

Only their numbers are worth mentioning.

“If they didnt act with us, at least half of them would have died.

At this level of casualties, they are all very satisfied and have no complaints.”

Li Xiang nodded his head lightly and didnt say anything.

“Other than that, the resources in the three territories that we have occupied have been counted.

The total amount of grain is about 300,000 tons, and all kinds of mineral resources are about six million tons.

Other than that, some local products are not very valuable.

The quantity is also not much.

They are dispensable to us.”

“Theres still no news of the undead race”

“Yes!” Alice lowered her head in shame.

Li Xiang pinched his chin and suddenly let out a chuckle.

Succubus Alice raised her head in surprise and looked over.

“It shows how powerful the undead race is as my information channel doesnt dare to sell any information related to them.

A mere region cant have such a deterrent force.”

Succubus Alice nodded and said, “Perhaps, Region 0044 is the representative of the undead race here”

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “No, no matter how powerful the undead race is, under the supervision of the system, they cant provide much help, let alone intimidate.

Dont forget, we also have the support of the Abyss Demon Race!”


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