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What made the lords of Region 0043 even more incredulous was yet to come.

After a short moment of stupor, as if stimulated by the blood in front of them, the eyes of the wolf cavalry soldiers charging at the front began to fill with blood, and their breathing became rough.

The orcs fierce attitude was fully displayed.

They were no longer afraid but rushed toward Li Xiang without caring about their own safety.

In their opinion, they had several thousands of men, so no matter how high the opponents attack was, as long as each of them slashed out, the human in front of them would be chopped into minced meat.

-1… 1… Block… 1… Block… 1… 1…

A series of unbreakable damage numbers appeared on Li Xiangs head.

And at Li Xiangs feet, there were already more than ten dead bodies of the wolf cavalry soldiers.

The wolf cavalry soldiers, who had always been successful, had really kicked an iron plate this time.

A trace of fear appeared on their faces.

The war had just begun, but it had already become a huge meat grinder.

In just ten minutes, the bodies of the soldiers from both sides at the front of the battlefield had formed a wall of corpses that was about three meters tall.

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However, judging from the clothes of the corpses, most of them were soldiers from Region 0043.

The frontline was slowly advancing towards Region 0043.

At this moment, the big shots of Region 0043 were panicking.

They had never expected the war to develop like this.

They all left their own garrison region and rushed toward the temporary command center.

The scene once again shifted to Li Xiangs position.

The wolf cavalry soldiers who were charging at the front had already suffered heavy casualties.

They had no choice but to make way for the remaining elites at the back.

At this time, Li Xiang was fighting against the orc berserkers, who were known as the divine weapon of war of the orc race.

These berserkers had just arrived on the battlefield when they activated their Berserk skills.

With their attributes fully activated, their attack was like a raging storm, and their momentum was magnificent.

A series of double-digit damage floated above Li Xiangs head.

Even though he was like a blood bull, it was still somewhat difficult for him to parry.

Li Xiang, who had achieved his goal of testing his strength, no longer continued to fight.

He stopped in his tracks and blocked the attack from the opposite side.

His action seemed to be a signal.

Waves of demonic aura rose, and the terrifying pressure unique to the demon race rushed toward the front of the battlefield.

This was a night demon puppet legion led by the Succubus Lilith.

[Night Demon Puppet] (Elite Unit)

Quality: A

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 7

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Level: 6

Magic Attack: 1,420-2010

Defense: 230

HP: 8,000


[Eternal Night] (Passive): HP regeneration increases by 200% in the dark.

[Void Transformation]: Body reincarnated into the void, immune to all physical attacks, magic damage increases by 200%.

A day ago, Li Xiang had considered for a long time before finally choosing the Night Demon Puppets as the surprise weapon in this war.

Facing the magic-retarded orc warriors, the immunity to physical attacks after activating skills was like a god-like existence.

Under the leadership of Succubus Lilith, the 200,000 Night Demon Puppets legion was like a sharp awl, ruthlessly piercing into the enemys camp.

The gap was getting bigger and bigger, and it would not be long before it pierced through the enemy camp.

Under the huge battle results, the morale of the soldiers under Li Xiang was high.

Although the casualties were still heavy, they were still fearless and bravely killed the enemy.

The soldiers of Region 0043 were the exact opposite.

Their comrades fell one by one, and they almost lost their desire to fight due to fear.

As they put up a perfunctory resistance, they retreated to their own camp.

At this moment, the lords of Region 0043 who had just gathered were completely flustered.

A battle that seemed easy to them had turned into a one-sided defeat due to carelessness.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

Facing huge losses, the lords who were worried about the defense of their territories retreated.

They shouted as they led their personal guards to retreat towards their own territories.



“Stop them!”

“Those who retreat will die!”

Hearing that their lords were retreating, the lords who were still discussing how to form a counterattack changed expressions.

However, even after killing a few lords who were retreating, the situation of being defeated could not be salvaged.

The defeated army retreated like a tide.

The battle line advanced quickly.

Very quickly, after taking down the last enemy near the teleportation formation, Region 0042 took over the entire border region.

“Stop chasing, establish a defensive position, and clean up the battlefield.

Especially those corpses, no matter which side they are from, we have to stab them!”

Li Xiang gave an incomprehensible order.

The warriors who stopped the pursuit were stunned for a moment, then turned their angry gazes in the direction of Li Xiang.

In their understanding, corpses were the last proof of a persons existence in the world.

The dead should be released, not desecrated.

Unlike other random armies, the Demon Legion that Li Xiang had recruited immediately stopped the pursuit after hearing the lords order, turning around to finish off the surrounding corpses.

One stab to the chest, one stab to the heart, and one stab to the brain.

The sound of popping could be heard continuously.

The reason why this order was given was that during the initial investigation of the battlefield, undead figures had been discovered here.

According to the Eye Demon, the best way to prevent necromancers from summoning corpses was to destroy the hearts and skulls of the corpses.

Corpses that had their hearts destroyed would not be summoned to become zombies.

Corpses that had their skulls broken would not be turned into skeleton soldiers.

“Hmph, I really dont know what Li Xiang is thinking.

He doesnt even understand the logic of taking advantage of the situation to pursue the enemy!”

“Dont bother about him.

Region 0042 has already become his world.

We need to take advantage of this war to think about the future.”

“Actually, Im more interested in Region 0041.

Compared to Region 0043, which produces orcs, I prefer the various elves from Region 0041.”

“Do you think I dont want to go Lets not talk about that stronghold for now.

When the regional war was announced, Li Xiang sealed off our border with

Region 0041.

We cant leave even if we want to.”

“F*ck, does he really think that heaven is the boss and hes the second”

“Alright, stop complaining.

The situation is great.

Lets attack quickly and take down a piece of territory.”

The lords who did not submit to Li Xiang grumbled as they chased after the defeated army.



Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a cold wind blew in the air.

Wherever the cold wind passed, everyone on the frontlines shivered.

A sense of disgust that came from the depths of their souls arose.

“Its the undead!”

The knowledgeable Eye Demon cried out in surprise.

With a wave of his arm, a huge map appeared in front.

They did not notice anything unusual on the battlefield.

Now that the battlefield had shrunk into a map, they immediately noticed something amiss.

“This is… the great summoning array of the undead!”

As a high-rank mage, Isabellas face immediately turned pale when she saw the circle that covered the entire front line.

“Necromancers, there are necromancers here.

Find them!”

Li Xiang shouted and stared in the direction of the battlefield.

The earth was still shaking, and the disgusting aura in the air was getting stronger and stronger.

Millions of soldiers were quickly stabbing the corpses while looking for the necromancers that the lord mentioned.


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