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Just as Li Xiang and the others were trying out the effects of the Magic Tower, the Myriad World was also discussing this once-in-a-thousand-year “genius”.

In a certain resplendent palace, a middle-aged man dressed in imperial robes was calmly looking at the ministers who were discussing amongst themselves.

“Your Majesty, Li Xiang did not explicitly indicate that he belongs to a particular faction.

We must do our best to rope him in.

The intelligence obtained by the secret intelligence department shows that although the Myriad Worlds Country Lords Guild had a conflict with him, the Myriad Worlds Country Lord did not have any enmity toward him.

Its just that this person does not seem easy to get along with.”

“Hmph! So what if hes not easy to get along with Submit or die!”

“Idiot, all you know is to fight and kill.

Dont you understand how important a person with the title ofConqueror of a Region is to the empire”

“No matter how useful he is, hes still a rookie.

Who knows, he might have been groomed by some major faction! Moreover, our Haibo Empire is thousands of miles away from him.

Even if we were to recruit him, do you think he would be able to make it here alive If we cant get it, we can just destroy it!”


“Enough! Why are you arguing about everything!” Seeing that the ministers had decided to go all out, the middle-aged man in the imperial robe finally spoke.

When the hall was quiet again, he continued, “Continue to follow up the intelligence.

Leon will arrange some benefits for him at the appropriate time.

Once it is confirmed that he cannot be recruited, kill him!”

“Yes, Sir!”

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Far away in the Abyss Demon Region, a group of demons who were emitting powerful auras were also discussing Li Xiang.

“Tell me, what about this little fellow from our demon race”

“Boss, this kid, Li Xiang, is a pure human.

Its just that his talent race is the demon race.”

“Human Not necessarily.

To be able to awaken his demon talent, he will turn into a demon sooner or later.”

“Then should we help him The newcomers this year arent simple.

Its said that many major forces are meticulously grooming new people.”

“Whats the rush As someone whos able to obtainConqueror of a Region, even if hes a newcomer, he shouldnt be easy to deal with.

We only need to help that kid block the major forces and directly take action.”

“Hehe, Boss, youre right.

I really like that kids way of doing things.

After so many boring years, I can finally move my body.”

“Hehe! Dont be anxious.

After the novice war is over, well be able to see him.

A little girl from my race is doing quite well under him.

Should I arrange for a few more little girls to go over”

“Moji, you should at least leave some soup for others when youre eating meat.

You should know that theres a limit to the number of talents a race can nurture!”

“Hehe, I know, but what if that kid only likes our succubus race”

As time passed, the war horn was getting closer and closer.

Apart from a few guards, the remaining forces of the lords of Region 0042 were all pushed to the border.

At the border of Region 0041, Li Xiang had arranged for more than ten lords of medium strength to guard it.

Their mission was only to block the valley at the border of Region 0041 to prevent the enemy forces from suddenly charging out.

As for himself, he brought the remaining forces to the border of Region 0043.

Due to Li Xiangs dominance, the center of the border of Region 0043 was filled with his men, while the unspecialized lords were arranged on the two wings and behind to act as support.

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After all, a team only needed one voice to speak.

[Region-wide Broadcast: The Regional War is about to begin.

Region lords, please get ready.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… the regional war has officially started!]

The moment the war began, a spatial door appeared between the two camps.

Li Xiang hurriedly clicked to check.

[Portal: (Opens for a limited time during the regional war)]

[To garrison: Yes/No]

Li Xiang clicked no and instantly understood.

It seemed that the portal was prepared for the enemy to quickly teleport to the inner region of Region 0042.

The region near the portal would definitely form a huge meat grinder in this war.

Gazing at Region 0043, Li Xiang raised the Commanders Sword in his hand and shouted at the moment he activated the characteristic, “Attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xiang took the lead and charged toward the enemys position.

In the temporary command center of Region 0043, a few powerful lords were observing the situation on the battlefield.

When they saw Li Xiang charging out carelessly with his long sword in his hand, they all laughed out loud.

“The idiot at the front is Li Xiang I thought he was a powerful person, but it turns out hes just a lucky idiot!”

“He must be out of his mind.

How could the commander-in-chief rush out to his death right after the battle started!”

“The war is stable this time.

Everyone, since the commander-in-chief has come out, lets at least express our gratitude and directly send the sharp knife troops to destroy him!”

“Yes, good!”

“Hurry up and finish this boring war game.

The concubines in the castle are still waiting for me!”

At this moment, they had already determined that this was like a childs play battle.

After sending out a portion of their elites, they returned to their own region one after another, waiting for a large-scale invasion.

On the battlefield, Succubus Lilith and Demon Hunter accompanied Li Xiang as they charged forward.

“Lord, isnt it too dangerous for you to do this” Lilith asked.

“Its fine.

My strength has increased too quickly.

I need to test out how I am in a real battle,” Li Xiang replied.

Although she was still a little worried, seeing that Li Xiang was so determined, Lilith could not persuade him.

She could only protect Li Xiang even more carefully.

After receiving the reward, Li Xiang had once fought against Lilith alone.

Without the addition of various attributes, Liliths attack reached a terrifying 7,600 points.

Such a high attack only dealt around 100 damage to Li Xiang, who was at his full status.

Li Xiang firmly believed that there was absolutely no one on the battlefield that could instantly kill him.

This was what Li Xiang relied on for his bold charge.

The two camps were getting closer and closer, and soon, they were going to engage in close combat.

At this moment, in Camp 0043, a wide passage split open from the middle, and waves of smoke and dust rushed towards the front of the formation.

Li Xiangs heart skipped a beat when he saw this scene.

He quickly turned around and whispered a few words.

Lilith hesitated for a moment and went to make arrangements.

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Li Xiangs mouth.

Without hesitation, he sped up again and charged toward the other party.

Thousands of wolf cavalrymen riding on giant wolves arrived quickly in front of Li Xiang with smoke and dust.

They stared at Li Xiang with bloodthirsty eyes as if the person in front of them had become fish meat on a chopping board.

However, what they did not expect was that the human in front of them did not dodge.

Instead, he raised his shield and slashed down with his sword.


In just a single exchange, the wolf cavalryman that was charging at the front, along with his giant wolf, was split into two by Li Xiang.

The first kill on the battlefield was taken down.

The wolf cavalries were stunned.

The lords behind them were stunned.

The surrounding soldiers of Region 0043 were stunned.

However, Li Xiang and his subordinates were not stunned.

Li Xiang brandished his sword even faster, and his subordinates howled as they charged into the local camp.


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