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The continuous region-wide broadcast stunned the lords of Region 0042 who were eager to prepare for battle.

They were ecstatic after getting stunned.

Those lords who had submitted to Li Xiang had no choice but to submit under the threat of death.

However, who would have thought that they would actually get a blessing in disguise Not only did they receive a level reward, but they also received an extremely rare medal.

[Regional Chat Channel]

“Haha, luckily, I had the foresight to submit to Lord Li Xiang early on.

[Medal: Unity (A)]”

“God is indeed a god.

On the eve of the battle, there was actually an increase in strength.

We will definitely win this regional battle.

[Medal: Unity (A)]”

“That… I want to ask if there are any rewards for applying to join the Gods faction now.”

“Hehe! What are you thinking about!”

The chat channel was extremely lively.

Almost all the lords who had applied to pledge allegiance would post their medals.

Those lords who had not yet pledged allegiance were filled with envy and regret.

[Medal: Unity]

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Rating Level: A

Special Effect 1: Within a 10-kilometer radius of the holder of the medal, all attributes of the alliance will be increased by 30%.

Special Effect 2: When fighting together with the alliance lords, battle damage will be reduced by 10%.

Although the introduction was very simple, anyone with a discerning eye would know the strength of this medal at a glance.

All attributes had been increased!

Not only did the health, attack, and defense in the attribute panel increase, but it also included the skills effects.

Just thinking about it was terrifying.

The 10% reduction in battle damage was even more useful.

It was not hard to imagine two teams fighting with the same type of soldiers.

The medal-holding team would have a portion of their forces left after they wiped out the opposing team.

At this moment, Li Xiang stared at his own panel and could not help but giggle.

[Title: Conqueror of a Region]

Special Skill 1: When activated, it can deter enemies, and reduce the enemys morale by 30%.

Skill lasts for 6 hours, and theres a 24 hours cooldown.

Special Skill 2: [Emergency Escape] when facing a fatal threat, it can be activated and be randomly teleported to any location 1,000 kilometers away.

Remarks: This is a life-saving skill and can only be used by one person.

[Medal: Grand Lord Medal]

HP: 10,000

Defense: 5,000

Attack: 2,000

Special Effect 1: Within 100 kilometers of the holder of the medal, all attributes of the alliance will be increased by 100%.

Special Effect 2: When fighting together with the alliance lord, battle damage will be reduced by 40%.

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“Powerful, too powerful.

With this attribute, even if I stand alone and let them attack, Im afraid they wont be able to break through my defense!”

Li Xiang drooled as he imagined himself slaughtering everyone on the battlefield.

In his heart, a qualified country lord could not only rule the four seas but could also lead his subordinates to conquer the four seas.

Previously, although he had the Commanders Sword, he was still trash in terms of combat.

Now that he had the Lord Medal, everything would be different.

“This Water Curtain Great Array must be something like a defense barrier.

What is a Magic Tower”

He opened the remaining two rewards doubtfully.

[Water Curtain Great Array (SS)]: Can form a defense barrier that covers an area of five kilometers with a durability of 1,000,000 points.

Cooldown time: 168 hours.

[Wonder: Low-Rank Magic Tower]: A landmark building of the magic civilization.

Its level will increase with the quality of the magic it receives.

“A wonder that can be upgraded”

Li Xiang was dumbfounded.

He knew better than anyone else how powerful a wonder was.

However, a wonder that was able to grow was unheard of.

Li Xiang could not wait to arrive at the central square.

As the tower model in his hand fell to the ground, the Earth began to tremble, and a dark steeple rose from the ground.

It seemed that the noise was a little too loud, and all the residents of demon city staggered toward the central square.

A moment later, the square was surrounded by people who were watching the show.

“This… What a rich magic aura!”

As an elemental fairy, Isabella took big gulps of air with a face full of enjoyment.

Li Xiang, on the other hand, was frowning.

The Magic Tower had been built.

When he opened the panel of the Magic Tower, it was empty.

The wonders effect that he had imagined was not there at all.

“Do you know how to use this magic tower” Li Xiang turned his head and asked.

Isabella shook her head.

“Ive only seen common magic towers.

Thats a place for mages to learn magic and refine magic tools.

As for this… I cant understand it.

No magic tower can spread magic energy around.”

“Spread magic energy” Li Xiang was deep in thought.

“Yes!” Isabella nodded and continued, “All mages are awakened by constantly absorbing the magic energy around them.

When the magic energy in their bodies reaches its peak, they will transform into real mages.

Lord, this magic tower will create countless mages for the territory.

You must protect this place well.”

Li Xiang nodded once more.

Thinking of the introduction of the magic tower, he hurriedly instructed Isabella to try recording the spell and see if there were any other effects.

Half an hour later, Isabella stopped waving her arms while sweating profusely.

In front of her was a light screen formed by countless lines.

On the light screen, there were countless profound runes.

It was extremely similar to the chemical elemental chain back on Earth.


[Wonder: The Low-Rank Magic Tower has recorded the magic skill, “Hydrotherapy”.

This skill can be applied to all the soldiers under Lord Li Xiangs command.]

“Carl, go and test if theres any effect.”

Since it could be applied to all types of soldiers, then it would have to be the magic idiot Barbarian Carl.

The confused Carl walked into the Magic Tower.

Five minutes later, he walked out with a silly smile on his face.

On his big furry hand, a ball of water that was emitting a milky-white halo was constantly circulating.

“Hydrotherapy!” Isabella exclaimed, her face full of disbelief.

She was very sure that the Hydrotherapy was used by Carl, who did not have any magic at all.

Although Hydrotherapy was the lowest grade water type healing spell, it was very useful in battle.

It was not hard to imagine how terrifying it would be for tens of millions of soldiers to have a Hydrotherapy spell on the battlefield.

Seeing that it was as he had imagined, Li Xiang was excited.

He quickly called Isabella to record more powerful skills.

Isabella shook her head and said awkwardly, “I have already tried.

Only Hydrotherapy can be recorded.”

She paused for a moment, and Isabella sorted out her words and continued, “The requirements of the magic tower are very high.

Not only must it have a high usage rate of magic, but it also needs to fully analyze this spell.

Youve seen it yourself.

Its just a simple low-rank spell, but the profound magic I just drew consumed all of my divine power.”

Everyone was shocked.

They no longer looked at the magic tower casually.

Instead, they were astonished.


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