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Wang Hengs eyes were malicious.

But when he stretched out his hand and was about to touch the wonder to control it.

A strange fragrance of flowers suddenly came.


Wang Hengs eyes gradually lost their luster.

Just as he was about to retain his consciousness, he felt as if he was trapped by a thorn at his ankle, dragging him out of the range of the “Flame Burst Spring”.

Who was that…

Wang Heng thought in a daze.


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A bone-piercing and ice-cold chill came.

Wang Hengs consciousness suddenly became clear.

Then, he found himself trapped by a thorn on a big tree.

Li Xiang stood in front of him and looked at him calmly.

Beside him were two demons.

Succubus Lilith and Demon Hunter.

“How did you know there was a Flame Burst Spring there” Wang Heng asked with a gloomy face.

He was not an idiot.

After thinking for a while, he understood that someone must have told Li Xiang this information so that he was able to set up an ambush at the Flame Burst Spring in advance.

“In fact, my subordinates have been searching for this wonder for half a month,” Li Xiang said with a smile.

“So, in fact, you guys were able to take down the battle at the narrow valley from the beginning, but you just kept waiting.” Wang Hengs face was full of disbelief.

It turned out that Li Xiang was not a coward, but he was waiting for the safety to be turned off.

Then, Wang Heng said nervously, “Who told you the news about the Flame Burst Spring”

Cold sweat broke out on Wang Hengs forehead.

Li Xiangs strength was beyond his imagination.

He hid the information about the Flame Burst Spring very well.

How did the other party know

“The loser doesnt have the right to ask.

Let me ask you.

During this period of time, which merchant has passed you information about me” Li Xiang asked.

Wang Heng mocked, “If I tell you, will you let me go”

In the Myriad World Continent, only death awaits the loser.

However, Wang Heng did not expect Li Xiang to nod and agree, “Can!”

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“Are you lying to me” Wang Hengs heart was in his throat.

If one could survive, who would not want to continue living

Li Xiang smiled, “You should know that I have a book of contracts”

“You want to make me a slave” Wang Hengs face darkened.

Wang Heng had also heard of The Brass Book of Herab mentioned by other country lords in the [World Chat Channel].

Li Xiang sneered, “Surrender or die, five, four, three…”

“I choose to surrender.”

Wang Heng knelt on one knee on the ground, his face pale.

He comforted himself in his heart.

It was better than losing his life.


“Very good.” Li Xiang nodded and then pointed at the Succubus, Lilith.

“Bring her to your castle.

Let me see what good things you have.”

Wang Heng immediately smiled obsequiously.

“Lord Succubus, this way please.”

Lilith followed Wang Heng to the castle.

Li Xiang turned his head and said to the Demon Hunter, “Follow behind them and protect Lilith.”

The Demon Hunter instantly disappeared on the spot.

Li Xiang had a deep gaze as he stared at the “Flame Burst Spring”.

Wang Heng didnt take this wonder as his own, and this way of thinking suddenly enlightened Li Xiang.

This was a way to avoid the system announcement and avoid being discovered by other country lords.

Of course, the shortcomings were also clearly demonstrated by Wang Heng.

That was when he wanted to use it, he could only abandon his own subordinates and personally run over to bind it, but the result would be that his side would be routed.

Li Xiang extended his hand into the Flame Burst Spring and chose to bind it now.

Wang Hengs train of thought could be used as a reference, but the Flame Burst Spring was not suitable for such a method.

This wonder was too close to the narrow valley.

Once someone secretly bound it, the result would be that the narrow valley, which was the only land exit of the Demon Country, would be swallowed by the lava.

“System Announcement: The Demon Countrys Lord, Li Xiang, has obtained the wonder: Flame Burst Spring.”

A system announcement once again appeared in the minds of the Myriad World Country Lords.

In the [World Chat Channel].

“F*ck, Li Xiang has obtained another wonder!”

“A wonder that Ive never heard of, and it has a fire attribute.

Could it be that Wang Heng has lost”

“Everyone, news has come from the Demon Countrys business district, the Red Flame Nation has lost in the narrow valley, and 20 units of flame demon soldiers have been chopped up by the Demon Countrys army.”

“F*ck, f*ck, thats the narrow valley where the Red Flame Nation has the home field advantage!”

“Whats there to be surprised about Didnt the Water Fairy Kingdoms Ye Fan also die in the home field last time”

Succubus Lilith brought Wang Heng back to Li Xiangs side.

“Demon Lord, we found these things in the Red Flame Nations treasury.”

Wang Hengs face turned livid.

It was unknown whether it was because the treasury was emptied by Lilith or because he was ridiculed in the [World Chat Channel].

Li Xiang swept his gaze and found that most of the equipment was B-Rank.

There were armors, helmets, swords, and the like.

There was very little A-Rank equipment.

However, a dark gray small bag embroidered with three golden crescent patterns caught Li Xiangs attention.

“What is this” Li Xiang asked.

Lilith replied, “Money bag.

There are two million gold soli in it.”

Li Xiang picked up the bag, opened the string, and stretched his hand inside.

Instantly, a golden scene appeared in his mind.

It was a space filled with gold coins.

Storage space But it seemed to only be able to store gold coins.

Li Xiang pondered for a moment.

Wang Heng said obsequiously, “Boss, I spent 500,000 gold soli on this.

Its enough to store 10 million gold soli.

If you like it, feel free to use it.”

“Go back!”

Li Xiang unceremoniously tied the money bag around his waist and glanced at the “Flame Burst Spring”.

After binding, unless the country lord that bound it died, no one could activate the self-destruction skills of the “Flame Burst Spring”.

In this way, this hidden danger was completely eliminated.

However, Li Xiang still planned to build a military fortress here.

In this way, the Demon Country would have the ability to seal the narrow valley and prevent enemies from invading the Demon Country on land.

On the way back, Li Xiang threw one of the B-Rank equipment that he had obtained into the auction house, and the price was “two million gold soli”.

The B-Rank equipment was naturally not worth so much money, and Li Xiang did not plan to sell them.

After all, he still had many subordinates who did not have armor-type equipment.

When he set the price, it was purely to look for the woman who blacklisted him.

Not long after.

Jian Suyans profile picture lit up, and she sent a message.

“Whats the matter”

“I obtained some spoils of war from the Red Flame Nation.

I plan to give you two million gold soli as compensation for the information you provided on theFlame Burst Spring,” Li Xiang replied.

If it wasnt for the information provided by Jian Suyan, the result would most likely be that Wang Heng detonated the Flame Burst Spring, causing the Demon Country to lose the only shortcut to the hinterland of the northern mountain and Myriad World Continent even if Li Xiang was able to win the battle of the narrow valley.

Jian Suyan replied, “Sure.

Next time just send it to my account and leave a message on the transfer memo.”

“Am I really that hated”

Li Xiang silently cursed.

After a few minutes of silence, Jian Suyan said, “Are you interested in a bounty”

“Bounty” Li Xiang frowned.

This was the first time Jian Suyan had taken the initiative.


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