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“Underground,” Isabella replied instinctively.

As a pure water fairy, Isabella naturally knew the laws of water flow.

Li Xiang nodded slightly.

“Demon Lord, are you planning to attack with water”

Succubus Liliths eyes lit up.

Many people looked down on floods, always thinking that water was slow, but in fact, the power of floods was not inferior to mountain fires.

The Eye Demon said worriedly, “The narrow and long terrain is indeed conducive to water attacks, but how do we bring the water to the surface, and how do we make the gentle water surge”

“You can leave the rest to me.”

Isabella replied.

As a newly affiliated race, she had to prove the value of the existence of the pure water fairy in front of the country lord.

This value was not a beautiful vase but was reflected in the military.

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Lilith asked, “Then how do we direct the water to the surface”

The water vein must be deep underground.

It would be a huge project to use common methods to dig through when the narrow valley was full of granite-like rocks.

Not only would it take a long time, but there was no guarantee that they could be hidden.

At that time, it would not be able to achieve the miraculous effect of a water attack.


The Vine Whisker Demon threw a root on the conference table and looked at the crowd.

The meaning was very obvious.

It could use its vine whisker to drill a water tunnel out of the granite!

“Demon Lord, since everyone has something to do, I will continue to be your vanguard.”

Succubus Lilith said.

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “No, you have more important things.”

Then, Li Xiang told them about the characteristics of the “Flame Burst Spring”.

“The key point of this country war is not the narrow valley, but the hidden wonder.

Follow the Demon Hunter to control the wonder.

The Demon Hunters brain is not good.

Im worried that it wont be able to complete this mission by itself.” Li Xiang said seriously.

The Demon Hunter moved its neck as if it wanted to protest.

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

Lilith accepted the order.

Li Xiang then told the Eye Demon, “After I go on the expedition, the Demon Country will be handed over to you.

Continue to monitor those merchants.

If they leak any information about us, record it down.

Ill come back and deal with it.”

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

The Eye Demon accepted the order.

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Li Xiang stood up and swept his gaze across the hall.

He said in a deep voice,

“Lets go!”

In the narrow valley, a muscular man with bare arms was sitting at the peak of the valley, squinting his eyes as he looked at the bustling scene in the valley.

There were humanoid creatures covered in red flames standing around him.

This person was the country lord of the Red Flame Nation, Wang Heng.

A high-grade flame demon soldier came before Wang Heng and reported.

“Country Lord, I have already poured oil on the ground of the valley according to your instructions.”


“With oil poured on the dried grass, I will roast all the demons into dried demon meat!”

Wang Heng laughed sinisterly.

Wang Heng opened the main interface, and he randomly entered the [World Chat Channel] saying proudly.

“I have waited for Li Xiang in the narrow valley for half a month, and not even the shadow of a little demon can be seen.”

The others laughed and said.

“Im afraid that hes fearing Boss Wang Hengs Blazing Fire Prairie, and he became a coward!”

“If youre scared, then kneel down and kowtow to Boss Wang Heng.

Sign the city alliance!”

“Boss Wang Heng, please be careful.

Li Xiang is definitely not a good guy.

He might be hiding somewhere to scheme against you.”

“Oh, right, I remember now.

He has the Black Wing Demon.

Last time, Ye Fan suffered at the hands of the Black Wing Demon!”

Wang Heng replied, “Dont worry, the entire narrow valley is under my control.

I am at the top of the valley right now.

Ill know everything if there is any movement in the sky!”

At this moment, a slight earth-shaking sensation was felt.

“Whats going on Has the demon army been discovered”

Wang Heng hurriedly left the chat and asked the flame demon soldier beside him in puzzlement.

One of the flame demon soldiers replied, “Country Lord, there is no sign of the demon army.”

Wang Heng frowned, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

He looked at the bottom of the valley and thought,

“Could it be an earthquake”

Wang Heng could not help but laugh.

The narrow valley was made of hard granite, so how could there be an earthquake.

Moreover, even if he lost the narrow valley, he still has a trump card!

Wang Heng thought.

On the other side of the narrow valley, Li Xiang was leading the Demon Countrys army, quietly waiting for something.

A Black Wing Demon descended from the sky with a red feather tied to its leg.

This was the signal given by Succubus Lilith, which meant,

“The wonderFlame Burst Spring is under control!”

Li Xiang looked at the army behind him and said in a deep voice.

“Everyone, get ready!”

Wang Heng sat at the top of the valley.

On one side, he was enjoying the feeling of being praised by the country lords on the [World Chat Channel].

On the other side, he had a bad feeling.

“Did you guys feel an earthquake”

Wang Hengs face turned pale.

The shaking of the ground seemed to be getting more and more intense!

Just as the flame demon soldiers under him wanted to reply.


Several loud sounds rang out.

Four huge tree roots broke out from different locations and shot into the sky.

“Vine Whisker Demon!”

Wang Hengs face became solemn.

The reason why he knew the Vine Whisker Demon was because a certain merchant who was still hiding in the Demon Countrys business district had passed on the information.

“Burn it!”

Wang Heng said in a deep voice.

However, before the flame demon soldiers under Wang Heng could use the fire attribute attack, the Vine Whisker Demons suddenly drilled back into the ground, leaving only four huge black holes on the ground.

Just as Wang Heng was puzzled, rumbling tremors suddenly spread throughout the entire valley.


Pure underground water gushed out directly from the four holes, and the huge water pressure caused the water to shoot up to more than ten meters high.

On the other end of the narrow valley, the pure water fairy race, under Isabellas leadership, began to sing an ancient ballad.

Under the lead of the song, the gushing underground water began to surge.

However, the singing of the pure water fairies, including Isabella, became weaker and weaker.

They had overestimated the magical power they needed to control the underground water.

At this moment, a huge wave of energy flowed into their bodies.

Isabella turned around and took a look.

Li Xiang stood in front of the army.

He held the [Commanders Sword] in his hand, wore the [Magnificent Armor], and had the title [King of the Region] above his head.

He looked like a god of war.

A strange look appeared in Isabellas eyes.

With the help of Li Xiang, Isabellas ability to control the underground water instantly increased by a hundred times!


“Quickly retreat!”

The high-grade flame demon soldier standing on the top of the valley roared and gave the order to the people under the valley.

However, it was too late.

The flood only took half a minute to submerge the entire valley.

After the water that soared into the sky fell, it was like a heavy downpour.

The flame demon soldiers on both sides of the valley sizzled, and a large amount of white mist rose up.

Under the reflection of the sunlight and the mist, a rainbow even appeared in the sky.

The 20 units of flame demon soldiers that Wang Heng had brought over instantly lost 15 units.


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