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A handsome young man with golden hair said with a face full of admiration.

This space was like a conference room, with a long conference table in the middle.

Sitting at the head of the table was a seductive man with an enchanting figure.

Hearing this, he laughed lightly and said, “Everyone knows that the wonders can be used as a countrys foundation, but you dont know that there is another treasure in this world, called a rare treasure.

This space of mine is realized by a rare treasure.”

Before the Cherry Blossom Country Lord descended, he was from Dongying.

Coincidentally, his country was filled with cherry blossoms, so he named his country the Cherry Blossom Country.

“Rare treasure How did you obtain it”

The Cherry Blossom Country Lord said indifferently, “Divine Hawk Country Lord, arent your words a little too abrupt”

On the other side, a white man with a big beard and curly brown hair laughed out loud, and he said mockingly, “John, youre still as stupid and greedy as ever.

You dont even know the minimum equivalent exchange, yet you call yourself a gentleman.”

After the big beard finished speaking, he directly said, “Cherry Blossom Country Lord, our War Bear Country can use a piece of territory to exchange for this secret.

What do you think”

When the Cherry Blossom Country Lord heard this, his eyes lit up slightly, but he did not immediately agree.

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There were not only three people in the conference room, but there were also three other country lords who had been invited.

When they heard this, all of their faces revealed expressions of interest.

The smile on Johns face gradually disappeared, and he became calm.

Although he was angry in his heart, he did not show it.

“Im sorry, I was really shocked by this news just now.

I lost my composure for a moment and gave some boorish people a chance to laugh at me.”

The Cherry Blossom Country Lord smiled like a flower and said, “Looks like the Divine Hawk Country Lord is also very interested in this secret! But this time, I did not summon everyone to meet because of this matter.


Opposite him, a black-skinned man with large eyes rudely interrupted, “Isnt it just to deal with that Demon Country Lord With our support, how could it be that the Red Flame Nation would not be able to take down a Demon Country Cherry Blossom Country Lord, why dont you tell us about the rare treasure first!”

The others were slightly dissatisfied with this black mans arrogant attitude, but they did not show it.

Instead, they all agreed with him.

“Thats right! A mere Demon Country Lord is not worth our attention.

The rare treasure is more important to us.”


“Im also very curious, what exactly is this rare treasure of yours, Cherry Blossom Country Lord I wonder what other uses it has.

Can you give us an introduction”

“Country Lord, you only need to state your conditions.

We wont disappoint you.”

The Cherry Blossom Country Lords brilliant smile stiffened slightly.

A flash of anger flashed across his eyes, but he forcefully suppressed it.

“Alright, since everyone is interested, then Ill talk about it.

Regarding the news of the rare treasure, my condition is that its a wonder, or ten million gold soli, or a territory with equal value.

Does anyone have any objections”

When everyone heard this, they were not surprised.

However, between the five of them, whether it was using wonders, gold coins, or territory to exchange, it was five times the amount.

This would cause the strength of the Cherry Blossom Country to skyrocket!

The few of them looked at each other, forming a tacit understanding.

“Then Ill take out a territory!”

“Ill pay ten million.”

“I dont have any wonders, and I dont have many territories.

Ill also use S-Rank equipment worth ten million to do an exchange.

I definitely wont let the Cherry Blossom Country Lord suffer a loss.”

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“I also have a territory that I can use to exchange for it.”

“Ill also use gold coins to exchange for it.”

To these powerful lords, wonders were the most important.

Gold coins and territories were not that important.

Each of them had a huge force and a strong background behind them.

Even in this foreign world, they could mobilize huge resources and have a huge influence.

The expression of the Cherry Blossom Country Lord did not change.

He had long expected this.

“Alright, then everyone can sign the contract!”

Very quickly, after signing the contract, the Cherry Blossom Country Lord said indifferently, “Rare treasures and wonders are the same.

They formed in this worlds heaven and earth long ago.

They are usually hidden in the nests of various monsters, turning into strange architectures.”

“The biggest difference between these rare treasures and wonders is that most of the wonders are formed naturally and require a special environment, while rare treasures are formed from special laws.

They can be statues, houses, or even a stone.

“If they are not activated, they can not be seen normally.”

“And this rare treasure of mine is called the [Myriad World Conference Hall], it looks like a model of a building, but in reality, it is a treasure formed from the power of laws.”

“Alright, thats all there is to know about rare treasures.”

Everyone revealed satisfied smiles when they heard this, and their eyes revealed some anticipation and deep thought.

“Next, we should discuss how to deal with the rise of the Demon Country.

The Demon Country Lord, Li Xiang, was from Huaxia.

Everyone knew that people from Huaxia were naturally our enemies, so we have to suppress his growth.”


Everyone agreed with the Cherry Blossom Country Lords words.

Not only did Huaxia have the largest population, but they were also willing to band together.

Once they grew up, they would be a threat to them.

“I sent 30 self-developed gene medicine to the Red Flame Nation as a token of the Cherry Blossom Countrys sincerity.”

The War Bear Countrys lord chuckled, “Then Ill give him 10 Violent Earth Bears!”

“Then our Divine Hawk Kingdom will give him some weapons and equipment!”

The items that everyone brought out were all very precious.

Although the quantity was not much, it could bring about a huge increase in battle prowess.

“Well just let the Red Flame Nation hinder the growth of the Demon Country.

When the barriers between the various regions are opened, we can join hands to destroy it.”

“Alright then, today is the first time we meet.

Lets toast.

I hope that we can sincerely cooperate and develop together!”

The world channel was still lively.

Everyone was thinking about how to divide the Demon Countrys assets.

Li Xiang shot a cold glance at the [World Chat Channel] and laughed.

He closed the main interface and pulled his consciousness back to reality.

Compared to wasting time talking nonsense with those people and flaunting his nothingness online, he might as well explain the battle plan to his subordinates.

“Demon Lord, the terrain and climate of the narrow valley are very troublesome for us,” the Eye Demon said.

After looking at the topographic map of the narrow valley, the Eye Demon was very worried.

“Look at this.”

Li Xiang threw a map on the table.

It was a topographic map of the narrow valley that Li Xiang tore from the intelligence scroll from a hundred years ago.

“Its no different from the current map… No, theres a dry riverbed.” The Eye Demon noticed that there were signs of a river at the edge of the narrow valley.

But what could a dry riverbed bring

Everyone looked at the throne.

Li Xiang smiled and asked, “Theres vegetation in the narrow valley, which proves that the river isnt really dry.

Then, where is the river now”


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