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Li Xiangs eyes turned cold as he asked, “Pacu, what is this place”

Gnome Pacu was stunned and replied, “This is the business district, uh, the business district of the Demon Country.”

“No, this is only now.

The land under your feet had a short history.

It once belonged to a group of buffalo families, and that group of buffalo was very strong.

Common wild beasts were not their opponents.

Later, they were cleaned up by the demons under my command.”

“Apart from here, there is a large area around you.

It once belonged to various wild beasts or natives.

I conquered them.

Thus, they became a part of the Demon Country.”

Li Xiang stood up.

The tall and fierce figure made Pacus body tremble.

“Pacu, in the dictionary of the Demon Country, there is only submission or death.

There is no compromise,” Li Xiang said coldly.

Li Xiangs words made Pacu suddenly think of a familiar figure: the Wind Elf Kingdoms country lord, Jian Suyan!

Li Xiang was the Demon Countrys country lord.

Every word and action he spoke was the will of the Demon Country.

The Demon Countrys subjects did not dare to go against him, nor would they go against him.

This was because ever since Li Xiang established the Demon Country, the Demon Country had not suffered a single defeat!

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The merchants whispered to each other.

Most of them believed that this war would be exceptionally bitter, and the chances of winning were very small.

They were preparing for the worst.

They could evacuate before the narrow valley was sealed off or meet the country lord of the Red Flame Nation on the way.

Only the gnome, Pacu, quietly withdrew from the crowd and returned to the Pacu Branch of the Flower Goblin Winery.

He quickly wrote a letter in his office, sealed it with wax, and handed it to the lizardman bodyguard at the side, instructing,

“Send it to the headquarters of Fennelanth as soon as possible.”

[World Chat Channel]

A country lord named Wang Heng laughed loudly.

“Li Xiang, I heard that you declared war on me”

“Haha, you came at the right time.

Originally, I only wanted to charge you a small fee for passing, but I didnt expect that you would beg to die.

Then, your Demon Countrys territory, I will accept it without hesitation!”

“I heard that you also subdued some beautiful pure water fairies.

I havent enjoyed the taste of pure water fairy yet.

Thank you for the gift, hahahaha!”

Wang Heng was very confident, and he had his reasons for being confident.

With his own national strength, he had less than a 20% chance of winning against the Demon Country that had destroyed many countries.

However, he was not alone now.

There was a huge force behind him that supported him and provided him with a large number of resources and troops.

However, in order to catch him off guard, he did not reveal his hidden strength at all.

Instead, he hid it well, waiting to give the Demon Country a surprise.

The Demon Country was too rich.

There were already four wonders on the surface.

This did not even take into account the resources and foundations of the other countries that had recently been wiped out.


Although this war would not allow him to monopolize so many resources, he was certain that he would definitely be able to obtain a huge harvest.

Therefore, he did not mind speaking arrogantly on the [World Chat Channel] and even directly provoking Li Xiang.

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He was not afraid that Li Xiang would get angry, but he was afraid that Li Xiang would not be angry and would not even dare to come.

Li Xiang glanced at the contents of the [World Chat Channel], then glanced at the scroll in his hand.

His expression was calm.

After announcing that he was going to annex the Red Flame Nation, Li Xiang returned to the castle and hung up a copy of the “Red Flame Nation Intelligence” request in the [Trade Channel].

Not long after, the system reminded him that someone had agreed to the deal with Li Xiang.

And this person was also the country lord of the Wind Elf Kingdom.

After the deal was completed, Li Xiang saw that he was once again blacklisted by the other party.

And his mood was surprisingly calm.

Li Xiang muttered, could it be that he could “get used” to this kind of thing

After cursing in his heart, Li Xiang opened the scroll and began to read the information about the Red Flame Nation.

[Red Flame Nations Country Lord: Wang Heng

Main Combat Strength: Red Flame Demon Soldiers.

A soldier formed purely from fire elements, immune to gold, wood, and fire attribute attacks.

Skills: Blazing Fire Prairie

After being actively released, the enemy units within a radius of ten kilometers will continuously receive fire attribute damage.

When the damage lasts for half an hour, the enemy units will spontaneously combust.

Passive Talent: Can cause ally unit to have an additional frenzy effect.

After the frenzy, the soldiers attack power will increase by 50%, and their defense will decrease by 50%.

Wonder: Flame Burst Spring

Every day, 10 B-Rank fire essences would be produced.

This wonder could be detonated, and its power was equivalent to an active SS-Rank volcano.

In addition, it was suspected that the Red Flame Nation had obtained the support of some forces and obtained a large number of resources and troops.

However, because the time was too short, detailed information was unable to obtain for the time being.]

These were the main contents.

Other than that, there were also some minor ones, such as the size of the Red Flame Nations territory, its specialties, and some of Wang Hengs battle achievements.

However, what really caught Li Xiangs attention was the support that the Red Flame Nation had obtained from the mysterious forces.

Since they dared to do so, it meant that these forces harbored great enmity towards the Demon Country.

These hidden enemies were the real hidden dangers.

“This fellow has obtained a lot of resources and troops.

No wonder he is so arrogant.”

After reading these contents, Li Xiang had a plan in his heart.

The flame demon soldiers were not a big problem.

These fire elemental creatures were naturally restrained by the pure water fairies.

What needed to be paid attention to was the self-destructing wonder in Wang Hengs hands, the “Flame Burst Spring”.

The self-destruction of an SS-Rank wonder might turn the entire fire nation into ashes.

What made Li Xiang even more worried was that if the lava of the volcano swallowed the narrow valley and crippled the land exit of the Demon Country, then there would be big trouble!

However, all of this was still within the control range.

The real deciding factor in this battle was still the resources and military strength that Wang Heng had obtained.

“No matter what, I have to first control the Flame Burst Spring.

As for the rest, I will take measures according to the situation!”

Li Xiang muttered to himself.

While Li Xiang was deep in thought, the [World Chat Channel] became more and more lively.

Some of the country lords who were envious of Li Xiangs achievements in this period of time saw that someone had finally come out to target Li Xiang, so they all came out to help.

“Boss Wang Heng, you must be careful.

Li Xiang is full of tricks.

Country Lord Ye Fan died in his scheme.”

“Not only is he full of tricks, but after annexing the Water Fairy Kingdom, Li Xiang has three wonders in his hands and countless soldiers.”

“What are you all panicking for The battle venue this time is in the narrow valley, a long and narrow passage with withered trees all year round.

This kind of venue is naturally Boss Wang Hengs home ground.

Boss Wang Heng will definitely win!”

“Haha, thank you for your concern.

After taking down the Demon Country, I, Wang Heng, invite everyone to come to the Demon Country and have a good time for ten days!”

“Boss is awesome!”

“Those beast-eared ladies that I saw on the live broadcast last time are also very beautiful.

I hope that Boss Wang Heng will reward a few of them.”

“No problem.

As long as you form an alliance with me, I can give you as much as you want!”

In a secret space, several phantoms with different appearances gathered here.

“This space is not bad! It can actually allow us to descend with our consciousness and have a face-to-face discussion.

Cherry Blossom Country Lord, what means did you use to achieve this”


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