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“Wheres An Ya Do you know what shes doing”

Pacus reminder alerted Li Xiang.

This was the Myriad World Continent.

“The beautiful girl came to seek refuge with theThe Brass Book of Herab.” It wasnt like a fairy tale, but more like a seductive plot.

“Shes sleeping.”

“Uh, she looks like she hasnt slept for a few days.

Shes sleeping very deeply.”

Lilith commented.

“When she wakes up, tell her to come and see me.”

Li Xiang didnt expect that this wait would last for a full seven days.

During these seven days, there was a protest in the business district.

However, Li Xiang observed the [Business] score on his main interface and discovered that the increase in points didnt stop.

In other words, these peoples protest was a protest, but their business didnt fall at all.

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Li Xiang got the Eye Demon to warn them again that if they dared to block the city gate again, they shall get out of the Demon Country.

The group of people instantly dispersed.

“Country Lord, youre looking for me”

An Ya came to the castle hall and looked at Li Xiang who was sitting high on the throne, and she saluted nervously.

Li Xiang carefully looked at her appearance and asked,

“Youre not a pureblood human”

“I am!”

An Ya said matter-of-factly.

“Then how did you sleep for seven whole days, yet nothing happened to you You even seem to have… gained weight.” Li Xiang clicked his tongue.

According to the agreement, Li Xiang needed to protect An Yas safety.

Therefore, during these seven days, Li Xiang would visit An Ya once a day.

Seeing that she was only in a deep sleep and there was nothing wrong with her body, not even signs of malnutrition, he was relieved to let her continue sleeping.

“Gain weight”, and “old” were the words that every girl did not want to hear the most.

However, facing the country lord of the Demon Country, An Ya could only swallow her anger and explain with a red face,

“Carrying The Brass Book of Herab will consume my divine power, so I need seven days of deep sleep to replenish my divine power.”

“You have divine power Are you a mage”

Li Xiang frowned.

If she was a mage with divine power, he should be able to see the other partys panel.

But the system did not give any hints.

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“No, Im just an ordinary person.”

As An Ya spoke, she took a necklace inlaid with an aquamarine gem from her snow-white neck, and she explained, “It was helping me feed The Brass Book of Herab along the way, as well as providing divine power that allows me to travel long distances without needing to rest.”

Li Xiang swept his gaze over it but did not see any information about the equipment.

He said, “Divine power has been completely exhausted.”

An Ya pursed her lips.

“Yes, but its my coming of age gift.”

“Next question, tell me about your past”

Li Xiang said calmly.

An Ya looked at him nervously.

Li Xiang seemed to have guessed what she was nervous about.

He said, “Even though its not written in the book of contracts, I promise that the contract to protect you is valid.”

An Ya was silent for a moment and organized her words, “I come from the Black Dragon Country.

Under the country lord, the Black Dragon Country is made up of pureblood humans from the lower class and black dragons from the upper class.

My familys name is Anbor.

Its a small family that serves a certain black dragon.

That black dragon likes to collect ancient books, so the Anbor family is responsible for helping him to sort out the ancient books he collected.”

“The Brass Book of Herab came from that black dragon.

My father found it by chance when he was helping him sort out the ancient books.”

“As a wonder, according to the rules, it needs to be handed over to the country lord.

However, if we offend that black dragon, our fate will be equally miserable.”

“Just as my father was anxious about how to get rid of this hot potato, the news suddenly reached the country lords ears.

Instead of sending people to demand, the country lord directly sent a team of elites to slaughter most of my family members and torture the remaining people to interrogate the whereabouts of the book of contracts.”

“In the chaos, my father handed the book of contracts to me and used his life to cover my escape from the Black Dragon Country.”

An Yas eyes were dim.

“What about that black dragon” Li Xiang asked.

An Ya was stunned.


Li Xiang asked, “The black dragon that hid the wonder, what happened to him”

“This… After the incident, he seemed to have disappeared.”

An Ya suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

“Youre saying that the Black Dragon Country Lord massacred my family because he was lured by the black dragon while he escaped”

“Its possible.” Li Xiang smiled.

An Ya was at a loss for words for a moment.

Before this, she was still a naive noble lady who thought that only by marrying Li Xiang would Li Xiang wholeheartedly protect her.

Li Xiang asked, “Do you feel that if you bring the book of contracts back to the Black Dragon Country now, you can get the country lords forgiveness”

An Ya said self-deprecatingly, “If I go back, the country lord of the Black Dragon Country will happily put away the book of contracts.

If he is happier, he will enjoy me for a while, then push me into the dragon whelps nest and let the young black dragons tear me into pieces.

If he still dislikes my family for dirtying his country, he will skip the previous steps and directly feed me to the dragon whelp.

“He is a tyrant, but he is very powerful.

You have to be careful.”

An Ya said with concern.

After saying that, An Yas face suddenly turned slightly red.

Li Xiang did not have any airs of a country lord.

She chatted with him like this.

And she did not feel like he was a ruler or a minister, but more like a friend.

This made An Ya feel more comfortable than she had ever felt before, and she had a reverie.

“Thank you for the reminder.

But you dont have to worry.

The Black Dragon Country has been destroyed.

Everything he has now belongs to me.”

“What Thats impossible!”

An Ya had been staying at her residence for the past few days.

She had no idea that the great Black Dragon Country, which had been pressing down on her heart, had been destroyed in a single battle.

She could not imagine that such a powerful Black Dragon Country had been destroyed in such a short period of time.

“Nothing is impossible! But it will take some time to take over the territory and clean up the remnants.”

The Black Dragon Country and the other four countries were all relatively powerful countries nearby.

Although not every country had wonder buildings, they had other foundations.

At the same time, more than a dozen small countries were also being cleaned up.

Therefore, during this period of time, the Demon Countrys army was unusually busy.

“Are you proficient in management and arithmetic”

Li Xiang asked.

“This is a compulsory course for noble ladies.” An Ya was quite proud of herself.


From today onwards, the newly opened business district will be handed over to you to manage.

If theres anything you dont understand, you can consult the Eye Demon,” Li Xiang said.

The Eye Demon was a demon with profound wisdom, enough to manage the business district.

However, as the business district matured, the flow of people gradually increased, and there were more chores.

The Eye Demon could not cope with the situation where it had to take on monitoring tasks, so it urgently needed an assistant.

Li Xiang originally wanted to summon a new demon from the Demon Lair, but on second thought, it was a small probability to be able to summon a demon with a brain, so he simply gave up.

As for Lilith or Isabella, they were naturally competent enough.

But their main task was to follow him on his expeditions.

After thinking about the people around him, Li Xiang felt that this noble young lady who came from a foreign country seemed to be quite suitable.

Giving her something to do would also ensure that she would not be depressed.

“Thank you for your trust.”

An Ya bent her knees and bowed.

Li Xiang nodded slightly.

At this moment, Lilith entered the hall.

“Demon Lord.

A mud man from the Swamp Kingdom is in the business district requesting to see you.”

“He is seriously injured.”

Lilith added.

Li Xiangs gaze froze, “A member of the merchant caravan”

Lilith nodded.

“Yes, he also said that the Red Flame Nation attacked the merchant caravan.”

Li Xiang said, “Bring him to the water curtain room and try not to let others see him.”

Lilith accepted the order and left.

Li Xiang opened the systems main interface and entered the [Trade Channel].

He placed a trade request that required a map of the region from the Swamp Kingdom to the Demon Country.


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